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PowWow Icon 1 Re: PRE SPRING ARROW FLING 2017 Jump to new posts by pappy (90)   

Back up. Pappy
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: My first build-time for glue Jump to new posts by Roy from Pa (65)   

Ya did well.
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: What Grits for Drum Sanding Lams (Boo and Veneers)? Jump to new posts by Roy from Pa (1)   

36 to 60.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: ASL bows vs Hybrid bows vs recurves? Jump to new posts by Steelhead (17)   

Sometimes I prefer ASLs,sometimes hybrids,sometimes recurves.Lately its been 50s style recurves.I go through phases.Variety is the spice of life.Thier all superb and have their place. When I 1st started...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Javelina Jump to new posts by Matabele (3)   

Zor, out of interest how many animals does a tag entitle you to shoot? Is there a legal limit? Do you have to buy multiple tags for more than one animal?
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Flemish string making by Clay Hayes. Has anyone made one this way? Jump to new posts by Hud (7)   

I learned how to do it that way many years ago, from an old magazine article. The YouTube is much easier to learn from for sure.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Montana Bighorn sheep Jump to new posts by actionjackson22 (14)   

I have heard so much bad about the unlimited areas that I think I'd rather just apply for a week tag somewhere
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: A simple red oak board bow Jump to new posts by Msturm (15)   

Looks great!
Hunting Knives and Crafters Icon 1 Simple ironwood and o1 Jump to new posts by farmboy   

http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l606/280rem1/I MG_4001_zpsasohroyv.jpg (http://s1126.photobucket.com/user/280rem1/media/I MG_4001_zpsasohroyv.jpg.html) Haven't posted for awhile but still love this...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Celebrating Presidents' Day Jump to new posts by Roadkill (6)   

It has rained almost all month up here in the Sierras, but we need it. We'll have those nice days soon.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Plunger Jump to new posts by screamin (1)   

I've been playing around with this on my Morrison this last week. I use calf hair from Black Widow on the shelf and the plunger in the bottom hole. I initially set it so the tip of the arrow was just...
PowWow Icon 1 Sagittarius Archery Supplies - feathers Jump to new posts by Ari_Bonn   

I just recently discovered this company. Does anyone have pictures of them? They mention the profile is cut a bit higher.
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: Design question- limb taper Jump to new posts by die_dunkelheit (7)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by kennym: I must have gotten the jump on ya typing cause I'm the slowest!! ----- Yeah I was trying to take a picture but didn't have the patience at the time to get the...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Bob Lee arrow help Jump to new posts by stickem1 (6)   

Well, the bow showed up safe and sound Saturday.It came with a couple B50 strings so after a good looking over, set the brace at an even 8" and found a couple fir arrows that snag had made for me a couple...
Z GiveAways Icon 1 Re: Youth bow to be given away March 17 Jump to new posts by ProAlpine (6)   

Please enter my daughter Esle May. Thank you!
PowWow Icon 1 Re: New Associate Sponsor Jump to new posts by stujay (10)   

Tabs look great...welcome to tradgang :wavey:
PowWow Icon 1 Re: American archer Jump to new posts by Mo_coon-catcher (2)   

There was a show I used to watch that would teach woodsman skills instead of just selling products. I cont remember the name well. It was white water. White River. Something along those lines. I don't...
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: 2017 Bow Swap Jump to new posts by passion for knowledge (35)   

Got mine on the go. I'm just going to build the best I can based on what I've done so far. Something I'd be happy with, and hope it doesn't disappoint.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Kanati owners ,what arrow? Jump to new posts by FAV 52 (11)   

Bucky , mine was a 1916 aluminum cut to 29in and 135grn zwicky delta up front . 56in Kanati 52lbs at 28in draw , I draw 27 1/2 or so . Worked for me .
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Who's still shooting aluminum's? Jump to new posts by FAV 52 (70)   

Thats good Covey , for in the end its not the shaft or the head or bow that takes game , but the person behind all of it . just as now the choices we make are everything that matters , its personal ....
Total Active Topics: 86  |  Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 

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