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PowWow Icon 1 2018 Kansas Bunny Stomp In memory of Brett Eisman "Bretto" Jump to new posts by Caleb Monroe   

I met Brett at a bunny stomp and we exchanged a few PM's. Its too bad that we didn't get to share more hunts so we will hunt in his memory. The dates and location are set and we are going stomping again....
PowWow Icon 1 Re: TradGang 2018 Fashion, Gear and Accessories ? Jump to new posts by tradarcher816 (40)   

Always a fan of hoodies and t’s. A good boonie hat or vintage ball cap would be cool. (It’s hard to find good ball caps for watermelon sized heads😒)
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Anybody else shooting RER bows? Jump to new posts by yeager (12)   

Chase, this is a test photo...first time I'm trying IMGUR. Here's a few photo's of my wife's RER Vortex. https://i.imgur.com/D3GT6H5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Bmg6qGv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/kfXj7mr.jpg
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: 2018 What did you do today? Jump to new posts by John Malone (25)   

Worked on my hickory bow.Cut out the handle area and feathered in the riser and fade. Cut my limb tapers then scraped the belly of both limbs 5/8 to 1/2 at the tips. Start tillering tomorrow.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Kansas bunny stomp? Jump to new posts by Caleb Monroe (27)   

I will host again this year Kelly I'll post it up.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Wensel video Jump to new posts by Ray Hammond (101)   

Finished mine, Barry....it's fantastic. Really enjoyed the old stuff but it's all great. You guys that haven't gotten yours yet are missing out!!!
PowWow Icon 1 Re: New Wensel DVD Jump to new posts by Ray Hammond (3)   

just completed watching mine....you guys that haven't gotten one are really missing out on something special! Love it, UB
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Roger Rothhaar Jump to new posts by Possum Head (114)   

One of the many outdoor writers that appealed to me in my youth. Thanks Ron for the wonderful pics and stories. I'm grateful for his attention to what we love.
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Persimmon flatbow 50# at 26” Jump to new posts by Mo_coon-catcher   

Heres a persimmonflatbow I got done a few weeks ago. I do t have the bow in hand so im going off memory for the dimensions. 4” handle, 2” fades, limbs are 28” from fade to nock and are parallel till...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Legends and Pioneers. Owen Jeffery Jump to new posts by Possum Head (19)   

History: Established in 1976 Jeffery Archery was founded in 1976 by Owen Jeffery and his son, Tom Jeffery. Although Jeffery Archery is now in its 42nd year of operation, Owen's bow making career spanned...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Late Season Public Land Jump to new posts by SAM E. STEPHENS (16)   

Well done sir as always.... ,,,Sam,,,
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: Anybody built an ILF riser? Jump to new posts by ron w (9)   

Can't wait to see the results.......
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: Bow Building in a Basement and dust collection Jump to new posts by rockkiller (7)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by T Folts: I have a shop in my basement. I use a jet 1hp dust collector. I have a small room enclosed to keep the dust down. I also have it piped to each machine. I do...
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: 1 DAY LEFT: 2018 Bow Swap Sign Up Thread Jump to new posts by canopyboy (61)   

So right now I have 16 bowyers signed up. Looking through some of the prior years' data from Kelly, we had the following signups: 2010 (Stiks did this, no data) 2011 - 82 signups 2012 - 85 signups 2013...
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: How many hours in a build? Jump to new posts by monterey (17)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Bert Frelink: Any of you guys count, grinding laminations, making strings, spraying finish,horn/antler nocks etc... making a bow sleeve, as part of the bow making process,...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: PERFECT PICTURES - HOLLY COW!!! Jump to new posts by JLeMieux (151)   

A Michigan sunset this past November. Too bad it's just a cell phone picture. http://i100.fastpic.ru/big/2018/0119/bd/5ab2280a88 116380cd1fc88e252d64bd.jpg (http://fastpic.ru/view/100/2018/0119/5ab2280a8811...
Hunting Knives and Crafters Icon 1 Re: Integral Knife and Utility Hatchet Set Jump to new posts by GRAYBEARD (2)   

Nice job, Mike. Sheath is slick, too.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Looking for Secondary Feathers Jump to new posts by Tyler C. Moore (2)   

I have maybe 200-300 secondaries.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Acadian woods tree stick Jump to new posts by Orion (1)   

Not a lot of those around. Why not just sendTim Mullins an email.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Drill for plunger ---yea,,,ney Jump to new posts by joel0711 (3)   

sorta what I thought too-----I figured flipper rest 2 and nothing else
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