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PowWow Icon 1 Re: The wait begins!!! Jump to new posts by Steve Jr (4)   

Great wood combo :thumbsup: Jim builds some awesome shooting Bows! Steve Jr
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Completely lost on wood arrows Jump to new posts by SuperK (7)   

Read "Kelly's tips" at "Arrows by Kelly" (www.arrowskp.com)
PowWow Icon 1 Browning Cobra 2 String Length Jump to new posts by BWallace10327   

My brother in law is in possession of a great old Browning recurve. I'd like to build a string for it, but I am not exactly sure on the length; the bow is marked 58" AMO length. I'm sure it wouldn't...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Hagerman Permit! Jump to new posts by bowhuntingrn (8)   

Should be no problem for an "old" veteran (of the recurve) like yourself ;)
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Easton Legacy Jump to new posts by Bud B. (4)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Ari_Bonn: Not sure what your first option says. 3R only has those newer graphics ones. They are harder to find that I thought. ----- **** is the site's way of censoring...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Going on a Bison hunt, VPA or Tiger sharks? Jump to new posts by South MS Bowhunter (4)   

My suggestion would be the Tiger Shark due to being a 2 blade. I use the Tiger Shark and have taken deer and the wound channel is impressive to say the least. But for a Buffalo I may change it and use...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Let's see your prettiest wood combinations! Jump to new posts by Crooked Stic (7)   

http://i.imgur.com/sB01rYd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3xYpzui.jpg
Hunting Knives and Crafters Icon 1 Re: Keeslar Flare without a Plunge Line...Knife Finished With Curly Maple Jump to new posts by Sockrsblur (15)   

PowWow Icon 1 Re: Ranking a few bows Jump to new posts by katman (17)   

My favorite recurve is my Bigfoot SS 3 piece, all I want in a bow. She is very quick, quiet and smooth drawing at the back end due to static tips. Border bows also makes a fantastic bow in there covert...
MICHIGAN - Michigan Traditional Bowhunters Icon 1 Re: 2017 Grayling Jamboree Jump to new posts by killinstuff (2)   

There was a pretty good turn out this morning and the weather was very nice. Heading back to shoot again Sunday. I reread the 2016 post about the lack of venders and thought, so what?? Trad guys are...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: False Weak? Jump to new posts by slowbowjoe (5)   

I've had that as a result of the arrow being too stiff, and bouncing off the strike plate (like Yosemite just said). I can often see the arrow kick on 20yd shots; also often hear it on release.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: New Mexico Elk Hunt Jump to new posts by J-dog (45)   

Yeah Basinb I missed it too! I will make my first elk journey with my oldest daughter in 2018. Stories like yalls get me even more hyped up to go. Amazing story, awesome hunt, just congrats! and ouch...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: THE TRADITION LIVES ON, Signature Bow Jump to new posts by DanielB89 (53)   

http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o795/wadebinkl ey/DSC02971_zpsomgke4ig.jpg (http://s1343.photobucket.com/user/wadebinkley/med ia/DSC02971_zpsomgke4ig.jpg.html) http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o795/wadebinkl...
Prayers/Concerns/Honors/Ailments Icon 1 Re: Please pray for my 5 year old daughter! Jump to new posts by Doc Nock (22)   

What a lovely way to start a rainy Saturday reading of that li'l IMP playing peek a boo and trying to get Daddy to wet his knickers! :) :) Might have been Lord's protecting hand that kept Ande at home...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: need arrow spine advice Jump to new posts by Tony Van Dort (2)   

Your arrows could be 20# light or nearly perfect depending on your bow's "center shot". Since you already have your new bow and have arrows in hand, as suggested above, shoot em! http://i.imgur.com/X8qOCa6.png
PowWow Icon 1 Re: March TGMM youth bow winner - Pics! Jump to new posts by Sockrsblur (16)   

Looks like fun to me! :) :campfire:
PowWow Icon 1 Re: ADMIN Help Requested Jump to new posts by BWallace10327 (6)   

Everything is back to normal. Thanks for addressing the issue. The work it takes to keep this website up and running is probably much greater than what meets the eye and it is appreciated by thousands...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Who's hunting antelope this fall? Jump to new posts by J. Holden (14)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Longtoke: i am didn't draw my deer tag this year but antelopenis over the counter :) ----- Never heard of that kind of antelope! :biglaugh: -Jeremy :coffee: ...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Red River Broadheads Jump to new posts by Esau (21)   

By the way we have the R-1 100 Grain. Cost Reduction Sale for a limited time $24.99 for a pack of three. http://redriverbowhunting.com/products/package-of- 3-r1-100-grain-broadheads
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Novelty bows. Jump to new posts by tomsm44 (13)   

Yep. Even though I don't know the actual history of each individual bow, it's cool to imagine all the cool hunts they've been on in their 50 year life
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