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PowWow Icon 1 Re: String Length for my Jack Harrison Black Wolfe LB Jump to new posts by docdnj (4)   

I apprecite your kind reply and will contact Justin. I think I remember where I have one string that Leo made where the top loop serving unraveled I will contact him tomorrow
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Josh Ecterling Feather service Jump to new posts by DanielB89 (15)   

To anyone wondering, I have since spoke with Josh. When he got my feathers, it wasn't much time between that and him getting deployed, I believe he may have forgotten to check all the feathers before...
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: Riser question Jump to new posts by goobersan (10)   

Great tips Bue & Jeff ! Using both methods you would get more risers with less wasted wood :thumbsup:
PowWow Icon 1 Re: addition to the family Jump to new posts by OBXarcher (15)   

Nothing better than being a dad.. congrats and cherish it. They grow up way too fast.
Trad History/Collecting Icon 1 Re: Bear arrows, Early 50s Jump to new posts by crazynate (23)   

Alaskan bowhunter those are awesome
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: SO YA WANNA BUILD A GLASS BOW ? Jump to new posts by Trenton G. (226)   

Nice build along. That bow looks sweet and with some very impressive numbers! With that extra bit of reflex in the tips, is it any louder than the original 62/64 inch bow?
Trad History/Collecting Icon 1 Re: 1969 Bear Kodiak Magnums – Three Different Types or More ??? Jump to new posts by Noblesinclair (9)   

Yes they do
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: 2nd attempt at a glass bow- FINISHED. Pics at page 2 Jump to new posts by Bob at Work (27)   

great job...be proud!
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Anybody shooting a warf? Jump to new posts by reddogge (9)   

I have a Bear Black Bear warf with TT Carbon Extremes on it. Very nice shooter. It's on the bottom of the pile. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0603/reddogge/Ar chery/DSC00231_zpswmnrixqo.jpg
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Carolina Traditional Archers Primitive Skills weekend. 3/31 thru 4/2 Jump to new posts by Bud B. (3)   

Menu is subject to change ;)
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Big Jims Quiver!! Jump to new posts by PeteA (11)   

Have a 4 arrow on my Kodiak Hunter. Compact, light, tight. The straps even seem to quiet down the bow.
Z GiveAways Icon 1 Re: Caramel Myrtle Burl Veneers Jump to new posts by Bwhntr247 (52)   

Please enter me thanks for the chance.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Fort Stewart Hunting Information Request Jump to new posts by ahab78 (11)   

Thanks again for the advice, RC. My wife works for the MP unit in Stewart and almost hit a gater on her way home from work this evening on 119. I'll see if she can find out what the changes are going...
Hunting Knives and Crafters Icon 1 Re: Sheep Horn and Old Hedge Post. Jump to new posts by DGW (4)   

Nice ones, that hedge one looks like a good beaver skinner .
Trad History/Collecting Icon 1 Re: Bear Grizzly Identification Guide 1949-1969 Jump to new posts by Wade Phillips (102)   

Just posted an image of the 1964-1969 Grizzly Bows on the fist page to make this thread a little more complete. http://tradgang.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get _topic&f=14&t=003114#000002
PowWow Icon 1 Re: My Approach to Scent Control for the Fall Jump to new posts by ahab78 (20)   

Primos Rattle Can Corn and Rubber Acorns sound like the next big craze! The Deer Doctor said he likes to put out plastic apples sprayed with apple scent. That might be worth investigating too.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Side Draw Quiver Designs Jump to new posts by PeteA (5)   

YS - I sent you a PM.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Why nobody talking about Idaho elk? Jump to new posts by YosemiteSam (39)   

There are a couple fishing spots I have no problem telling people about (though I haven't yet online). Because the odds of anybody else being crazy enough to go that deep off-trail into a steep-sided,...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: HH BUG GOT ME - Part Two! Jump to new posts by mcbowguy (4407)   

Just finished this one. Bubinga riser and bamboo limbs. Brown and white glass. 66" 45@28 https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.websitetoolbox.com/ 146723/thumb/3291002 https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.websitetoolbox.com/...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Quiet Turkeys Jump to new posts by Doc Pain (7)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Birdbow: Patience. Sit em out. Call sparingly and wait. They hear 'hens' and will often eventually come around for a look. That's my recipe ----- Absolutely. Have killed...
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