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The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: 2017, What did you do today? Jump to new posts by talkingcabbage (28)   

Got the shop all cleaned out from the last two months of projects. Pulled out some old arrows to re-fletch for a guy at work, and started on a knife for him as well. Got some spiral-wrap flu-flu feathers...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Anyone own Wagstaff? Jump to new posts by Bisch (19)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by fwood: Sorry for the late addition to this thread but I just joined the forum... I too have one of Connors bows, a Intrepid take down longbow. It is so beautiful and...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: 20 Annual Tennessee Classic Jump to new posts by Friend (14)   

The Classic is always a top billing.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Which arrow setup would you choose? Jump to new posts by Fletcher (19)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by oobray: Biathlon man what do you mean exactly? So you guys think I'd need another bow for elk? I know they make a supermag in 60# but from what I've read they don't...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Great Northern hits another home run Jump to new posts by TRAP (15)   

Yes it is the long hood
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Tim Cooper is Threatening Tradgang Jump to new posts by Patknight (85)   

That AHOLE makes me..Feel normal...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Axis trads Vs Gold Tip trads Jump to new posts by forestdweller (25)   

I would go with Easton's as they are made in the USA and from the Easton arrows that I have shot they have all been very well made, can handle abuse very well, and have excellent straightness and spine...
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: Plans for a 50's Style Recurve Jump to new posts by passion for knowledge (2)   

Certainy worth the read, just for a better understanding of what it takes to make a bow.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Hoyt pro medalist year manufactured? Jump to new posts by razorsharptokill (2)   

Thanks for the info Hud.
The Bowyer's Bench Icon 1 Re: Odd number of laminations Jump to new posts by fujimo (3)   

only thing i do- is put the thicker lams on the back, and thinner on the belly- so that they bend up the ramp of the riser better- so that may dictate how many i put either side!
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Bag for archery knick knacks Jump to new posts by goobersan (15)   

Try an Asbell haversack. Looks great hanging anywhere, including you....... maybe
PowWow Icon 1 Re: New TallTines Jump to new posts by wasapt (32)   

Hard to beat a Tall Tines, thanks for sharing!
PowWow Icon 1 Re: "Thank you" to Hill Archery for quick order processing! Jump to new posts by pavan (14)   

I believe once a bow is glued up there is only about 8 or 9 weeks left to wait.
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Info on GMU 68 and/or 551 in CO? Jump to new posts by Matty (3)   

That's smart. Lots of guys underestimate the altitude. Last year I met a guy at 11,000ft who was from Denver he was having issues from the altitude and was calling it quits. Heading back down. Best of...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Longbow limbs for my BW PMA Jump to new posts by The Whittler (1)   

People have been asking BW company for a number of years and I don't know of anyone else who does make them. It would be nice and I would love to have a set myself. Maybe you/we will get lucky, we can...
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Cari Bow Jump to new posts by George Vernon (7)   

Abe's bows are functional art. I have yielded to the temptation five times. No regrets. If you want some testing data look up Pete Ward. He has tested several of Abe's bows over the years
Trad History/Collecting Icon 1 Re: 1966 kodiak ? Jump to new posts by crazynate (7)   

That's awesome about that polar. I also love those bows and own a few. I think it shoots awesome
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Stump & 3D Shoot in The Catskill Mountains on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 Jump to new posts by Cyclic-Rivers (5)   

Thanks Mike, I hope I can get there I truly want to.
HIGHLIGHTS 2017 Icon 1 Re: Last day of season... Jump to new posts by Soonerlongbow (24)   

Now THATS a keeper!!!!
PowWow Icon 1 Re: Finger Protection Jump to new posts by mj seratt (21)   

Like Bisch, I use the Saunder's Pak Tab. Mine has been going for over 7 years, and I shoot a 66 lb. bow. I have bought 2 back-ups, just in case.
Total Active Topics: 63  |  Pages:  1  2  3  4 

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