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Author Topic: hogs... Danderous Game???
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I grew up with hogs in east Texas. The russian breed, not feral pigs. They are a blast to hunt, great to eat, but just like any other animal only dangerous when provoked.

I would be way more scarred of a Bull moose than a hog. I don't care if a hog will eat me afterwards, because I would be dead by then.

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I got knocked ass over tea kettle a couple of nights ago. Heres what I sent to my dad the same night:
Had an exciting evening chasing pigs. Got knocked on my ass by a 150-180 pound sow. Was sitting in clump of brush on one of rogers feeders and she came in directly behind me. I could hear a step, stop, step step stop. Thought it was a deer coming in. Finally saw her out of the corner of my eye and she was all of 2-3 feet away. Could have poked her in the ass with my broadhead. She either saw me, smelled me or that piggy sixth sense kicked in and she turned hard right and jumped into the same clump of brush I was in.I'm trying to get turned to get my feet in front of me as she gets her head stuck in the legs of my little chair.I've got one hand on her neck trying to keep her off of me. Chairs coming off the ground with me still in it. I'm kicking and screaming like a little girl. I somehow end up about 5 feet from where I started looking upside down on my back at the ass end of a fast departing pig...... Chairs another 20 feet beyond me. My butt pack and quiver are another 10 feet down the trail......Guess the pig got her feet caught up in all that on the way thru. I have no idea.... At any rate, I figure that with all that noise my evenings up but I stuck around just to ssee what else would happen.... Right at dark one of those big boars, remember the ones we saw when we were moving in here? big, black, nuts like grapefuit? don't give a damn big boars? Had a shot, But not after all the excitement.... LOL No damage done. but I think I'm gonna start sitting in a tree stand..... :-)

Dangerous game? naaaa. Worthy of respect? YES

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Benny Nganabbarru
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Cool experience, Swampdrummer! Good on ya!

TGMM - Family of the Bow

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Swampdrummer, Now that's funny!!! [laughing]

TGMM Family of the Bow

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There's lots of good hog charges on you-tube if you haven't seen them, my friend in Texas makes me take a .44 when i bowhunt on his land because he's had a few incidents, but i wouldn't let someone follow me around with a rifle on a hog hunt. (As opposed to a Griz hunt)
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Andrew Downs
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When I was 17 (20 years ago - wow that's gone fast)
My friend and I where out hunting (with wheelie bows - oh the shame) and my friend stuck an arrow in a mid size boar's butt.

The way this boar exploded (and treed both of us) I'd consider them dangerous game.
We spent 20 minutes up our respective trees, with both our bows (and attached quivers) lying on the ground some good feet away while this damn thing circled us like a porcine land shark...

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More hunters are harmed by deer than hogs. Any large wild animal can be a danger to humans given the right set of circumstances-we are easy game when unarmed.
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fido dog
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Originally posted by Guru:
Considered "Dangerous Game"...not hardly, not me.

Any animal we hunt can be "dangerous" at times.

But that title should be saved for the "Big 5", Grizz/Brown/Polar bears, and the like....Those are DANGEROUS critters!!

I'm sure they think the same of you Curt.... [Wink]

A politician who acts foolishly may NOT be acting!

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Terry Green
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Originally posted by Bjorn:
More hunters are harmed by deer than hogs. Any large wild animal can be a danger to humans given the right set of circumstances-we are easy game when unarmed.

Where did you get that information?

If that is true....we either need to include deer in this forum....or no more hog chat here.

Also, I'd like to learn more about deer attacks so I'll know what to look out for. I've never even remotely been even 'challenged' by a deer, and I don't know one single person that has been hurt by a deer, and I know a lot of deer hunters. I have been challenged several times and charged twice by hogs. I also know a few people with scars from hogs....and I don't know as many hog hunters as I do deer hunters.

Can you tell me where you got that info?


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I know of three direct deer attacks on humans. All three were very large-near B&C bucks, One was a pen deer, one in the bluff/farm country of southern WI, and the last was along the brule river UP/WI border big woods. All three involved fit woodsman who have taken more than one big buck, all three occured in early November in areas of little/no bow pressure. All three occured the week before gun season. One occured in the 1980s, two occured in the 1970s. The north woods buck chased the guy onto his logging skidder and followed the skidder out to the stub road banging his B&C clean 8X8 rack against the tires. This guy once tracked what was at one time the #12 non ntypical B&C, over 30 miles in snow over two days (1967 I think) That buck finally turned and faced him on a frozen lake, but was promptly dispaced with the lever .35 rem at first opportunity. He said the buck chasing the skidder was bigger in body and rack than the B@C #12, and that buck was a very lean 300# whole on the butchers scale. This guy spends his life in the woods and knows big woods whitetail probably as good as the Benoits. The second wild instance was his nephew, huge buck came at him in the predawn darkness as he started to climb his tree (before use of manufactured tree stands, he was climbing a big oak to sit on a limb)he shimmied up 10 feet to the first good limb, bow still on the ground watching the huge 10 pt circle the tree shaking his head for 30 min after it was light enough to see. These guys have reported Mountain lions for 20 years in WI, and many thought them nuts. Well even Chicago news crews have now filmed cougers in the wild in WI. When I posted I thought hogs were no more dangerous than whitetails, I never said they may not come after you. My best friend is a doctor in WV and fellow ranger. His ranger buddy is also now a doctor working in Texas. He reports having to sew up the results from hog encounters on several occasions. IMHO deer car collision fatalities would tip the scale making whitetails the cause of more fatalities than hogs, but that is a different discussion.

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Yeah, well,

I guess if you've never fought a boar off with the end of your longbow, or if you've never been charged by boars for no reason whatsoever, you might think boars aren't a tad bit dangerous.

If you have never experienced either of those things, I am guessing you hunt east of the Rockies.

Farther east than California, and WAY, WAY farther east than the Northern Territory of Australia.

If that's the case, head west man, head west.

Sneak up on a big northern California boar with more Russian blood in him than Feral, and you may get a real awakening.

I will share one story with you. Someone else will need to share the next.

In the middle of our winter (early March) I drove with some friends from Idaho to Northern California, which took about 16 hours. It was spring there, prime time for boar hunting.

We set up our camp, and off we went. Several days later, no one had seen a pig. Seems we timed it wrong.

A day or so later, the last day before we had to drive back north to the snow country, the sun was beginning to set to the west. I was sitting on a high, wet, grassy hillside, all alone, glassing for pigs until my eyes were almost bleeding.

Then, a long ways below me I heard it, two boars fighting. Unmistakeable.

I ran downhill as fast as I could, and about fifteen minutes later, I stopped, listened, and there they were----a herd of 15 to 30, walking quickly from my left to my right, about 25 yards below me. I had about four minutes of shooting light left in the darkening sky.

Two boars were in the group, and they were ripping the hell out of each other. Nasty running gun battle, and the blood was flowing.

. . . in my veins as well as the two fighting boars.

I had to squint to see well enough to shoot, and the two fighting boars were 15 yards too far away to shoot at in this light, so I picked a smaller boar that was in good shooting range, drew back, aimed tight, aimed some more, then sent a heavy arrow through his lungs as he trotted along with the herd. The sound of the hit was unmistakeable.

30 minutes later, I set up the tripod in the dark to take some still photographs, and in the process, I heard the two boars once again fighting, and they were coming my way in complete blackness. I put the camera down, switched on my flashlight, and there there were, 15 yards away across a small creek (right behind the boar in the attached photo).

Both boars stopped, looked at me, and charged immediately. I was already jumping back when I realized the rushing creek had stopped them. A minute or so later, they again started laying hooks into each other and moved off down hill in full battle.


I finished taking the pictures, then gutted and started skinning the boar I had shot.

Oh? What's that I hear? Two boars fighting their way towards me, this time on my side of the creek. THIS TIME I put a large fallen redwood tree trunk between myself and the approaching fight, and when they were about 10 yards away, I turned on the flashlight. Again, they stopped, then both charged. The only thing that stopped them was the huge Redwood tree trunk I was standing (er, well, cowering) behind.

As you can see in the photo, it was pitch black, and I can assure you if I had not had a fast-running creek, or a huge Redwood tree trunk to stop them, these two mostly Russian Californian boars in full fight mode would have left more than a few marks on me.

I had done nothing to provoke them, other than being on their mountain.

That's one incident, it's someone else's turn now.

P.S. Large California Russian-mixed boars are as different from the smaller typical southern feral boars as zoo-raised grizzly bears are from high-mountain grizzly bears.

There's a big difference, but you've got to experience it to know it. Go west man, go west.


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Are feral hogs dangerous? Sure! Even a squirrel is dangerous if you stuff him in your pants.

It all depends on the circumstances. Corner a hog, where through you is the only way out, you better look out. Are there pigs wandering around in the scrub brush looking for people to attack, no.

There was a gentleman near where I used to live who was killed by his penned deer. Yes, I know, in a pen. Like I said it all depends on the circumstances.

If we go into the woods looking to poke something with a sharp stick, we shouldn't be suprised if they want to poke us back. Just need to be aware of what's going on and keep our wits about us. I figure there are just as many "It came after me" stories as there are "saw one and it kept on going" stories.


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Other then the actual predators (lion, bears, wolves, etc...) I think feral hogs and wild boar are the most dangerous. I have to admit this is just from my reading (not real world) but they seem very aggressive and I have seen a domestic hog pull a goat under a fence and eat it while it was still alive and saw that same hog chase a teenaged girl out of the pen after taking a couple of snaps at her.


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Nah, you guys are all wrong. No one in their right might thinks a big angry boar could be dangerous.

This photo of a friend of a friend in Australia shows that that wild boars are just like big loveable puppies. They couldn't hurt a fly.


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Its pretty simple really, as a Game animal that is dangerous...yes Absolutely, right up there compared to most game in certain circumstances!

But as far is fitting in the "Dangerous Game" Category
such as Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, hippo, elephant, Grizz, Polar bear


There is more to the Hunt.. then the Horns

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