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Author Topic: Strange or Unexplained
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One morning I climbed up my favorite tree and got all buckled in and settled when I saw something moving ever so slightly about 15 yards in front of me.....now I'm 20' or so up a tree and hunting a fairly large woodlot.... as I started moving my head up and down and side to side trying to figure out what it was, I see it kind of jump up a little and all of a sudden it's about 3' wide and getting closer! At about 5' I realized it was an owl just starting it's flair with talons coming in first...at my head! I jumped up from my seat with arms waving in front of my face and I might have screamed like a little girl..... MIGHT HAVE...I do know that it took me awhile to get my heart rate down...

"NO GOD, NO PEACE-KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE" side of a barn along I-70, eastern Kansas
Rodd Boyer
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Sam McMichael
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Sometimes I wish I had an interesting bigfoot tale to tell. At other times I'm glad I don't. admountainken talks about carrying a big bowie knife. Not saying I believe or don't believe bigfoot, or any other threat, is real, but I carry a Glock (at my wife's insistence) when I go to the woods.

The only real scare I got was when I was a teenager hunting on my uncle's land. I was the only person with permission to hunt the property. I walked in the dark very slowly and quietly to the tree that held my stand. When the guy in my stand spoke to me, it scared the willies out of me. Man, did I jump at the sound of his voice!

At first he was "reluctant" to vacate the stand, but after a very sincere threat to whip his a$$, he decided to go. If I had realized how big this guy actally was, I might have been a tad more diplomatic, though. As mad as I was, I was amazed at how startled I was when he spoke.

The only real likelihood of danger was when I was stalked by a pack of wild dogs. I was carrying a shotgun that day, so no real threat developed.


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Trenton G.
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A few years ago I was walking out of the swamp after an evening hunt. My dad had dropped me off at my grandpas and had gone to a different spot, so I had about a quarter mile walk back to the house. As I was passing the beehives on the property, I started thinking about the bear that had been seen hanging around them. As I was thinking about that, a great big black shape came rushing towards me from over near the hives. I could hear it breathing heavily as it came. I didn't have my flashlight out but I was really wishing for it right about then. I yelled, or at least tried to as it kept coming. At about 10 feet it slid to a stop and stood there huffing. Apparently they had bought a new black angus bull and didn't tell me. I've never been so happy to see a bull in my life!
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It was about 18-20 years ago I took a friend of mine turkey hunting trying to get his first bird. We were hunting on my granpaws land that i had been born and raised on in E Tn. I knew every possible inch of those woods and had decided we would set up in what my brothers and I had dubbed " turkey holler". A place where I had killed my first, biggest and most turkey in.

I put him on a small little finger that lead off the bench at the head of the hollow and I set up some 40 yards away looking the opposite direction. He had a clear view of the hillside and an old logging road in front of him that deadened in a spot the gobblers liked to strut when the sun got bright.

We'd been sitting there for an hour or so and I was throwing some blind calls every so often hoping to get a response. I happened to look over at him and he was giving me the something's walking sign with his fingers. I looked in front of him and didn't see anything and couldn't hear it either. So I turned back my way and called another sequence. Few minutes later I looked back his way and he was giving me the shooting hand signal. Once again I scanned all out in front of him and saw nothing.

I thought to myself he's messing with me and just as I turned my head back to look down the hollow I was watching " BOOM". Followed by click click boom click click boom till it was just the sound of his 835 action opening and closing with no more ammo.

I ran over to him and he was standing there shaking and wide eyed. When I asked him what he shooting at he just pointed to the left and laying about 15' from him was a monster bobcat that had apparently jumped in his lap.

After calming down he explained that when he gave me walking sign he had saw two bobs come over the hill and into the logging road and the shoot sign was he was going to get one. He was full came all but brown boots and we assumed that through the shuffling of trying to get turned with his gun that they thought his feet were grouse and had put tree between themselves and him. One stepped out several yards up the hill to get the " grouses" attention while the other one slipped on down and sprang from behind the tree into his lap.

Needless to say we didn't get him a bird that day and he never hunted that hollow with me again.

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Ron LaClair
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Early one morning in pre dawn light I crept along the creek
the smells were old, I heard a noise, I felt my knees go weak.
A monster buck suddendly appeard throught the trees up on a rise.
I drew my bow, the cedar shaft flew just like it had eyes.
The buck was down, his rack was hugh, I'd need help to get him out.
I turned to leave but something made me stop and turn about.
There he stood, beside my buck, he was ghostly pale and thin.
His scalp was gone, his naked body wore nothing but a grin.
I was frozen in my tracks, I couldn't move or speek.
I was standing face to face with the Ghost of Armstrong creek.

We live in the present, we dream of the future, but we learn eternal truths from the past
When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.

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Charlie P. }}===]> A.B.C.C.

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Back in high school a friend of mine took his cousin hunting. I think they were quail hunting. While out his young cousin screamed and called him over. He'd found a man hanging in a tree with his arms and legs bound behind him and no way for him to get up there. The body was never identified but was suspected to have been an illegal immigrant that got on the wrong side of somebody.

As for me. The creepiest thing I'd discovered while hunting was numerous sets of clothes in my cabin when I was supposed to be the only one on that particular land. Stupid kids. Probably got splinters in places that they really regretted.

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Just found this thread. Made it to page 9, will catch the rest later. Mines not a hunting story exactly, but was in the woods.

When I was in college, I worked for a small timber company cruising timber. I was training with the forester one day, staying about 2-3 paces behind him, when I get this chill down my neck and back. In August. In Louisiana. You don't normally get chills in Louisiana in August. Before I could say anything, the forester stops, turns around, and says, "did you feel that?". Then he smiles at the look on my face, and says, "you know what caused that?". I said I didn't, and he tells me to give him a minute and he'll show me. He then starts looking around. He spots a fairly open spot in the brush 15-20 yards away that's overgrown with briars, and heads that way motioning for me to follow. We get there and he starts kicking the briars down. There under the briars were three tombstones from the late 1800s. Apparently, there was an old family home in the area in the past, but it was all just pine timber now. I consider myself to be pretty strong in my faith, but I've never really been superstitious or believed much in supernatural things like ghosts and such. But I know for a fact that I got a sense that those graves were there before I knew about them. The forester said that he had found quite a few old grave sites in his career, and that he always felt them before he saw them.

I've also had the old attempted owl attack, several times. If I see an owl land within 50 yards or so, I'll just slightly move my finger when he's not looking straight at me. It amazes me how their head will turn straight towards me at the slightest movement. Most of them will come towards me after doing it a few times, but I'll make a big movement as soon as they do before they get to close.

Thanks for all the great stories.

Matt Toms

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Here's something kinda funny. It didn't actually happen to me, but I award somewhat involved in the story. When I was in fourth grade, my teacher told us one morning that she must be going crazy because she saw a monkey cross the road in front of her over the weekend. A couple weeks later she tells us, while laughing quite a bit, that she hadn't gone crazy after all. Turns out someone that lived on Punkin Center Rd, where she saw the monkey, had gotten a new pet spider monkey, and it had gotten out.

Fast forward to last year, about 25 years later, and I'm sitting around drinking coffee on a Monday morning. A coworker walks in, sits down, and says, "y'all ain't gonna believe this. I almost hit a monkey with my truck on Punkin Center Rd this weekend." Everybody else starts laughing at him, and he says, "I know that can't be what it was, but man it looked like a monkey." So I told him what my teacher told me in fourth grade, and we googled spider monkey life spans. Turns out they live up to 40 years. He later told us he'd started asking around, and it turns out people still see it fairly regularly.

So that's my (miniature) Sasquatch story.

Matt Toms

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The monkey story above reminds me of an old family legend. The verifiably true part is that 3 McReynolds brothers arrived here in America in about 1740. They headed west toward the frontier where they could get some free land. Legend has it that they had a monkey with them, who knows why. They ran out of food and they agreed that 2 of them would go hunting while the third one stayed with the monkey. The one with the monkey waited for a few days, but he finally got so hungry that he ate the monkey. The other two returned and were so angry that the first one had eaten the monkey that they split in three directions and never spoke to each other again. Each founded a different branch of the family in America, later to become the United States. This last part is also true and verifiable.

The interesting thing is that I have met people named McReynolds in different parts of the US who have never known me or my family before we met, but they know the story about the three brothers and the monkey. So that part of the story may have some truth in it too. I mean, who would make up a story about 3 brothers arriving in America in 1740 with a monkey?

TGMM Family of the Bow

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It was about 40 years ago , mid October and my friend Mike offered to drop me off in the National Forest near Luther Michigan .
I was very set in my mind that I wanted to do a wilderness hunt all alone . I was to be out there for a week . I had an ice chest with eggs , bacon and two loaves of bread . The rest of my food would come from what I would forage and hunt with my bow or slingshot .
I had four broadheads and two blunts . I also had a small bag of marbles for the slingshot . Archery deer season was open as well as small game , so I was all set . What could possibly go wrong ?
The first two days were very productive , I had taken two rabbits and one squirrel . I did fire a warning shot at a grouse with a blunt and lost the arrow . Oh well ,still had one blunt and four broadheads .
The deer sign was a little sparse . So I decided to try in the swamp that was about a half mile from my camp .
The swamp is called The Big Bear Swamp of Luther . It is a few miles wide and over twenty miles long . It is filled with cedar trees and very tight underbrush .
The third morning I was cooking bacon and eggs in my dutch oven lid and I noticed that there was a very thick fog rolling in . It was so thick that with my flashlight I could only see a few feet . So I decided to wait until light before I headed to the swamp .
I had to check my compass very often just to keep on the right path to the swamp . The eerie thing was with no rain for a few weeks , the ground was soaking wet and I could walk silent as long as I didn't step on a twig .
Made it to the edge of the swamp and started my way in , very slow and constantly sweeping my eyes for what I could see . I found a very well used deer run and I decided to sit in a blow down that made a very good natural blind .
After about an hour , I was able to see a little further because the fog was letting up a little . I could see a tree that seemed to be broken off about ten feet above the ground . This seemed odd to me because there were no other trees in the area that had damage like that , so couldn't have been wind damage .
As I pondered the tree a nice twelve point buck wandered down the deer run towards me . He stopped about fifteen yards from me but seemed very nervous . I didn't think it was me because he was looking slightly in a different direction from me . I just held tight because he was head on to me and there was no good shot .
He then stomped his foot and turned sideways to me and I let fly with a good shot . He ran off and then there was silence for about a few minutes . Then in the direction the deer was looking I heard a twig snap . I wondered what it could be . Then a little ways closer to where the deer had ran I heard another stick break . That was a big stick that would take a lot of force to snap . I started to get a little nervous and curious .
I got up and slowly got to where the deer was and found the blood trail . Started trailing it and I noticed that there were large foot prints next to the trail .
I saw the deer up ahead and it appeared to be pulled apart at the back quarters . There was a large hump moss covered looking object next to the deer that for some reason made me feel uneasy .
I stood where I was for quite some time just watching intently and wondering why the deer looked like that . I finally started closer and when I was just a few feet away the hump rose up and it was enormous ! It looked like a man with hair all over and had to be at least eight feet tall . For a moment I was petrified , I pulled an arrow and it stepped toward me and I shot . Missed , grabbed another , dropped it , grabbed the last broadhead and missed again . Now it was coming after me , all I had left was a blunt . Knocked it and I was staring it in the eyes , and the next thing I remember was the thing running away with the arrow stuck in one of its eyes .
I ran back to my campsite as fast as I could and I was scared out of my mind . I stayed there with the fire going and all I had left was my slingshot .
I had to wait until the next day for my friend to show up . When he did I decided not to tell what had happened for fear that I would be thought crazy.
He asked me how things went and I told him about the small game . He ribbed me all the way home about loosing all my arrows . But that was OK , I made it out alive and that was all that mattered mattered to me .
I have never shared this with anybody till now .
I did hear that some old guy claimed to see a Big Foot a few years later that had only one eye .

"Nothing clears a troubled mind like shooting a bow. " Fred Bear
Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10:31

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Ok, I've got one more. This is a story of my dad's from just a few years ago. Not unexplainable, but definitely a little strange.

It was late summer, and he was heading to check corn and cameras. He unloaded his 4-wheeler and headed down the trail. A quarter mile or so from the truck, he saw a couple of wreaths that had been made from vines laying on the side of the trail. He didn't think too much, because the trail ran down a property line. A retired guy lived in a little log house on 40 acres that our lease wrapped around 3 sides of. We'd even given him permission to take his grandson squirrel hunting on our lease.

My dad figured one of this guy's grandkids had been back there playing around. A couple hundred feet farther, he found another stack of wreaths. Then another. And another. After finding them in several spots along the trail, he got to a stack where there was some bare dirt instead of leaves and pine straw. He saw at least two different sets of tracks, maybe more, and they were all from adults. Of course, that sort of unnerved him.

He went on about his business, then headed back out, maybe 15-20 minutes later. When he came back through, all of the wreaths were gone. Turns out, whoever was making them had hidden when they heard him coming and probably were within just a few yards of him while he was looking at their tracks.

When he left, he went the opposite direction at the blacktop to swing by a gas station. Just over the hill from the access road, there was an old beat up van with a trailer behind it parked on the side of the road. The trailer was loaded down with outdoorsy craft type items like you'd see people selling at a festivals and such.

He said he was glad they decided to just let him pass.

Matt Toms

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I am glad to see this one come back up for the new guys, a lot a fun stories in this one!

Jesus Saves (ROM 10:13)

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mark Willoughby
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I got story I've only ever told my dad this one back when I hunted with a wheel bow I was on my some land behind my parents hunting seemed like a nice evening calm damp overcast I was on the outside of a cedar thicket by a creek in a natural ground blind about 150 yards in the woods open field to my left thicket right in front of me I had been hearing movement all afternoon seemed like it was walking a
Half circle around me back and fourth all night about dark I started gathering my things in preparation for the walk back to my mom n dads a little fog had settled in not bad though after I was all packed up I stood up all of a sudden a strange feeling hit me that I wasn't alone in the timber I could hear something and it was close I shined my light in the direction of the sound and seen nothing so I shrugged it off as nothing i started walking towards home and froze instantly when I heard footsteps behind me I know what I heard looked again and nothing started walking again and the footsteps where back a little closer this time so I picked up the pace to a brisk walk .. so did it now at the time of this incident I was just out the marine corps I was lean and could cover ground real fast so I started a all out Sprint through the woods down the fence line and so did it something was after me and it was very evident i was flat out trucking and so was it knowing everyone that lived on the road I knew of not one person that could move at this pace I kept running what ever it was... was clearly gaining on me getting closer and closer then I hit the fence at my mom n dads and was in open field I heard whatever it was hit the fence as well after I heard that I grabbed my sidearm I always pack I had 5 mags with me of .40 I turned hit the deck and let her rip I put 4 mags in its direction never seeing my target but I was putting the rounds down range anyhow after the shooting stoped I took the last mag reloaded and ran on to the house for some more serious weaponry
My dad asked me what the hell I was shooting at and all I could say was I don't know not the best response ever but it was the truth I told him the story just like it happend and he said my god I hope you didn't kill someone I assured him it was not human no way possible a person was keeping up with me and that's the gods honest truth we talked it over some more and decided to go back to the fence and check it out I swapped my springfield for a ruger mini 14 and we went back to the fence and seen nothing I told him I'm not crazy something was after me we shined the path I came down and you could clearly see something big had came through there that's when he started to believe me the fence was also jacked up the bottom strand of barb wire was laying flat on the ground not nailed to the post anymore to this day I have no clue what it was but I hope I never run across it again this story is the honest truth I've never had a experience like it before

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This is not stranger than fiction. Last week, hunting east of Peterson, Iowa, I was seeing nothing. I am a musician, so I took out my deer grunt and bleat combo call and played a merry tune that I hoped a deer would like. In the lowering sun light I saw a light brown animal moving across the woody pasture about 400 yards away. I figured it was a fawn running to its mama. A few minutes later after I wailed on the bleat call, I saw it moving through the cedar line of trees coming towards me. At about 80 yards it showed itself, it was slinking smooth and faster than I wanted to see, at first I thought bobcat. Wrong, mountain lion. Scared the begibbers out of me I jumped and yelled like a manly man that missed his mommy. I was hoping it would bolt away, it did not, it turned and headed off to some more cedar cover of which I was sitting near the south end. I grabbed my Nifty Seat and fled. I called around, others have seen him as well. Now I don't dare to use my deer call at the other place we hunt, someone there found big cat poop and it is only a few miles from where I saw it. I am too objective to be afraid of bears and ghosts, but real live mamma moose and big kitties throw my objectivity off.


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