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Author Topic: Strange or Unexplained
Trad Bowhunter
Member # 9312

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Ok Ogo ready for this,another big foot story.We were on a boo trip with Safari Nordik at a camp on lake Natuak(way up)when after a couple of days our guide said would you guys want to see something interesting,of course we said why not.Off we went up river in a boat for about 3 miles,he said get out and go up the bank and tell me what you see.What we saw surprise us,foot prints at least 4 times that of a mans with a stride of 8to 10 feet.They were compressed into the tundra about 3 inches and went on for miles along the river.The guide and two native North Americans said they never saw anything like it,they previously followed them for 3 miles and discovered tops of small trees broken off and ripped apart.They decided to abandon their quest not wanting to meet up with whatever did it.We continued to hunt,but with the thought of carrying my 300mag instead of the longbow.This is the Gods honest truth!
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,Wonderful thread,I got a tale,but I have to go lock the door's first.
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Trad Bowhunter
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We had our farm logged 3yrs ago and the poke berries and black berries have taken over in a lot of the open spots. I saw more bear sign last year in one place than i've ever seen in my life..
I loaded up my stuff and made the trip over there erly one morning about 1.5 hours before daylight. I loaded my stuff on my 4 wheeler and drove up to the spring hollow. I went through the electric fence and parked the wheeler next to a few logs beside the trail and turned it off.
I sat there for a few minutes listening to a few of the sounds of the darkness.And i started getting the feeling that something was watching me. I shrugged it off and started getting ready for a 1/4 mile hike to my stand. I dug in my pack for my good light and couldn't find it so i got my backup out. It doesn' throw a spot that far but all i had to do was walk to the stand.
I turned around and looked up the grassy road i was goina walk up and saw two blue eyes stareing at me from about 20yds! Now i've seen alot of eyes in the dark from coonhuntin looking for cows and varmits..but i don't think i've ever seen those blue-green eyes lookun back at me like those were!!
WE stared at each other four 4 minutes which seemed alot longer, and i could just make out his form. He was just standing there looking at me! I eased back over onto my bike and he turned and started walking up the mountain and looked back at me 3 more times.. He was moveing very slow and i was wanting to move very fast the other way!
I can't run anymore do to some injuries i've recieved but i sure can ride!!!
I left and went back after daylight to another stand site on the other side of the farm..
I found out later that night that somebody on the farm beside us stuck black bear and couldn't find it.( the day before.)
Thats not strange but it sure creeped me out!!!

A trophy is in the eye of the beholder.

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Ok guys i gotta tell tell my story now. This incident took place in the Blue mountains in Oregon.

My hunting party dropped me off on a mountain road running a ridge so I could hunt my way back to our camp about a mile away. Somehow I got turned around that evening I had hiked 2 or 3 miles past our campsite before i realized what i had done, and tried to back track before the fading light winked out,leaving me in the dark to try to find my way back. after stumbling up this dried creek bed in eastern Oregon for what seemed like hours, I spotted a truck driving down a road far up the canyon, so I headed that way. After finding the road in the dark, i picked a direction and started walking. The days were almost 80 degrees & hot, but it was very cold at night. i was only wearing a thin tee shirt,no pack, nothing.... and it was getting down to 10 degrees above at night....

Here I was at mid night walking down an old gravel road & hoping I was going the right direction. I didn't know this area very well. I didn't have any matches with me & my lighter ran out of fluid using it for a light. It was pitch black that night too, I would have given anything for some moon light & a book of matches. My only hope was to keep moving so I wouldn't freeze.
While I was walking down the road with only the sound of my breathing and the steady crunch of gravel with my stride, I i kept hearing something in the brush from time to time above me on the hill side. I always considered myself a brave man, but I'll tell you right now I was pretty spooked that night. I kept telling myself, "There is nothing out here but deer, elk, coyotes & sage hens. The few bears that are around here are afraid of man.........Nothing to get spooked about...." Then I thought about mountain lions......As the thought came into my mind, I heard the faint snap of another twig above me again. I picked up my pace to almost a trot for another half mile. The bank of the hill side was very steep along the road on both sides. It was like the road was carved in the face of a cliff. After awhile my energy ran out & I slowed down to a walk again, then finally stopped to catch my breath. As I stood there listening, I heard some loose rocks rolling down the hill above me. There was almost no brush at all now above me. it was almost a shear cliff. Too dad burn steep for a deer to be up there I was thinking. This thing had been following me for at least a mile or so now. My heat was pounding in my chest as I sensed movement again on the rocks above me. It was much closer now, & I'd had enough. I reached down quickly and grabbed up a fist sized rock & pitched it as hard as i could towards the approaching sound, then backed slowly to the far side of the road & waited. My hands were shaking with fear as the cold metallic feeling of my sweat filled tee shirt began to freeze solid against my skin. There was a clump of sage brush about 20 yards up the cliff I was watching. My eyes had grown accustomed to the dark somewhat by now. When I saw that brush begin to move & the sound of gravel crunching again at the same time, I threw the next rock as hard as i could. After being in the dark for so long alone without a sound, the sound of this ungodly scream was knees started to buckle uncontrollably, and i reached out to the cliff to brace myself for whatever was to come next...... Then everything was dead silent again....... I heard rocks sliding again a moment later way up the hill side. What ever that was in the sage brush was heading up the cliff at a pretty good rate. About 5 minutes later as I started walking again, the scream of the big cat split the night like a lightning bolt. My heart jumped up in my throat, & my stomach went cold. If there was any time in my life I can say I really tasted fear in it's truest form, it was that moment alone on that road. I'll never forget that sound. It was more of a scream than a roar. That big cat was pissed off!
I double timed it up that road for another 45 minute before I saw the campfire ahead of me. the sound of human voices never sounded so good as I stumbled into these peoples camp half froze to death. As I warmed myself my the fire & got something to eat, I told the story of the cat stalking me. They all laughed at me, & said a cougar wouldn't stalk a full grown man.
An hour or so later one of the guys in my hunting party drove up in his truck. I didn't see my sleeping bag till almost 3 am that morning.

The next day I told my hunting buddies about the big cat, & they didn't believe me either. They said they'd never seen a cougar in this area before. Well that pissed me off. So I told them I'd show them the tracks if they didn't believe me. About 3 pm that day we drove back down the same road I walked out on & found the spot in the road. Climbing up the steep bank to the sage brush I had thrown the rock at was tough going, but we made it. Sure enough, the tracks were there. These cat tracks were 3 1/2 inches across.

The only thing I can logically surmise from this rare occurrence is that the cat smelled my fear, & must have been real hungry to stalk me that far.

I had walked for almost 5 hours in 10 degree weather in a tee shirt till I came on that camp.
i have never hunted again without my pack....

Nuff Said..........Kirk

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i live on the nisqually river in olympia washington. the surrounding area is very rural with fort lewis on one side and indian reservation on the other. im 15 and have lived hear my whole life. as a lot of you have, we were always hering stories about how the neighbor saw a cougar or a bear etc. now my dad and i spend more tme up the river and in the woods around our house than anbody we live by and have never even seen a track from a bear or a cougar. welll today we took some friends fishing about 3/4 of a mile upriver from our house and low and behold not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 bears crossed the river below us. now that was cool. we didnt catch anything but it made my day to finally see something that most people dont have a chance to see. the "pack" of bears was a sow and 3 cubs
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Trad Bowhunter
Member # 4713

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Several years ago there were several reports to the sheriffs office from people saying that they had seen a full grown african lion. Hearing so many different people report the sightings deputies (who were very nervous) were sent to check them out.

It was found that some people had given their St. Bernard dog a lion haircut and he had gotten out of their yard and went on a run. Luckily nobody had shot the dog.


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Contributor 2016
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This has been some great reading! [bigsmyl]

Long, long afterward, in an oak I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.


TGMM Family Of The Bow

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Trad Bowhunter
Member # 4313

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I think I have a good idea of what you encountered out in the bush. Seems you ran into my ex wife,her mother and sister in law and her kids. They took a nice little vacation with half my life savings after my divorce settlement.........LOL I couildn't resist.

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I don't have a Bigfoot story but what I witnessed one night in the woods is something I'll never forget.
It was the summer of 1987. I had just graduated High School and the days until I left for college were quickly passing by. My best friend and hunting partner Todd wasn't going to college and this would be the first time we had been apart since the 2nd grade. We spent the weeks working and trying to stay out of trouble. The weekends were busy fishing and camping mostly with our girlfriends. I was dating Todd's younger cousin and Todd was seeing her best friend. Couple of really great girls that had been raised right. They fished and hunted with the best of them. They would even clean their own fish too. We were pretty lucky.
Todd and I were as close as any 2 people could be. We were like brothers. We usually camped on one of the rivers close to home but for this weekend we decided to camp at one of our best hunting spots. It was a huge farm owned by a friend of both our dads. They were all Masons or something and we had been blessed to hunt this property for about 5 years. Lots of tillable fields with a big woods that turned into a swamp as it got closer to the 2 lakes located at the back of the property. We had taken many deer, waterfowl, rabbits, and turtles from this place.
We loaded my Dodge Ramcharger and headed out on Saturday morning. The campsite was great. Stone firering and an old grate out of a fridge was out stovetop. We pitched tents and set up camp. Then we set to catch our supper. We used 2 of the canoes that our friend left back at the lake all summer. There is just something about catching your supper and spending good times with people that you really want to be with. This was going to be a great weekend.
As the sun was setting and the moon was starting to rise we got into a discussion about the effects of Lunar activity. I noted how late the geese were coming in to the lake. Todd and I were both pretty succesful bowhunters but knew little compared to what we know now with 20 more years in the field. We didn't understand the moon and the origins of the word "Lunatic" We didn't know how it somehow had an affect on creatures.....both 4 and 2 legged creatures. After this night we would understand it a lot better.
Gotta go to a thing. Finish when I get back


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When I was 12, I was out duck hunting with my father a his friends and I was carrying a 12 G with #6 loads. My job had been to circle the end of a large lake just north of the Rouge river near Hawksbury in Western Quebec.

I was alone and slowly working my way across a beaver damn so I could set up under cover and wait for my dad and Mr. Pole to work thier way to thier starting points.

It was a wet and dark early morning, perfect for ducks and I had been sitting there for maybe 15 min when all the sound in the area stopped. No birds or wind or anything, kinda eery I thought and slowly looked around to make sure I was alone.

Standing behind and above me on the hill not 15 feet was a Pack of what I was certain were wolves. Now I was 12 and had never seem them before but I was certain they were wolves.

They looked flushed and twitchy and the biggest ones had red smears on thier muzzles like they had just ate. They looked at me I looked at them before the closest one kinda nodded to me and they all turned and trotted off.

I later showed my dad the tracks cause he was dubious and we reported this to the local game warden who claimed no wolves were in the area but this did not look like a pack of wild dogs.

I always felt like they knew I was hunting and approved of me, I wonder what they might have done had they not approved?

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Maybe the only thing more scary than experiencing
something such as these stories, is trying to get up the nerve to share the story.

Good, bad, or otherwise, some experiences just change you.

Spooking a group of sasquatch, or being stalked by a cougar is something that will set you apart
from just about everyone else in the world.

Thanks for sharing.

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Trad Bowhunter
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Now, this is why I always always carry at least a pistol with me when I go in the woods. I have a S&W 5 shot .357 Mag that fits in my front pants pocket. I carry at least six extra bullets. You just never know what is around the corner!

It's not what you kill but how you hunt...

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i'm worried that "something" came back and got jake.
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Trad Bowhunter
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7 hours and 15 minutes and still no sign of him! [dntthnk]


The benefits of a big broadhead are most evident when things go wrong. - CTS

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he's done been got! i'll grab my flashlight start lookin' . "jjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkeeeeee! " no awnser. this is bad.
Posts: 32 | From: iowa | Registered: Apr 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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