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Author Topic: Your MOST Unbelievable HUNTING shot(s)
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"Killing him like the wrath of God" that was great I really laughed out loud! [bigsmyl]

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My most memorable shot was taken while walking (stalking) through the woods with my (then) 6 year old son. He carried his little bow with suction cup arrows and I my recurve.

A squirrel jumped up on the side of an oak tree about 20 yards away and my son said "shoot him dad!". I pulled up, figuring to ruin or lose the arrow and took him off the side of the tree. He went to school the next day and told his friends what a great shot I was. PURE LUCK!

Also remember a nice little 6 point buck I stalked from 150 yards to within 20 on a windy, rainy morning. I had lost sight of him as I crawled the last 40 yards or so. He had been feeding on acorns on a flat that had been recently timbered. When I raised up to find him, he raised his head and I caught the movement. He was about 20 yards away, just on the other side of a pile of tree tops.

The shot was perfect... he ran up the hill away from me, then turned to his right and stumbled back down the hill and died within about 20 yards of me.

My final one was about 55 yards on a whitetail buck. Long story, but he was standing in a position that it was pretty much kill or miss (between two tree trunks with branches over top).

Enjoying this thread.

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Well, not exactly what you may have wanted but my "best" shot was "the shot that turned me trad".

Originally posted by onewhohasfun:
AS a side note, This is the reason I switched to a stick bow. 3 yrs. earlier I missed a giant buck straight below me. AT 1 YARD. Same group of pines.

That was the last time I ever shot a compound. Never shot one again.

I shot a Bear bow as a kid, for fun. Stolen by our neighbor. I shot powder burners for a number of years.

Shortly before my Dad died, he bought a compound bow so that he could hunt in warmer weather with another group of guys (Dad never killed deer but hunted every year).

After Dad died, I inherited the bow. Several years later I decided to hunt with it. One season. I was hunting from the ground and had an encounter with the largest 8-point whitetail deer I've ever seen. Lot's of "holy crap, you shouldn't do that with a whitetail nearby" kinds of things (whistling at the buck, standing and turning around, etc.). That big boy came walking right past me (I was on the ground) and I shot right over his back at about 6 yards. I decided right then and there that the sights on that bow were of no value and neither were the wheels.


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cahaba: A Choctaw word that means
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A couple of years ago during the second week of rabbit season I decided to try my luck at one of the many rabbits I had seen on our property.
About 45 min. into the hunt I spotted a rabbit out in the open on a little rise in the landscape. I knew the shot was at or beyond my maximum distance of my effective shooting range but everything felt right.
I raise my longbow up stared at the rabbits head and get off a good release. I watched the arrow as it arched toward the target and seen it hit right below the rabbits head in the neck area. The rabbit makes a couple of jumps and took it's last breath.
I walked off the distance of the shot and it was 36 long paces from where I shot to where the rabbit lay. I skinned him out and drop him in a gallon freezer bag.
The rest of the day was uneventful. I got home and asked my wife where the flour was. I basted the rabbit with heated liquefied butter and rolled him in flour. I fried him in a deep cast iron skillet with some scallions and a little wine. My wife loved the taste of the rabbit and said "go kill us some more". She loves the taste of rabbit better than chicken and I do too! Rabbit season starts Oct. 1st. this year and I for one can't wait!

cahaba: A Choctaw word that means
"River from above"

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Hello There

My Humble participation :

I was hunting black bear in Quebec fews years ago .
My freind had set a tree machan between three differents trees .
I heart and saw that bear passing under my platform going toward the bait that was 12 yards away , i wait for a good position for the shot and release an arrow that seems to be really good , the bear run full speed to where he was comming but as i was watching him he never make it on the other side of the platform , instead he decided to climb on one of the trees where my platform was fixed !!!
I was just getting out from a bad accident on a motocycle and i just spent 3 years on cast and crutches , i did not want to jump from that hight no way ; that bear stops when he saw me , he was so close that i could reach it with my hand , but he is just there looking at me , i start very slowly to get an arrow from my quiver , i managed to get that arrow on the string very slowly , to get to full draw and released this arrow which went right throught behind the shoulder , after fews seconds his head mooved from one side to the other then he let go and crash on the ground.
This poor bear was so surprised to see me there that he never mooved during all the process .
I could not imagine, one day, to shoot at a bear so close .

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I just made an unbelievable shot, we were frog hunting Saturday night,(my girlfriend with a gig and me with my bow.) we had been around the pond a few times and the frogs were wising up and jumping in before we could get close.
on a clear bank was a monster bull with eyes shining the size of dimes, we were on our way out and I thought I might as well try a long shot of about 10 yds. the frog was sitting facing the bank and i drew and released the arrow with a hammerhead on the end and nailed him right through the head and anchored him dead on impact into the mud.(my girlfriend said : (your pretty amazing with that bow)...I just grinned an said.
yaa..that was a good shot, as I held up my trophy bullfrog .


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I have two shots up for consideration for my most unbelievable shot. I shot my turkey last April at 31 yards in the neck sitting behind my umbrella ground blind. It was one of those shots that engulfs the spot your looking at. I didn't want to wound him at that range, so I looked at a small crease at the base of his neck and let my arrow fly. Needless to say, he dropped and flapped once. My next shot was a doe I missed at 14 yards. I was standing behind a pinion and "double clutched" my release, sending my arrow several feet high. THAT was pretty unbelievable as well.

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It seems like you know it's gonna be a great shot just before it happens!
The first time I felt it was at about 9-10 years old. I was out shooting whatever I could when I noticed a pigeon land on the barn roof. From where I stood, without creeping closer, I drew back my fiberglass bear 20lb bow and sent a mismatched arrow at that pigeon. Distance must have been close to 40-50 yards. I was hoping it was going to find it's mark because a miss meant a leaking roof! I hit that pigeon perfectly and killed him cleanly.
My best on a deer was a little buck that came to rattling horns. He smelled me and was getting ready to leave. He was pretty far out and down hill at an awkward angle for me. I had just a sliver of an opening in the brush for just a second. The little Morrison longbow somehow came to full draw and my arrow was gone. Like an arching guided missile it dropepd right into the little tennis ball sized opening passing through the deer's heart with almost no friction. The Magnus 2 blade was deep in the dirt on the other side. He ran off and crashed in a few seconds. The blood trail was heavy. I paced it off later at 48 yards. I doubt I could get within a foot of that in 10 shots most days. But that day I had no doubt.

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Matthew Bolton
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Last night a couple of buddies and I went frogging at another friends house. I was the only armed person so I got to take all of the shots. On our last pass around the pond, we spotted a good sized bull frog sitting in between the bank and the water. I looked at my buddy who was holding the light and told him I was going to try and take the long 15+ yard shot. When I got the arrow nocked the frog took off up into the grass on the bank so I decided to shoot at the last place I saw him for kicks and giggles.
As soon as I let go I heard the arrow whack him. I'm glad my buddies were there because nobody would believe that I shot a frog that I couldn't see, in the head, at over 15 yards. One of them kept calling it a legendary shot!

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OK, I'll play. It was about 20 years ago and I was living in WV and I had just started using trad bows. The week before I had shot right over a nice 10 pointer at 11 yards! Made me sick. Talk about not picking a spot. The next week I was hunting public land using a borrowed 50# Hummingbird longbow and I was standing downwind of a well used deer trail. I looked to my left and saw a coyote coming around a bowl and headed in my direction. I got the bow up in case he came close and remember saying to myself "I'll never get drawn without him seeing me". He came through a blow down and was heading right for me with no cover between us. At 12 yards he made a 90 degree turn and was moving from my right to left. I drew, anchored and picked a spot right behind his shoulder and let loose. I'm sure I was trying to watch the arrow fly and get my bow hand out of the way to do so, because my arrow missed it's mark by about 8 inches to the left of where I was wanting it to go. But it hit him right at where his neck met the front of his shoulder. He let out a yipe and a growl in the same breath and fell over a log as he was trying to get at the arrow. I could hear him rolling around for a while but couldn't see him. Then all was quiet. I nocked another arrow and eased up to the log and he was dead on the other side. Never ran off. I had to carry that flee ridden dog over a mile to get to my car. That was my first trad kill. Made a beautiful hide. Terrible shooting but I'll never forget it.
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This one has everything to do with luck, and nothing to do with skill or competance...
Two years ago was my first full season hunting with trad gear. I had had a bountiful season killing a few sika does, a turkey and a big pig. I had a full freezer but couldn't get enough of recurve hunting and found myself in a tree again in doe season in Jamuary. About 15 minutes before dark, a doe came out at about 30 yards. She was extremely skiddish, and I knew she wasn't going to come any closer so I raised my bow, tried to pick a spot, then cut loose. The doe jumped the string, wheeled towards me and dropped in her tracks the instant my arrow got there. It was getting close to dark when I took the shot, and I thought I had hit her in the white throat patch. She barely kicked when she went down, but I nocked another one and put it in the boiler room just in case (my second arrow actually missed, third went into the goodies - full disclosure). When I got out of the tree and went over to take a look, I saw my first arrow had hit her directly in the nose/mouth, gone through her mouth, and buried deep in the spinal cord. She was dead before she hit the ground. I was using a 2 blade broadhead, and it hit in the vertical position leaving a 1/2" cut on the nose dead center. I'm really not proud of this kill at all, and had a pretty bad feeling afterwards. But, as fast as a small TX hill country doe moves in Late January, this shot had to be as lucky as it would have been for me to Howard Hill a quarter in the air at 30 yards...

Figured I'd add one to the pot in hopes of encouraging more posts since I've read evry post on this thread...

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#3 My second shot ever with a trad bow. Back when I shot wheel bows (15 years ago) I was at Clyde's Archery in Corpus Christi when I saw an older fellow shooting a recurve with wood arrows. I stopped to watch and was amazed and how he could shoot so well with such a primitive looking piece of equipment. He looked over and asked me if I would like to try it. "SURE!!" He pulled up a shooting butt to about 10 yards and gave me some instruction. Which fingers to use, how to look at where you are aiming, etc. I shot my first arrow and hit pretty much the center of the bale. He said "now, shoot at the first arrow and only look and concentrate on it"....Yep. I robin hooded the first arrow. Needless to say, I was hooked.

#2 Was mule deer hunting in Colorado and had not had much luck. I had to leave early the next day so I decided to stay in camp that evening and fish for rainbows in the lake near us. I was with my hunting buddy and we had caught quite a few fish when we saw a mule deer doe drinking from the lake. We were in a canoe and it was not the best platform to shoot from- we just kind of slowly paddled closer and closer. Anyway, I don't know how far the shot was but probably farther than I should have taken. I concentrated on a dark spot behind her shoulder and released. The arrow arched in and missed the tiny spot by about an inch. She went 20 yards and piled up.

#1 I was hog hunting in South Texas up in a tri-pod and it was very close to dark. I could only see about 15 yards. I pig came walking down the sendero and in that few minutes since I first saw him it was now truly dark. I could only see his outline. I had cut only one shooting lane through the brush and he would not make it to that hole before I would not be able to see him at all. He was about 10 yards and the only way I could shoot through the only small opening I now had available was to turn my bow horizontally and pick a spot at the shadow that was the pig. Upon release he made a squeal and when we found him (about 50 yards later) the arrow was directly behind his front shoulder. Better lucky than good I guess...
There's more but I think I've used up my time!

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TTT. Let's keep this going! [coffee] [campfire]

"I would rather be amongst forest animals and the sounds of nature, then amongst city traffic and the noise of man" - A.D. Williams

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This would be my first post. I shot a doe last year that not only jumped the shot but turned into the arrow and took it directly in the neck. She tumbled backwards and did not move. I shoot a 60# Martin Hunter.

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