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Author Topic: Trad Gang at Wild Things 2014
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I was once accused of writing a four page story about walking down a road. I checked that old thread and it was actually 7. I've got a bit to say here for folks with a little patience to enjoy it.

In this thread I will put in all my field notes and some select pictures from my trip to Wild Things last week. A few other TG regulars were in camp too, I bet they have their parts of the story to add as well.

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>>>---TGMM, Family of the Bow--->

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tuned in.. [campfire] [coffee]

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.It is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor than to divide the spoil with the proud. ~ Proverbs 16:18-19

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Walking down a road is not a simple thing to convey in one post especially when that road runs through hog heaven.
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Day 0
It's no secret that I help out Andrew Harper with some of his technology needs. The website sits on my server, and I do a bit of work with his trail cameras, etc. A lot had been happening around the property since I was last there in September so I setup a "zero day" to do a bunch of chores around camp.

I woke up and enjoyed a pot of coffee while sorting through six thousand trail camera pictures. There are lots of great shots, maybe I'll add a "best of" at the end of this thread if there is interest. I reset all the settings on the cameras, refreshed batteries and memory cards and loaded them up for deployment.

My first stop was Wild Fire where I had left my ground blind for Bud and Todd a few months ago. Bud had a shot from here, and Todd killed a nice pig just down the lane a bit. Oh yeah, their story is out HERE in case anyone missed it. The spot looked great, but the blind was in 6" of water from the storms the week before. I pulled the blind down and figured I'd find someplace to dry it out later.

There was a spot up by the highway I wanted to put one camera so I headed up to the pines about noon. I was walking down the trail looking for a good tree when I heard a little commotion off to my right. Mind you I'm wearing a red t shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. I don't even have my bow as the hunt hasn't started yet! Since I wasn't encumbered by having a deadly weapon, I shot a little shaky video with my cell phone. If this technology all works right, you should be able to see it in this video: YOUTUBE.

Yeah that little dude was only about 10 yards, I know it looks much farther. Also another one was between us, you can see some of that grass shaking. Anyhow, at this point I was pretty much walking on clouds. I'd been within range of 4 hogs within an hour of stepping out of camp, and at high noon at that!

I went back for the blind and I headed out to Dave's Field. Man, I've been tracking a BIG hog out here for some time. He'd only come out just after dark regardless of moon phase. When I got there I saw a great spot to dry out the blind so I set that up. I also put up a camera on the feeder, then I spread a little hog candy around some mud as he seemed to like it so well last time. Some big tracks were in there, I just might have a chance. Here is one of the pictures where his back legs are in one set of tire tracks and his nose is in the front.

After that I headed back to camp as the rest of my to-do's were there. Now take a look at this picture

Just a nice little feeder picture right? Now look at it after I moved the camera to the other side of the feeder!

Yep! Charlie and I had a funny thought last summer; he had a damaged feeder and I had a camera with a short in it. He fixed up the feeder and put it right across the pond in camp, and I hung the camera on the only tree that would work for it. Well, on my "zero day" I got out a post hole digger and I setup the camera facing the direction I had originally wanted it facing. More on this later in the week

This pretty much concluded the notes from the day, and I tell you a day of chores on the property is better than just about any day off in recent memory! I sat back and spent the evening catching up with Andrew while he prepared for the arrival of the rest of the hunters.

I gotta get back to the office for a bit, but I'll post Day 1 as soon as I can.

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Rick Butler
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Ok, I'm ready to go back NOW!

"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. To front only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what it had to teach and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived"- Thoreau
"TGMM Family of the Bow"

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I'm always in for the seven page version of a four page story about anything involving a hunt with a bow...


TGMM Family of the Bow
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Day 1
I slept in until 6am on Monday, and started the day with a nice hot shower in the bunkhouse. My last several hunts have started in the dark and cold, this was a very nice change! I enjoyed quite a bit of coffee while chatting with Andrew, and then we shared a breakfast of bacon and sausage with eggs.

It was just before 9am when I had all my gear on and was heading down Craig's Trail, 43 degrees and clear. I was heading straight back to the island of tall grass in the pines where I’d shot video the day before! I don’t quite get back there when I see a black hog off the side of the trail to my right. I love it when a plan starts coming together!

I’m in nice squishy ground so I slowly spin and raise my bow hand. In that hand is my 85# Northern Mist Whisper. Knowing there are a few really big hogs on the property I didn’t want to be outgunned! Since it’s on the heavy side I know I can’t dilly dally too long at anchor, I need my shot to be in my window. Well this nice little hog is heading straight for a nice window, it would be about a 12 yard shot without me having to do anything but wait. As her vitals enter the window I can now make out the line of her belly and she’s nursing. I ease the tension off the string and watch, sure enough there were three tiny little piglets. Dang.

I check the wind again and it’s still perfect. I haven’t even pointed my toes back down the trail yet and I hear another one getting on it’s feet about 10 more yards up the way. I’ve got a big tree in the way so I start working around it. Sure enough it’s another sow and her piglet is pretty small, probably weaned, but I’m not 100% so I let this one go on about it’s way. The two of them cross my trail and cause a nice little boar to jump up just in front of them. I couldn’t line up a shot and he moved out through some briars that the wind would not let me pursue. Wow! 20 minutes into the day and I’d seen 7 pigs and passed shots on two of them. As they all moved off I waited a few minutes to make sure I wasn’t missing any that were still bedded, then I moved up to collect a camera I’d left here the previous afternoon. As I approached the camera I saw another bit of plume grass start shaking, it just might have been the same pig I got on video the night before! I danced around in front of the camera trying to work a window. The bow came up, then went back down. The tension built on the string, and then was brought to rest again. I came to full anchor anticipating a step the he didn’t make and had to let it down again. All total I drew on this bugger 4 times before he finally was cooperative enough to let me loose at 15 yards. Now something here happened I just don’t understand. I shot and nothing happened. No “whack”, no squeal, no mayhem, no nothing. The pig looked towards me for a moment, and trotted off. I was befuddled.

To really frustrate me later, I was so happy I had that encounter over a camera set to go off once per minute, I pulled the memory card to find I was just out of it’s motion detection range. No pictures of this little peekaboo game! This is where I should have had a really cool picture of me bending that longbow facing straight into some tall grass.

I went over to look for my arrow, but the joys of shooting into phragmites, I lost it. I scraped up a bit of grass but couldn’t find it. I didn’t want to tear the place up to bad, so I slipped out before I mucked up the scent too much. I had an illuminated nock on that arrow so I figured if I came back right at dark and stood where I took my shot I’d have a chance of seeing it. I look at my watch, 9:21.

I picked up the camera and went to the blind in the pines, I sat there for 3 hours and nothing happened. I’d heard this was a good spot in the last minutes of light, maybe that rumor is true. Back at camp I met up with Andrew and Charlie and told them the story above. We enjoyed some lunch and I picked Charlie’s brain a while. Afterwards Andrew and I took a tour of the property to look at feeders and rooting activity. I tell you, this week would be all about learning to read rooting activity.

It was almost 4:30 when we got back from our recon mission, I quickly repacked my gear and headed back for my arrow. I got back to grass island and see another nice meat hog standing broadside in the trail at 20 yards. I go sideways stepping into the pines for a bit, when I get to about 15 yards with a big window I prepare to shoot. Given the events causing me to pass in the morning I keep my eyes peeled. Sure enough, three piglets followed her, probably about 20 pounds. These were clearly bigger than the first 3 piglets this morning, but still not big enough that I could shoot this sow. With 4 hogs between me and my arrow, I decide to use this as stalking practice and I work around them staying downwind.

As I get around the island to where I should start looking for my arrow, there is a leg sticking out of the brush! It’s not a hog… What is that ?!?!? Coyote? Kinda looks like a coyote…. Nope it’s just a funny shadow with a whitetail deer in it at 30 yards with a good wind. I think to myself “hey, I’ve got a tag for one of them!” As I get to almost 20 yards and its head comes up. It is a tall tined, perfectly symmetrical 6 point! As soon as it's head goes down to eat I take one more step with a cruch and he takes off. Close, but this wasn't to be my first spot-and-stalk buck. I guess I’m still in the hunt for that one.

With the deer gone I head back to my shot location from the morning and I find my nock glowing inside some grass. It turns out I went cleanly just over it’s back, I have to guess some minor deflection between me and the pig. There was still enough light left in the day, so I snuck past those hogs again on the way out. I headed back to the blind in the pines, and I crept in there to see that there was nothing on the feeder. With my binos I could see the corn feeder had gone off and the P&Y squirrels hadn’t finished it yet.

Since getting in the blind would mean crossing an open field, and because I believed this food already had eyes on it, I stuck inside the plume grass and watched the darkness descend on the field. About five minutes later I heard a squeal of a pig very close. It was too dark to go chasing into the thicket at that point, but I did hear a few more squeals and a few grunts on the way out. I walked out by moonlight and scared up a hawk on the way. There was also an owl calling close and loud. What a beautiful night in the woods.

I got back to camp and Andrew had cooked enough pork tenderloin for four hungry men. About then we got the message that the other two guys had gotten stuck in traffic and wouldn’t be in til midnight. With that, Andrew and I ate way too much dinner while I recalled the evening events.

While I was walking out of the pines, here was the scene at my blind over on Dave’s Field:

You can bet there will be more to that story later!

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Terry Green
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I'll be chiming in late...hope not too I have a Christmas Parade tonight, St Championship at the Dome tomorrow, and Santa pics Saturday.

It was a great trip in many ways, with even greater guys.


"An anchor point is not a destination, it's an evolution to execution" - Me

"It's important, when going after a goal, to never lose sight of the integrity of the journey" - Andy Garcia

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Jake Scott
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I wanted to go in this hunt very much. Can't wait to hear the tales.



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Mike Vines
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This is a story to sit back and enjoy. Take your time Thom, we are all looking forward to it.

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I feel a new TG documentary coming on [bigsmyl]
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[campfire] [coffee]
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"The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind..."-Fred Bear

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