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Author Topic: Low Hanging Treestands?
Bill Turner
Member # 2264

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I do most of my hunting on the ground, but if I do need to venture up I use an aluminum tripod that puts my rear at about 7 ft off the ground. This is great in heavy cover when trees are limited in height and number. Play the wind and make sure you have good cover behind you and you should be just fine.
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I've never really hunted out of high tree stands. Mostly from 8-15ft. Now that I've switched to trad I try to stay 12 or under for better shot angles. I just look for the right tree, where I can stuff it in thick cover. I wouldn't hunt at any height if I didn't have cover around me.
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PA stickbow boy
Trad Bowhunter
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I have had lots of luck out of a 7' stand.

Keep the sun at your back and the wind in your face.

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2017 Contributor
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When I went on a guided hunt in Kansas I was amazed that none of the deer that walked by me looked up.

On long Island they all look up, even the dumb spikes.

I've hunted out of some low stands but they had a lot of cover and more importantly I couldn't shoot the deer and the deer couldn't see me until they had passed my stand and stepped into a shooting lane giving me a quartering away shot. that is the only kind of low set up that work by me since the deer are so pressured.

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I have found my sweet spot to be right around 12' Good visibility, great shot angle and still good back cover from foliage.
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repeating the wisdom of others.

I am low in one of mine this year here are the reasons I like it.

1. It is in a new location the deer have never seen a stand and do not tend to look up.

2. It is in a large poplar tree surrounded by small fir and lodgepole so I have good cover to break up my silhouette.

3. It is tight to the trail I am hunting so I do not want to be too high and shoot at too steep of an angle.

Hunted it for a couple of hours for the first time this weekend and had one doe walk by oblivious to the fact I was even in the country. Optimistic that the buck I have targeted will do the same one night for me.

hang low if you have cover, and scent control. If I had a tree further from the trail I would like to be higher for scent travel, but too high would silhouette me above the cover.


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Years ago, I made ladder stands out of 7'6" 2x4 building studs. There were dozens of them laying around the building lots, after the houses were framed. (apparently carpenters don't like "bent" wood?) I'd climb up, set my butt on the platform, and shoot deer. Never gave much thought to cover, or even how high I was. Basically, I could see as good (maybe a little better?) as if I was standing, but I was sitting and more comfortable!!! About 10 years ago, I bought a 15' ladder stand. 1st time I climbed up in it, I just couldn't get comfortable... (Ok, I was shaking like a dog passing a peach pitt) I only hunted out of it a few times after that. My big problem these days, is that my back starts to nag me, after about an hour of sitting. On the ground, I can get up and stretch and move around if I have to. It helps to keep me in one "spot" longer. If you're in a good spot, I don't think it matters if you're on the ground, or in a tree, or how high you are.
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Trad Bowhunter
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I usually only use 3 of the 4 section in my ladder stands so my foot platform is usually about 10 and that seem to get me out of line of sight. Also have several tripods where the seat is only 8 or 9 feet. But they set nicely back into small oaks and persimmon bushes.
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Trad Bowhunter
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I'm not the "squirrel" that I used to be, nor willing to take the "straight down" chip shots that were possible when I used wheelie bows and sights. I'm lucky to hunt the Blue Ridge mountains of N.C., where you have mountain laurel cover that you can "nest" a stand in and disappear as long as you're still. If I'm hunting at 10-15 ft. I do have to be more conscious of prevailing winds which is an oxymoron, as in the mountains they swirl and eddy and never "prevail" from the same direction for more than about 5 mins., lol. Placement is everything and on a side-hill you could be 15 ft. off the ground and exactly at eyeball level with a deer 10 yds away!

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Cover to break up yourself is more important than height....there is NO MINIMUM if you can do it on the ground. Higher stands also increase the shot angle and gives the hunter a decreased visible kill zone on most animals.

Most of my hanging or ladder stands are in the 8-12 foot range but I make sure the trunk is wide or there is good season long cover like hollies, tupelo, magnolia, wax myrtle or live oaks to break up my outline.

Find a comfortable height and then just make sure it is broken up enough to keep you hidden...

You can use natural vegetation but it dies or leaves/needles fall off. Instead you can buy the fake vegetation from craft stores that represent deciduous and evergreens and attach them to your stands and the tree trunk. Tie them on with zip ties on foot platform, seat rails, and even in the belt/chain of the hanging device. Or if you want specific bowhunting instead of DIY...go here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq94JJPgUh8

Keep em sharp,

Ron Herman
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It depends on everything.

If ground cover makes an elevated platform more efficient, and low lying cover allows, a 5-10 foot stand is for sure doable. I did it in my favorite marsh for years.

If you are hunting a stand of poplars or fast growing oaks with little understory you may need to be twenty or more feet up to fit in.

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Trad Bowhunter
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Less then 10 ft...just hunt the ground. Too much chance of getting busted under average conditions.
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The cover, wind and terrain dictate everything. I have put stands 2 or 3 feet off the ground in the past. I don't like being over 15 feet if I don't have to.. Sometimes some situations sitting on the ground will be better. Keep your options open and be creative.


You'll live longer!

Charlie Janssen

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I hunt a lot of lower stand locations. Terrain and canopy dictate how high. Sometimes the higher you go in pines or hemlocks your visibility decreases. I never hunt very high. I just don't like the angle of penetration. I never hunt a stand two days in a row unless conditions are optimal.

"Windage and elevation Mrs. Langdon, windage and elevation..."

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Trad Bowhunter
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I killed my 3 biggest bucks out of a 10' ladder stand with a white metal deck chair on top. I didn't have any cover near the tree. It was in a natural funnel that had a few trails close by. Starting around Halloween each year the bucks started cruising these trails looking for does.

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