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Author Topic: How to maintain control at "crunch time"
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I talk to myself. Like saying "find the gap" or "relax you don't get many sight pictures on live animals enjoy it". Sometimes it is just "anchor, find the gap and break ". I perform much poorly when I don't talk to myself.
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Bore a hole and don't over think it.


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I struggle with this as well.
My problem mainly is lack of opportunities. I’m lucky to get 1 shot opportunity during archery season a year. So it’s really tough. Even doe is like a big deal cause I just don’t get the opportunities.
And I rarely have a dear lingering around much. I’m on public land and they don’t stay in one spot long. It like always now or never on every shot. It makes it hard. I’d love to be able to have more shots at even doe each year. Allot of it I always though is experience but from some of you guys posts apparently not. You guys get opportunities stuff have some trouble.
It just one of those deals for me. When it does happen it’s like a shock that I’m actually about to get a shot at a deer. Lol
I need to hunt more small game too I think that helps allot.

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This has been a very helpful thread. For the past couple of years I have been fighting "target panic". Some of it may have come from getting older (in my mid 60's now), maybe shooting more pounds than I should, bad form, etc.,etc, etc.... Anyhow, it has been a challenge! The target panic has not only caused me problems at 3D shoots it has also carried itself over to shots on deer. Sometimes I can hit the hair I'm looking at. Other times I don't stay with the shot and shoot over their back.
Today I had 3 big does come in. They milled around and milled around and checked out everything 3 or 4 times. I found myself getting pretty worked up. I used the "combat breathing" method (stated in an earlier post) and it really did work to settle me down. When I finally got a shot on the lead doe, I was focused, under control, hit anchor and executed a good shot. I can still see the feathers flying towards the white hairs over her heart. (I normally aim there to allow for the deer ducking at the sound of the bow). Well, wouldn't you know it; the wind was blowing real good today and she didn't drop at the shot! My arrow just grazed her. All I got was a blood smear on one feather! Anyhow, I'm still well pleased. I was able to fight through and make a controlled, solid shot. Thanks y'all for the great info!

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Originally posted by KentuckyTJ:
Shooting lots of does helps

This helped me more than anything. For whatever reason, antlers cause excitement. It must be in human DNA. [Cool]

Stay sharp, Kenny.


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For me the key is to practice A LOT like I hunt !! That and getting a few under your belt helps to build confidence... took me quite a while! Now I get the shakes after the shot.

An elitist mentality creates discord, even among the elite!
"I went jackalope hunting but all I saw was does!"
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See the arrow in flight, shoot the arrow.

Target panic is a conditioned response learned through improper practice. The tempo in shooting should be smooth. When rhythm is broken, jerky or stopped, the mind wonders and so will the eye.

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I like many have struggled and wrestled in my head with how to handle the moment of the shot and what prevents me from proper execution. These are the salient points I have come up with over 38 years behind the string.

1. First and foremost remember, the shot is either gonna happen or its not, when that window opens rushing the shot because you think you don't have any time before they are gone will never help you make a good shot. Best to regret that you have to let down because you didnt have enough time than to miss when you actually had 3-5 more seconds to do it right.

2. Don't be overly concerned about the deer seeing you draw and getting picked off. Its gonna happen sometimes, part of the game, but you cant let that get in your head. If they do look up and see you, continue your sequence instead of stopping mid draw or letting down. You can often get a shot off while they are still trying to figure out what you are.

3. Focus on your spot early, and follow it. When the spot is in range, take your shot, as above if you are overly concerned with what the deer is thinking you will either psyche yourself out of taking the shot or rush it.

I've missed more than I care to remember, but if I don't Hyperintend, and just stay in the moment, the shot does come together.

Lastly, don't give up. Others miss too, not just you. They learned to hit because they kept swinging.

Wayne LaBauve

"Learn to wish that everything should come to pass exactly as it does."

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Just my own personal mindset:

1. Treat the quarry no different than I do a target
2. Picking and focusing on the smallest spot well before the draw.
3. Focus on shot execution and only the smallest spot on the quarry.
4. Let deer walk continuously throughout season and play the complete shot execution thru my head
5. Draw down on the live target(typically a couple of hundred times during season)
6. If I were to think of a possible bad mark, the bow is set down immediately. My mind set is geared to estimate how far is the quarry going to travel if I hit him there.
7. Think of the shot execution as being no more difficult than eating a boloney sandwich
8. Execute the shot and you won’t have to remember to celebrate

Note: Following this mindset has proven personally successful yet doesn’t render me totally immune. Have taken continuous passes on the last 109 solid shot opportunities at bucks the last 2 ½ seasons. When that coveted opportunity presents itself, I too, may falter.

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That is what got me for the pass few years hunting on Long Island. The deer are so pressured I was always getting spotted. I did two things, went a little higher with my stand and put it up within the branches for cover. Now i have confidence that I will get a shot and I'm a lot better. Funny thing was that with hogs i never hada problem since i knew they were not going to pick me up on my Florida hog hunt.

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