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Author Topic: 2008 workout thread!!
Mike Bolin
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I emailed Terry about this and he said to give it a shot.
From perusing the threads here on the 'gang I have noticed alot of questions dealing with working out to improve our shooting and us flatlanders are always encouraged to get in shape by the "mountainmen" before we do that Elk hunt out west. I was thinking that it might be beneficial to start a workout thread where we could encourage each other and share tips to help each other along. Some of "us" are starting to get up in age and the pounds are starting to add up. At age 52, I am 6'2" and 255#. In March I weighed in at 296#. All I did was to get out from behind a desk and pick up my tools again and cut and split (with a 16# maul) a cord of oak a week after work for about 8 weeks. Well, I am behind a desk again and have picked up 10# since Thanksgiving. This extra weight sure doesn't help my shooting and I could feel every pound of the 112# doe I drug out.
What do say that we 'gangers do this together and make hunting and shooting alot easier and maybe we'll be able to do it alot longer too. Jump on here if you are interested in participating......nothing too formal. Just let each other know what you are doing to get in shape for that Elk, Moose, Deer or whatever kind of hunt you have planned. Maybe you'll be able to add a few pounds to your draw weight or just handle your current draw weight a little easier! I'll post again tomorrow evening with what I am planning and you all do the same! Mike

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Richie Nell
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I like to go to the gym a few days a week and work on the ArcTrainer for 20-30 minutes. It is like climbing hills without the knee joint stress. It really worked well in preparing me for my elk hunt last year at 10,000 feet. I had no problem at all. Also I like to work shoulders a good bit with weight machines. Weight training is also good to keep the heart rate burning calories.

Age 40 6' 218 lbs.

Richie Nell

Black Widow
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Mon,Wed,Fri- 40 minutes on Elliptical, 30 Minutes on bicycle trainer. I ride my bike once the weather is fit.

Tues,Thursday- 3 hours of Judo 1 hour working the heavy bag
Every Other Sunday- 2 hours of Grappling

I shoot at least 20 arrows a day this time of year and will increase as the weather gets better.

Age- 21 6' 180 lbs

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My workout is dual-purposed now. First as a Search and Rescue Volunteer, I need to be able to handle long-range excursions into the wilderness, as well as perform technical operations.

I'm new to bow hunting, but looking into the future (the fall), I've taken my endurance and strength routine and added some bow-specific exercises.

M,W,F - Walk 1 mile, Run 3.2 miles, Walk 1 mile as a cooldown. On the running, I utilize an "interval" training method, running one lap at a full bore sprint, then slowing to a slow jog for the next. On the mile walk home, I sprint about one fifth of it towards the end, just to spike my heart rate back up.

Once home, I do a routine of Pull ups (for the back and shoulders), Air Squats (no weight, good in high reps.), Push ups, Sit Ups, Dips (Again, shoulders from a different angle, and tricepts), Leg Levers, Arm Curls, Hanging inverted rows (For the back and that bow pulling motion), and lunges.

T, Th - One episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Gallactica, or Robin Hood's worth of time on the ski-machine.

It is a pretty intense workout, but the idea is that it works all of the muscles that I'll need for both SAR and bow-hunting. I've found that my draw-length has increased since adding the inverted rows to my workout, and I'm able to more smoothly draw the bow. A happy side-effect is that I can practice for much longer before my arms start to shake.

The other bonus is that by doing enough of this particular routine, I'll be extra stringy and chewy.. not good eating unless the bears decide to slow-roast me.

Age - 31 6' 205 lbs.

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I try to walk 30 minutes on the treadmill 4 - 5X per week; gym each morning: Mon - arms, Tue - chest, Wed - legs, Thu - shoulders, Fri - back. At 57 years old, I am the strongest I have ever been.

And God was with the lad; and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer. GEN-21:20

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Age 50 6'2" 250lbs. Need to drop at least 45lbs.
Dec 1st started on the Elliptical and Bowflex. Started off slow and was just gettng going and two weeks ago i fell and seperated some ribs on the left side. They are feeling good now so will start back up on Tuesday on the Elliptical, may have to give it more time before i get back on the Bowflex. I do a lot of hog hunting, one comming up in March in the hills of Hollister, Ca. I know I wont be where i want to be by then but hope to be in a lot better shape than i am now.

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Don't hold it against me, but I've always placed staying fit near the top of my list of priorities (My Grandfather died of a stroke at 60; My father had a massive heart attack at 52- both were 3-4 pack a day smokers and thirty pounds overweight. Understand my motivation?)

Unless you make your living as a professional wrestler, there is virtually nothing that you do on a daily basis that you can't do better and more enjoyably at a lighter weight. Wulomac NAILED IT above. If you can simply commit to thirty minutes of WALKING five days a week, and try to eat reasonably healthy 4 1/2 days a week (allowing yourself Friday nights and weekends to indulge!) over the course of a year, virtually anyone - regardless of age- can dramtically improve their level of fitness and their quality of life.

If you can't commit to thirty minutes a day, can you at least set aside TWO PERECNT of your day to go for a walk? Two percent doesn't sound inhuman or unreasonable does it?

For your first exercise, grab a calculator and divide 30 minutes by the 1440 minutes which comprise a day.

"You must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might." - Henry David Thoreau (Before the advent of compound bows with 85% letoff)

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Curtiss Cardinal
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I'll be 47 next Monday. I'm 6'1". I was on my way to being where I wanted to be. I screwed up. From 340 I was down to 255 last August. I lost my job and it has taken me until now to find employment again. I spent most of my time looking for work. Got depressed after a couple months of no positive response. Stopped working out and between Thanksgiving, Christmas and junkfood I'm back up to 300. I just shot the first 3D of the year it was cold and wet and a lot of walking. Only got a little out of breath once; but that wouldn't have happened at all back in August. I hope I can get down to 225 by year's end. I am going back to the exercise bike and the weights this week. Reverse Flys and rowing work a lot of the muscles you use in drawing a bow. Cardio health means making it a little farther into the timber than the other guys and having a better chance at a better animal.

[ January 08, 2008, 02:21 AM: Message edited by: C2 ]

It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare. ~Mark Twain
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Dirty Bill
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Well the hardest thing for me to do right now is walk in the woods.We have lots of hills and valleys. So that's what I have to do just walk in the woods a couple times a week. It's time to scout for next deer season anyway. [campfire]
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Trad Bowhunter
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I am ex-Navy SPECWAR and have found that fitness is an absolute requirement for being set in the woods. We all want to make a kill--so we have to be able to drag the kill out. What happens if your hunting buddy gets hurt? We have to be able to respond to the emergency. What happens if YOU get hurt? Fitness will make you more apt to survive the experience---especially under harsh conditions.

We should all, as hunters realize that fitness is a key to our being better outdoorsmen. A fit body houses a fit mind.

PM me if interested in a fitness routine.

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Trad Bowhunter
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Well, my 2008 fitness regime is fairly simple & is the basis of many years of scientific research, exhaustive testing & countless hours of lab work........

Eat less, move more.

Rob. 33, 6' 224lb (hoping to be 200 by July!)

"I came into this world, kicking, screaming & covered in someone else's blood. I have no problem going out the same way"

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...well what about going into the woods cut some bowwood and carry it out 2 or 3 times a week ?... that would give you quite a workout and lots of material to make bows [bigsmyl] [bigsmyl]

I've started running(never being a big fan of it) because I realise that cardio is really important, I surf a lot, so my upper body gets constant workout.

....for any of you out there, think about swimming, it's better than you think !!

- 41 years young,5'5" 145/150 # -

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6'2" 225lb. Wanting to get back to 200. I am starting with walking 5 days a week, then will be working up from there. This could be a good thread. Let's keep each other motivated and we'll all be better for it.

"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another." Ernest Hemingway

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Trad Bowhunter
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Swimming is the best workout of them all. It works every muscle in the body AND works cardio. Northshore has it figured out! Work strong is better than workout strong. I say that because when working---you use the muscle groups that you will use in the hills.

Stay strong and HooYah!

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Trad Bowhunter
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Ok--day 1

Here we go. Morning SPECWAR routine.(ALWAYS work out in the morning---or YOUR morning, I realize some guys work nights.)

do 25 or as many pushups as you can do.
do 25 8-count bodybuilders
do 25 crunches
do as many pushups as you can
do 25 more 8-count bodybuilders
do 25 more crunches
do as many pushups as you can
do 25 more bodybuilders
do as many crunches as you can
stretch out all your muscles
go to work

Posts: 1108 | From: Oakley, Idaho | Registered: Feb 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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