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Author Topic: Do you look behind you in the bear woods?
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ask Leroy (goldenhawk) his bear story..... hes got a doozy....hes lucky to still be making strings!

TGMM Family of the Bow

"There's a race of men that dont fit in, A race that can't stay still; So they break the hearts of kith and kin, And they roam the world at will" Robert Service

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Biggie, say what you will but, I always watch my backtrail even when bobcats and coyotes are on the prowl. Walking out after sitting on a bear bait is as the teenagers say, sketchy(nut) [bigsmyl] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [bigsmyl]

Rich Potter

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Chad Lewis
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No, I figure when I get down, they're gone anyways. When I go to a bait I do stalk it however because you never know.

It is far, and I mean far more interesting coming out alone in the dark say, 1 mile or more down a salmon stream loaded with bears in Alaska than any bait could possibly be.

How I love Colorado!

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Ray Hammond
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Much scarier moment, though, was when I was walking through Fort Stewart GA and while in full stride motoring to a spot where I could shoot a pig I stepped off into a little cave, got swallowed up about 10 feet below ground, and a thousand bats flew out past me!!

Had to change the shorts on that one.

“Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent-that is what Wisdom wants us to be. Wisdom is a woman, and loves only a warrior.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

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Brian Krebs
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Ray - I was riding a mule in the daylight; and the earth gave way; and we BOTH went down out of sight! He jumped out; and then I just hung on to the saddle for a while as he ran and thought about it... LOL [archer]


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Don Thomas
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Too many folks worrying too much about the wrong things. After hundreds and hundreds of encounters with both black and grizzly bears, I treat them with respect, but not undue concern. The cars on the road -- and the people driving them -- are a lot more dangerous than the bears. Don
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Originally posted by Brian Krebs:

I was once knocked down by a bear while walking out in the dark; but it was not really an attack; he thought I was a sow.
I actually would have preferred him biting me.

Hey Brian, did he at least send you flowers? [biglaugh]

Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscripti catapultas habebunt.

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Thank you, Mr. Thomas. That was my point exactly.

Someday you and I will take the Great Hart by our own skill alone, and with an arrow. And then the Little Gods of the Woods will chuckle and rub their hands and say, "Look, Brothers. An Archer! The Old Times are not altogether gone!"

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Jack Shanks
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I was elk hunting with some friends in Montana's Gallatin Mountains just outside of Yellowstone Park many years ago. I found a spot in the timber not far from where we were camped where there were several elk trails leading to a large nearby park. I built a little ground blind among the trails hoping I could ambush an elk when they came down to feed in the park one evening. The thermals were carrying my scent down the mountain in the opposite direction I expected the elk to come from. It was almost dark and time to start thinking about heading back to camp when I heard a loud "WOOF" come from a hundred yards or so downwind of my position. I pretty much took that as my clue it was time to go. I drew my handgun from my holster and casually hotfooted it towards camp which was a half a mile or so away. I think the bear wanted to make sure I made it back to camp because he followed me all the way woofing his displeasure of sharing his hunting grounds with another predator. To answer Biggie's question, I distinctly remember looking over my shoulder a couple of times on my flight back to camp to see if the bear was gaining any ground on me. The light was fading fast when I reached the tents. The other fellows were sitting around the campfire and I yelled out to them as I ran by to skin that one and I'll be back with another.

The bear must of decided he had had enough fun because he gave up the chase and we could hear his woofs fade away into the darkness. I never did get to see if my friends knew how to skin griz.

Jack Shanks

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Biggie Hoffman
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I look for cars at intersections too but must admit to checking my backtrail on more than one occasion. It's silly I know but when you get that creepy back-of-the-neck feeling, you just gotta check :-)

We hunted Maine a few years abck with a young fella. His strides going into the stand were regular and short but his strides coming out were looooooong!

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"If you are twenty and aren't liberal you don't have a heart...if you're forty and not conservative you don't have a brain".....Winston Churchill

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No baiting here so no concerns there. Bears are hunted here and they know it. If they get a whiff of you they head over the mountain. Watched a woman chase a 350# one from her birdfeeders last year banging a couple of pans together. Now in NJ where they aren't hunted I may be more concerned.

TGMM Family of the Bow
For hunting to have a future, we must invest ourselves in future hunters.

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Jon Stewart
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Two years ago there was a bear walking along the highway, next to the fense and behind Menards (contruction box store). This was in the middle of the day. What a mess that guy caused on the highway. People stopped all over the place.
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Don, I believe you... but you are the one with all that experience, not me. I'm still a sissy...

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I dont care who ya are...hundreds of pounds worth of any predator is cause for concern and respect...especially when they dont show fear. Better to be safe than sorry.
I agree other people and cars are dangerous also...thats why there are things called seat belts...air bags, etc. Nothing wrong with being "safe" in either situation.

"I lost arrows and didnt even shoot at a rabbit" Charlie after the Island of Trees.

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Mike Gerardi
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Sometimes the shadow people follow me out of the woods!!!!
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