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Author Topic: Target Panic- Please Participate
Dan Jones
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Mental or physical? Here's a passage from an article about target panic that Jim Ploen wrote years ago for the Instinctive Archer magazine.

The very act of drawing a heavy bow builds tension in the muscles being used and in the tendons that attach them to the bones that can lead to a protective reflex reaction to the tension or a flexor reflex. A flexor reflex is a movement which occurs without a conscious decision by the brain. There are many different types of reflex, but the ones that we are most aware of is the flexor reflex that reacts to pain and is part of our self-protection. We will quickly withdraw any part of our body the instant it is hurt. No conscious decision on our part is needed to jerk away from the area of pain.

I'm not well versed in medical science, but this certainly seems to explain my inability to control the release more so than a fear of missing or anything else that may or may not be going on in my head while shooting a bow. At 48# I was way overbowed when I began to shoot a bow and I shot it way too much and after a few years I got the panic, which I was never able to overcome.

*Jim Ploen's excellent article can easily be found on the internet.

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Trad Bowhunter
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I would take a look at Joel Turner's stuff. I purchased his ebook and read that. He also has excellent videos you can watch including The Science of Target Panic 1 and 2. I tend to agree with his description and I also have gained a ton from Mr Kidwell's excellent excellent book. I have had very bad target panic...Kidwell's book helped me in leaps and bounds and the work of Joel Turner gave me the final tools I needed to control target panic. In fact, it got me to a confidence level that allowed me to hunt both MT and CO for the first time in my life this past year.


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Jim Casto Jr
Contributor 2014
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To me, it's simply not having complete control over every aspect of your shot sequence; the inability to do exactly what you want to do.

" everything"

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Roy from Pa
Trad Bowhunter
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It's a mental road block that is difficult to overcome. I had it bad when I first joined an archery league and was shown how to shoot three under, using the point of the arrow as my front sight. In conjunction with that, I purchased a little too heavy of a bow for target archery. Along with that, I would start out above the target and bring the point of the arrow down onto the target. My target panic was, I could not get the arrow point completely down onto the bulls eye and subconsciously my mind said release. I shot great groups about 5 inches above the bulls eye. That carried over into hunting and I shot over top of every deer I took a shot at.

So a buddy persuaded me into shooting split finger and just staring at the bulls eye instead of placing the arrow point on it as a front sight. My target panic was immediately gone! I thought damn.. SO after a year of just staring at the spot, I gave three under another go around. My target panic was cured and never returned and that was 15 years ago.

Now I hope this thread doesn't put the whammies on me. LOL

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This is great. Finally, a thread compiling many different understandings of this unfortunate condition, disorder or habit. Thanks for everyone's contribution.

***$ Brent Wallace $***
NRA Life Time Member

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Trad Bowhunter
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Sometimes people like to call things like a faulty anchor TP and actually develop real TP by going with the guidelines that others have given as proof of the ailment. If your anchor is failing, does trying to force concentrate on holding a bow back for 4 seconds really cure it? John Schulz shot with a one second tempo, Hill's tempo was quite often faster than that. When Hill's anchor got off, he worked on his anchor, not his hold. One's draw should be aim based, one's release should be aim based. It is totally possible to be on target as anchor is established, that can be practices separately from everything else. When things fall apart because we are asking too much for the brain to be paying attention too, we all to often brand that confusion as TP. If you practice doing a bad thing often enough, it will stick, but ya doesn't has to call it TP Johnston.


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Trad Bowhunter
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How about this - my TP is on when I try to shoot with a tab and goes away, when I move back to my tusty glove...just do not understand [Confused]

Otherwise GFA treatment as just holding bow in full draw few seconds and then letting down without release is helping me...reprogramming as he this condition is mix of personal mental / technical / fysical issues...there is perhaps not just only cure,everyone should make up their own remedy?

You lost your money-you lost nothing, you lost your health-you lost something, you lost your personality-you lost everything...

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Austin Brown
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Originally posted by Jim Casto Jr:
To me, it's simply not having complete control over every aspect of your shot sequence; the inability to do exactly what you want to do.

That is pretty much exactly as I define it also. I personally started off self taught and overbowed around 18 years ago. I have been battling getting control ever since.

I struggled the most with the kind of tp where I completely froze up just short of anchor. If I did close my eyes or use a clicker to get to anchor I still struggled not to cut it loose the instant I might have been on target. With some work and alot of flinching/double clutching I could get by that part with a clicker eventually but the clicker kind of drove me nuts too. I was still working through slowly trying to beat tp back with some success without the clicker when out of the blue one day after all these years it was gone completely.

I have been hesitant to post about it, talk about it out loud even with my wife, or even to even think about it for fear of jinxing it or that it was one of the many bandaids. But that is the thing, I didn't do anything to fix it at all. After all the hours of reading threads and books, years of going down/up/way down in draw weight, and honestly at times getting close to quitting it was just gone.

I am pretty sure my cure can be attributed to a complete accident. About 6 weeks ago my doctor decided after a long while of me putting it off, it was time for me to try a daily medicine for preventing migraine headaches. I was skeptical and concerned with side effects and never even considered it might have any benefit beyond reducing the frequency of my headaches but it apparently has somehow cured my target panic also. I am not telling this story to advocate anyone using medicine to beat target panic but am curious if anyone else has ever noticed this? I would alot rather be able to say I beat it on my own, not have migraines, and not take the medicine but is really nice to finally have control after all this time.

Joshua 24:15
As for me and my house,we will serve the Lord.

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