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Author Topic: new arrow shooter threat
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Originally posted by Kingstaken:
Since I've only shooting the bow for the past 23 yrs, (will be 50+ 10% this year) let me ask a question.

When compounds first arrived on the archery scene was there all this craziness I see with no one wanting them in bow season?

I cannot name one strictly gun hunter I know who went out to buy a crossbow to hunt more

No anger, no hostility no craziness. Hunters getting along with hunters. Divide us we get conquered.

In my state crossguns are legal. There's tons of guys that went n bought crossbows just to "hunt more". Don't you see that's how this stuff gets pushed through. It's the almighty dollar in action.
Federal land I hunted as a kid is useless. Gun guys doing what they do w their crossguns. Deer drives all day, why? Cause they never learned how to actually hunt but wanna shoot more deer. On my club the same type guys walk in late cause w a gun someone has always pushed deer to em from a neighboring farm. They'll walk right past you in the half light n start to hunt for an hour. Than get up n go get coffee. They screw your whole day.
I do agree w letting em use em but use them not in archery season! Muzzleloader season is fine

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Ron Vought
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It's more of a society problem we deal with. Its called entitlement and the desire for instantaneous success...


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Ron Roehrick
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I would think a more important subject would be the sale of public land across the USA, if this continues we wont have places to hunt, politicians are selling us out.
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mark Willoughby
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They are saleing us out for profit ! And that is the key word sir profit it's directly linked to everything in this world . Do you think states would allow all this if they didn't make money off of it? But the sad fact of life is they are going to do anything they can to bring in revenue and that's across the board. It's who we are instealed in our minds at a very young age! human nature forces us to at very least try the best we can some people really have huge success in this area hence new products rolling out every year all for profit can't blame them can we for capitalizing on innovation ? After all that's the American dream . " another thing that's taught at a very young age"
And rightfully so what I'm trying to say is if they think they can go from x amount of licences to a higher number just by simply allowing a crossbow or air gun in the woods at a certain time of year there going to do it and there's nothing we can do about it progress will march on like it has for the last 241 years . This is not intended to be a rant and I apologize for being long winded

Never spend your money before you have earned it ,.... Thomas Jefferson

If you want something you've never had , you must be willing to do something you've never done ,... Thomas Jefferson

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Al Dente
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Well, you have the ATA (Archery Trade Association) who have classified the crossbow as archery equipment, now trying to classify the Crosman AirBow as archery equipment as well. When will the ATA just stop with the greed?

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New York Bowhunters, Inc.

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Eric Krewson
Trad Bowhunter
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I was anti compound when they first came out then gravitated to one for 18 years before I went back to trad in 89. I never felt like I was shooting a bow when I shot wheels and actually hated them but was very good with one.

I finally came to realize I am the only one I can dictate what kind of equipment I use. I don't care about other folk, their choice won't affect me one way or another.

I shoot an osage selfbow I made, wood arrows and have killed a lot more deer with my selfbow than I ever did with wheels.

No one has ever tried to dictate what kind of equipment I should use and I extend the same courtesy to the other side as well, to each his own.

Now if they would just get rid of those inlines and make everyone hunt with a flintlock; same type of argument. I bet a lot of the guys here complaining about cross guns and air guns have a scoped inline in the gun case.

When I use a rifle it is a flinter I made, I don't care what you shoot.

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Sam McMichael
Trad Bowhunter
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I think changes such as this will continue in the "archery" world. The reason is money, pure and simple. Like Eric Krewson, I will continue to shoot my traditional gear, and I don't really care what anybody else shoots.

I often wonder if the same people, whom I generally call the "compound shooters", just rotate form wheel bows to x-bows and will go to the air guns as the latest fashion progresses and are all essentially the same group. Will these items actually increase the number of new shooters afield?


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Eric, Sam, I also don't care what you use... right up to the point where it causes MY historically long bow season to be shorter because they make it that much easier to kill game.

You are both old enough to remember seasons with only one deer tag. Game numbers fluctuate, for a lot of reasons. Mother nature has a way of directly doing that once there are too many around, and indirectly as the cover changes, matures, falls and starts over. It has been this way since the beginning of time.

Wisconsin did it the way I am ok with ( not because of anything I told them) and that is track the kills separately, so that IF what I am saying takes place ( it is in WI), and IF they need to modify seasons, bag limits etc., they can do it to each weapon based upon its own merits. Then, use what ever you want.

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Bowhunters HAVE fought to keep their preferences the law. Frankly, they lost and in the process split their own ranks dramatically. My small organization here in KY lost at least half its memberships over that losing fight.

Some in the archery world predicted lower sales if crossbows proliferated. With many archery companies experiencing double digit, two year declines, those predictions seem right on.

I shoot PCP air rifles (squirrels). They are quite involved and require special equipment or services to fill tanks. I would not expect them to draw many except folks who already have the know how and equipment.

Any state wildlife agency can determine harvest (kill) by equipment type no matter how they sell the licenses and tags. Surveys and modern check-in requirements are routine and designed to achieve high accuracy of 2 or 3 percentage points or better.

Finally, and unfortunately, "merit" sometimes doesn't figure into regulatory decisions, especially if well-placed politicians, with no business in such things, get their way.

If the mind wanders, so too will the arrow.

Member of various archery organizations.

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