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Posted by ron w (Member # 14741) on :
Picked up a knife magazine the other day and there was a bunch of stuff about bushcraft. Now I have been active in the outdoors my whole life and I have used a knife hunting ,fishing, camping and hiking. Am I missing something or is there something special needed to be a Bushcraft knife. I do like a bigger blade but that is just a personal thing. A lot of you guys make great blades for all uses....what are your thoughts???
Posted by KSCATTRAPR (Member # 19251) on :
Seems like it's just a craze with all the survival shows out there......What we call a normal hunting / utility knife, some people call a bushcraft knife.

Everyone prefers their own design to do certain things. When I think of a "bushcraft" knife, I just think of a knife that I can do everything with from skinning an animal, to cutting up wood, to preparing my supper.

Like you stated, some of us make blades for all uses too, I being one of those people. I think I have a knife for about everything imaginable.
Posted by ron w (Member # 14741) on :
Caley, some of yours fit my needs as a "bushcraft" knife perfectly [thumbsup] .......I may have you build me something in the future.
Posted by KSCATTRAPR (Member # 19251) on :
Thanks Ron, just let me know, I will be ready!
Posted by Doug_K (Member # 41663) on :
Bushcraft = millennial generations term for common woodsmanship
Posted by Cyclic-Rivers (Member # 21222) on :
I think when people think of Bushcraft knives, they think of an all around knife. many bush crafters think the Mora knives fit the bill well.

I would rather not need a knife for chopping wood. I think there are better tools for it, but some people get a thrill cleaning an entire bathroom with a toothbrush.
Posted by ron w (Member # 14741) on :
Originally posted by Doug_K:
Bushcraft = millennial generations term for common woodsmanship

That says it all.......
Posted by Sam McMichael (Member # 17671) on :
I think any style or size knife that fits your needs while in the wild is a "bush craft" knife. Most woodsmen I know have multiple knives because of multiple tasks. I agree that a lot of merchandising goes into the production and sale of many of today's great big tough guy knives. With all that said, I like many of these big knives, too. Yet, most of the real work is done with a smaller blade
Posted by ron w (Member # 14741) on :
Your right much as I like a certain knife, I always have more than one with me when in the field.
Posted by KSCATTRAPR (Member # 19251) on :
My younger cousin in antelope camp last year was handling one of my knives and he made the comment that it would make a good bush craft knife. My dad looked at me and said, what the hell is bush craft? We had a good laugh.
Posted by Msturm (Member # 41701) on :
bush craft is a term describing what we did for fun as kids in Alaska. You know lighting fires, making forts or "survival shelters" making blunt sticks pointy, etc lol. It is a rebranding of basic woodsmanship. The marketing makes me laugh.

Posted by bjansen (Member # 17789) on :
I like that Msturm - good summary!

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