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Posted by LookMomNoSights (Member # 22273) on :
When it comes to staining veneers......what are some of the do's and don't? Well aware the moisture content in any of the woods we use is a crucial factor so I'm thinking water based stains are to be avoided? Should I go with an alcohol based stain? And should I be applying gently with a rag to avoid over saturation?
I have curly maple veneers I'd like to stain.
Posted by monterey (Member # 15276) on :
I stained maple veneers with an oil based stain once and it didn't take long to delam. [Frown]

I did.another with water based which was thoroughly dried before glue up. It's still shooting.

I think alcohol based would be ok too and would dry quicker.
Posted by Bowjunkie (Member # 482) on :
I've stained some. I did one maple bow with Minwax stain. It felt very waxy afterwards, but as far as I know it's still shooting... although I don't think that guy shot it much. I wouldn't use that stuff again.

I used water based anilines, and it worked ok. I had to wait until it was dry and the lams warped a little, but it didn't seem to be an issue.

On the rest I've used alcohol based aniline dyes without a single issue. Don't worry about saturation. It's alcohol, it evaporates quickly. I use a cotton cloth cut from old t-shirts or socks, get it wet enough to get even coverage. Give the alcohol plenty of time to evaporate, then go over it longways with a clean very stiff bench brush to remove any cloth particles or dye residue.

The last one was curly maple that I put in a one piece recurve, and I mixed up a 'weak' dye, just to tint it the tiniest bit of a light rose color, but more to make the curl really jump out at ya... and paired it with a cocobolo riser. I hated to see that one go.
Posted by arachnid (Member # 45147) on :
How about home made stains such as viniger+steel wool?
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
Alcohol based aniline dyes are the way to go. Dry quickly and very easy to touch up if necessary.
Posted by LookMomNoSights (Member # 22273) on :
Alcohol.....I figured so. Thanks for the input and advice so far everyone!
Posted by BrushWolf (Member # 24340) on :
Binghams sells several different colors of dye. I've used mainly the walnut but have others. I mix mine with water but I think alcohol will work also. I usually grind veneer down on the side I want stained. Stain and let dry then finish grinding them to size I worried about warping them. But to date never had an issue with it or delaminates.
Posted by Maryland Mountain Man (Member # 46683) on :
I plan on ordering some dark and regular walnut stains from Bingham to finish a Modoc hickory selfbow. When you've done the dyeing and smoothing, do you use something like a paste wax to seal it as the final step? I've got some Johnson's laying around I was hoping to use.
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
You could do that. I seal my wood bows with tung oil. Some use bear grease, true oil, etc.
Posted by Maryland Mountain Man (Member # 46683) on :
Got my aniline dyes today. Now I was wondering what is the best alcohol to use? I was thinking about using denatured alcohol.
Posted by monterey (Member # 15276) on :
Just an opinion here, but I'd go with the denatured.

Probably a good opportunity to do some experimenting on test strips.
Posted by Crooked Stic (Member # 2104) on :
I have used Rit dye and denatured alcohol.
Posted by Overspined (Member # 12800) on :
Denatured alcohol and transtint dyes
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
Denatured alcohol. I use it in my alcohol burner too.

It's cheaper buying it at home depot in a gallon can.
Posted by bamboo (Member # 2856) on :
alcohol carries water---give it plenty of time to dry!

i've dyed a few and the edges always stress me out--have a plan!
Posted by Maryland Mountain Man (Member # 46683) on :
I went with the denatured alcohol and ebony black aniline dye. Brushed it on and then rubbed it in creating light spots and it has an antique or museum piece look to it. Couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. Made my first Flemish twist string and put on it as well.
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
Didn't happen without pictures.. [Smile]

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