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Posted by canopyboy (Member # 24537) on :
With falling participation over the years and a 2017 swap that I know frustrated at least a few people, I'm trying to gauge the interest in running a 2018 swap. If there's enough signs of life by the end of the week, we'll get the sign-up thread posted next week.
Posted by canopyboy (Member # 24537) on :
If you're in the "keep it going camp" and y'all have thoughts on changes to the rules from last year, please share here or PM me. I know there's been a few ideas thrown out over the years.
Posted by KellyG (Member # 7924) on :
I will assist Dave in running it but he is the one leading it this year. Thanks to all who made the past a big success.
Posted by Pat B (Member # 477) on :
Thank you Kelly for all you've done to keep the Bow Trade going here on Trad Gang.
And Dave, thank you for taking the reins.
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
Thanks, Dave and Kelly.
Posted by kennym (Member # 2304) on :
Poll must be over, won't let me vote.

I will have time this year to throw something together since I quit my "real" job..

Maybe Roy can assist me telepathically to make a ...ahem... boo backed sumpin. (don't wait for it) [Big Grin]

And yes thank both of you for taking care of the swap, it has to suck when folks are waiting on a bow that never shows.....
Posted by John Malone (Member # 46247) on :
I voted to keep it going. Still cant find the rules from last year, my search results returned zilch? Ill keep looking.

Thanks Guys.
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
These are for last year, 2017.


#1 There will be a 30 day grace period after the final to be shipped date. Any bows not shipped by then and I will ask you to forward the bow you receive to your recipient. The only exceptions will be made by Myself and if you go past the grace I will ask your recipient if they will give you more time if they grant it then great if not you will forward your received bow or I will have your bowyer ship it to them if appropriate.

The only way we will make any exceptions to this rule is if you contact us and let us know what is going on. We do understand things happen and We are willing to work with anyone should an emergency arise, But YOU HAVE TO KEEP COMMUNICATION OPEN AND STAY IN TOUCH WITH us. No exceptions!

Okay here we go.

The way we'll do this to insure everybody gets a bow they can shoot is draw names. If you want in post here and at the end of sign up I will draw names and PM or email to the builder who your bow is going to and the specs desired.

#1 When you post that you are in also post your draw length and desired draw weight within a 5 or 10 pound range and right or left-handed. (Example.. 45-50 or 40-50) Also state whether you will be building a glass or wood bow, one piece or TD for the trade. I need to know this for shipping purposes out of country.

#2 When you post pics during the build DO NOT state in any fashion whom your bow is going to.

#3 I have given this a lot of thought and to keep it as honest as possible no one who has signed up to TradGang after the date of this post can’t enter. I hate to exclude anyone but have heard of it here in past trades that one guy or another did not get a return on his trade and I DO NOT want that to happen.

#4 The time frame for the build will be about 6 months and the bow you built should if any way possible be shot in. Bows need to finished and shipped by the date you are asked to ship them by

#5 There was a few concerns about liability so I will throw in that anyone who receives a bow in this trade is doing so at his/her own risk and in no way holds any one responsible in any way should a misfortune occur due to use of such bow.

#6 if you are building a glass bow and only want a glass bow in return or vice versa for wood bowyers please state this in the sign up, otherwise you may receive a glass or wood bow.

#7 Remember this swap is for novice and pros alike. If you get a bow you think it is a sub quality bow please give polite but constructive criticisms to the builder. That is part of the swap. Folks can't get better if they don't know it is wrong.
Posted by John Malone (Member # 46247) on :
Thanks Roy, I need to work on my computer skills. Probably wont happen though I've been saying that since 1990 or so.
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
LOL, I understand...
Posted by canopyboy (Member # 24537) on :
Poll shouldn't be closed Kenny.

It always amazes me that how computer literate that Roy fella is. He knows twice as much as kids half his age...imagine what he knew in his prime!
Posted by Bvas (Member # 44555) on :
Originally posted by canopyboy:
Poll shouldn't be closed Kenny.

It always amazes me that how computer literate that Roy fella is. He knows twice as much as kids half his age...imagine what he knew in his prime!

Just check out his posts after about 9PM. By then he’s probably in his prime [laughing]
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
Posted by kennym (Member # 2304) on :
Hmmmm, still says I don't have permission to vote in this poll.
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
Hang on, I'll have to unblock ya sonny boy..
Posted by jdeitz10 (Member # 46960) on :
I am also blocked from voting. I am a new member so maybe this is why I am blocked?
Posted by C. Johnson (Member # 45480) on :
I know I haven't been very active here as far as posting, but I would love to participate in a bow swap. I'd like to think my work is decent, but I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have one of my bows end up in the hands of another builder so I can get some feedback and hopefully improve my skills.
Posted by monterey (Member # 15276) on :
By then he’s probably in his prime [laughing]
Hmmmmmm, more likely into the "primer" and primed. [biglaugh]
Posted by goobersan (Member # 35312) on :
I had zero problems voting. Must be the water in Missoura. [dead horse]

Taking on a canoe project this year or I'd be in. I miss the fun of the swap
Posted by canopyboy (Member # 24537) on :
I think we've got enough to make this worth it.
Posted by JamesV (Member # 23743) on :

Posted by arachnid (Member # 45147) on :
Just a question- does the swap limited to the US? I live in Israel and shipping to and from the US is not cheap...

And one more thing.... Do I have to be at a certain skill level to attain the swap?

Posted by canopyboy (Member # 24537) on :

Every year there are international participants. If you're willing to ship to the US, we'll find someone to ship back to you.

The first paragraph of the signup thread talks about skill level required. This should not be the first bow you've ever built, but otherwise novices are welcome.
Posted by Crittergetter (Member # 40336) on :
I'm out again this year . Just got to many bows to build already and gonna get behind if I ain't careful!
But as always I'll be following along!!
Posted by Roy from Pa (Member # 10602) on :
Same here.

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