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Posted by Boone the Hunter (Member # 16988) on :
shot this dandy yesterday, have been hunting Illinois really hard since early october and have had several close encounters, he came in to a grunt and then saw some does that were behind me, and walked past at 15 yards, drew back and center punched him. Thank you Lord, my plx has made its first kill.
Posted by oldskool (Member # 14907) on :
Nice deer, congrats
Posted by ishiwannabe (Member # 11213) on :
Wow....I need to hunt out of state. LOL. Great buck!
Posted by bowhawk archer (Member # 2344) on :
Sweet Jesus, nice buck!
Posted by Gatekeeper (Member # 8366) on :
[Eek!] [Eek!] [clapper] [clapper] [jumper] [jumper] [Not Worthy] and Congratulations! [campfire]
Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :

Posted by GangStarr (Member # 19026) on :
yeah! nice buck
Posted by BRONZ (Member # 14477) on :
He's a pig! Nice work!
Posted by dragonheart (Member # 1953) on :
Posted by centaur (Member # 14053) on :
Yeow, nice buck! Illinois looks like THE place for big whitetails!
Posted by rushlush (Member # 17859) on :
WOW, what a beauty, congrats!
Posted by Big Ed (Member # 2241) on :
Great looking buck!!
Posted by pitbull (Member # 18540) on :
Awesome way to break-in a new bow! [thumbsup]
Posted by Day Dreamer (Member # 17698) on :
Very nice animal!! congrats!!!
Posted by Pinecone (Member # 1931) on :
Very nice buck! Congratulations!

Posted by Bobhat (Member # 7711) on :
Beauty of a buck!
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
[Not Worthy]
Posted by Flatstick (Member # 703) on :
Very nice, Congrats!!! [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by Stykbow62 (Member # 4908) on :
Congrats on a monster!
Posted by Ben Kleinig (Member # 10583) on :
Posted by Fritz (Member # 2879) on :
Wowzer! Great buck, Congrats!
Posted by dragonheart (Member # 1953) on :
Congrats on a awesome buck!!

Posted by T Folts (Member # 5126) on :
Very nice deer, congrats.
Posted by Kevin Winkler (Member # 15949) on :
That's a Dandy!..........Congrat's
Posted by Danny Roberts (Member # 6505) on :
Wow nice one !!!
Posted by tradtusker (Member # 8659) on :
awesome congrats!
Posted by Rocks (Member # 21584) on :
That's a very nice buck, congratulations!
Posted by Mike Walker (Member # 54) on :
Congrats! [thumbsup]
Posted by bow loving man (Member # 4743) on :
Excellent! Congrats!
Posted by varmint101 (Member # 7911) on :
Good for you! Nice buck!
Posted by KentuckyTJ (Member # 12840) on :
Great deer Daniel. I knew you would be putting one on the board soon. Can't believe I just now am seeing this. Congrats on a great deer brother.
Posted by Boone the Hunter (Member # 16988) on :
thanks on the congrats all my fellow archery friends, means a lot from you guys. I am so pumped about this buck, I hunted harder this year than I ever have before (7 different trips to Illinois) and had so many close calls, the weekend I shot him was probably my last trip to Illinois for time and money reasons, so the pressure was on. when he stepped out and the hunt came together, man! what a roller-coaster ride! That's why we do it though.
Posted by Chris Surtees (Member # 1349) on :
[thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by IdahoCurt (Member # 21925) on :
That is a beautiful deer
Posted by joevan125 (Member # 20110) on :
Man thats a fine looking buck and way to get done when the pressure is on. [thumbsup]
Posted by Whitetail Nut (Member # 18592) on :
and what a first kill it is for your PLX congrats.
Posted by Rocks (Member # 21584) on :
Very nice, congrats!
Posted by ranger42 (Member # 18701) on :
Congrats on a nice buck and hunt!
Posted by longbow fanatic 1 (Member # 18603) on :
AWESOME! Congrats!!
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
[bigsmyl] [thumbsup]
Posted by rnharris (Member # 12670) on :
15 yd shot that's what i would want on a deer that size more room for error lol great deer congrats
Posted by LoweBow (Member # 17047) on :
Sheweeee. Great buck. Congrats!
Posted by Roger Moerke (Member # 4254) on :

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