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Posted by Michael Arnette (Member # 18012) on :
I didn't get a chance to post the full story so I thought I would put it on here. I plan on doing some hunting later this month and I will add anything I get.
I hadn't had alot of time to hunt this year due to other responsibilities but I had a good knowledge of the area I was hunting and had done alot of pre-season scouting so I felt confident as I slipped into my stand on the morning of the 18th of November, a few days before Oklahoma's 16 day gun season.
The wind was perfect and I planned for an all day sit. I saw a doe just out of range and then a spike followed and swung closer to my stand a few minutes later but I passed the shot, another doe and forkhorn passed by within range coming from the opposite direction and I passed again. At around 8:00 a solitary doe passed by and looked from her body language that she was being followed. I got ready for a shot as she passed and then noticed movement straight ahead. No!! I thought, as my nemisis for the season emerged and began traveling towards my downwind side along the ridge behind me.
It was an old doe marked by a scar on her front left leg that has given me nothing but trouble for several years now. She always seems to get the better of my placement. Anyway she caught my scent and departed, blowing and snorting all the way.
At 8:45 I noticed movement and saw this guy coming my way traveling crosswind on a path that would lead him with within good range. I hadn't seen or gotten any trailcam pictures of anything bigger than this one so I got ready to shoot. He closed the gap quickly and I drew, ducking to avoid the tree limb above me due to my hurried stand placement, aimed low and pulled off the shot. I later stepped it off at 19 yards. A complete pass-through right where I was looking. I watched as he piled up within sight. I thank God for the privilage of hunting and harvesting such a beautiful animal.

My equipment: TallTines recurve 70# & 29", Gt 75/97 arrows and 160 Gr. Snuffers for a total arrow weight of around 650 Gr.
The buck weighed 175 lbs field dressed. The biggest bodied deer I have ever shot.

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Posted by bluegrassbowhunter (Member # 5241) on :
Good shooting on a "DANDY" buck....good luck on the hunting later this month...
Posted by tradtusker (Member # 8659) on :
very nice! whats that bow you got there!
Posted by Ben Kleinig (Member # 10583) on :
Congratulations, Michael!
Posted by pitbull (Member # 18540) on :
A true trophy, Congrats! [thumbsup]
Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :

Posted by Flingblade (Member # 21996) on :
Great buck!! Great story! I lived in OK for five years. Graduated OSU in '96. Love the pictures. I live in MI now but have a lifetime OK hunting license and your pictures make me want to plan a trip back!
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
would you look at that shot placement --- wow
Posted by joevan125 (Member # 20110) on :
Thats a great buck. [thumbsup]
Posted by Boone the Hunter (Member # 16988) on :
nice buck, looks like you smoked him, good job!
Posted by Stykbow62 (Member # 4908) on :
Congratulations !
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
[bigsmyl] [thumbsup]
Posted by stickhunter 81 (Member # 21960) on :
Nice shootin!!
Posted by shaftslinger (Member # 22228) on :
Cool deal..
Posted by Rocks (Member # 21584) on :
Great buck, great shot, congrats!
Posted by Ybuck (Member # 11581) on :
He's a beautiful buck.
Posted by yellow bow (Member # 9709) on :
that's a nice buck. Congrats. [thumbsup]
Posted by amazonjim (Member # 19589) on :
great shooting, where in OK
Posted by Jim P (Member # 8003) on :
Posted by longbow fanatic 1 (Member # 18603) on :
Beautiful buck and great shot. Congrats.
Posted by Michael Arnette (Member # 18012) on :
Jim, I hunted N.E. Oklahoma in Rogers Co.
Posted by rightminded (Member # 9424) on :
Great shot and deer. Eastern Oklahoma is a great place to hunt after the ticks are gone.
Posted by Michael Arnette (Member # 18012) on :
Posted by Jack Whitmire Jr (Member # 13714) on :
Michael theat is a nice buck, great shot by the way.

What aprt of OK are you in? I have realitives in Pryor (Sp) .


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