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Posted by dringge (Member # 44842) on :
I have a 59 Bear Kodiak. It will be spending a fair amount of its time on display here at home. I would like to find some info on arrows that could have been used at that time. I build them if I can find the correct components. Any guidance on where I might look? Good book maybe?
Posted by Stumpkiller (Member # 976) on :
Port Orford cedar, 11/32" diameter, painted shafts, Mercury nocks, Bear glue-on Razorheads (****)

Posted by M60gunner (Member # 6337) on :
I got my info from a reprint of the Bear Catalog of 1962. I got that reprint from Cornell Publications. It’s what they do, reprint old gun catalogs and archery catalogs. Cost about $15 with postage.
What you will find is arrows could be made to order with various colors of dips, cresting and fletch. I tried copying the pattern for the cresting and fletch colors.
Then there is a possibility of finding a set in orginal box with Razorheads. That would be the ultimate but might take some searching and cash outlay. The ones offered by Rose City are nice but the fletching is all wrong IMO. But they do have that little Bear logo.
Posted by seboomook (Member # 18601) on :
TRAP made me a set of a dozen many years ago. they are true to specs and fletching of the originals completely.
3 are bloodied up, and one lost to a bird, but still use them.
I see he posts here occasionally, maybe still builds some arrows for sale.
Thanks DD for mine!

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