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Posted by Mike Mecredy (Member # 8133) on :
The drawing will be 23 sept, one Maddog pup longbow, 48", in the neighborhood of 20#(or so)@ 26", along with some premo wood youth arrows made by our own BudB, and tab and armgard by Mike's Archery leather.

The winner shall post pics, in the POW WOW, of the lucky kid with the gear, (preferably using it) and will be sure and pass it along when the kid out grows it. And be sure and make it fun for the kid to learn archery.

Best of luck.
Posted by jonwilson (Member # 39607) on :
How do we get signed up?
Posted by RJonesRCRV (Member # 44167) on :
Please add my 5 year old son Talan to the list. Thank you for the opportunity!
Posted by Keefer (Member # 8804) on :
Please ad my daughter Kaci if you would and as always Thank you to All that make this happen for the kids!
Posted by Bud B. (Member # 24907) on :
Originally posted by jonwilson:
How do we get signed up?

Just add you child's name and age.
Posted by jonwilson (Member # 39607) on :
Thanks Bud.

Please add my niece Lanna. She's 10.
Posted by Biggamefish (Member # 35618) on :

Posted by jt85 (Member # 39626) on :
Please add my son Trenton to the list. Thank you very much.
Posted by GDPolk (Member # 36712) on :
I'll go ahead and post in for my niece Kylie.
Posted by babs (Member # 17376) on :
Please add my neighbors little boy, Joshua Herbster
Posted by TDHunter (Member # 5671) on :
Hunter And Fisher Correia 6 and 2.5. Thanks
Posted by TDHunter (Member # 5671) on :

Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
Sutter age6 and" a half"
Posted by Woodpuppy (Member # 46065) on :
Please add my godson Reid, he's 8.
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
Got 2 a couple months back for two of my grandsons and they love em. I have two more so please sign Benjamin up he's 6. Thanks
Posted by Sota (Member # 43088) on :
Rylan age 6
Posted by Kromer (Member # 44858) on :
I'd like to enter my 3 year old Kyler again, please. I love that you guys do this monthly. Lots of grateful kids receiving an awesome donation, he's gotta get lucky at some point!
Posted by Adame (Member # 43584) on :
Please add my kids Roberto 6 and Isabel 4.
Thanks so much for doing this.
Posted by smokin feathers (Member # 6780) on :
Gonna throw n my boy riley he will b 6 tomorrow. Thanks for doing this n providing the oppurtunity
Posted by olddogrib (Member # 1481) on :
Please add my grandson, age 11.
Posted by J. Cook (Member # 20751) on :
My daughter Maddie - she's 7.
Posted by Guss (Member # 8991) on :
Please include my nephew Greyson...
Posted by mark Willoughby (Member # 42619) on :
Olivia 6 years old
Posted by dagwood64 (Member # 14517) on :
Please put in my friend's daughter- Maggie.
Posted by mj seratt (Member # 10008) on :
Please enter my 8 year old Granddaughter, Savannah.
Thank You!

Posted by Ton H (Member # 42807) on :
Please enter my daughter Addison (7). Thank you so much.
Doylestown, PA
Posted by KSshrewman (Member # 33405) on :
Please enter my Godson Blake. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted by talkingcabbage (Member # 16909) on :
Please add my son, Aiden (age 8) and eldest daughter Jaya (age 7).
Posted by dhermon85 (Member # 37706) on :
Enter my son Henry please. Thanks for the chance
Posted by jwdecour (Member # 42261) on :
Jonathan age 9. Thanks
Posted by imbowhunt10 (Member # 9995) on :
Please enter Owen, our 9 year old grandson. Thank you.
Posted by lunatic11 (Member # 20394) on :
In for Logan, my 10 yr old nephew. Thanks so much !
Posted by AZ_Shooter (Member # 24114) on :
Please add my boy, Conner.
Posted by Bobtulowiecki (Member # 42326) on :
Please enter my daughter Reese Tulowiecki age 3. Thank you for your generosity
Posted by Bud B. (Member # 24907) on :
One more day!

Jump in!
Posted by travislsullivan (Member # 46566) on :
Madison 10
Mackenzie 8
Melanie 7
Bradley 6

Here is my brood. Thanks for doing this giveaway
Posted by TSHOOTER (Member # 8515) on :
Alright folks...I used a random number generator and the lucky winner is

Originally posted by J. Cook:
My daughter Maddie - she's 7.

Congratulations to Maddie [bigsmyl]

J. Cook please contact Mike Mecredy and he will get all your information.

Thanks everyone for participating.
God Bless!
Posted by ronp (Member # 7846) on :
Congratulations Maddie! [archer2] [clapper] [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by jonwilson (Member # 39607) on :
Congrats Maddie!
Posted by jt85 (Member # 39626) on :
Congrats Maddie
Posted by J. Cook (Member # 20751) on :
That's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for such a great program!!!! She was very excited when I told her she won on our way to church this morning! [bigsmyl]
Posted by Bud B. (Member # 24907) on :
[clapper] [archer2] [shaka]
Posted by lunatic11 (Member # 20394) on :
Congrats to the lucky winner ! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity !

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