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Posted by IdahoCurt (Member # 21925) on :
These are a set of crazy Dark Heart Myrtle that have a bunch of colors and character.
Post once and in two weeks I will randomly pick a winner.
Good Luck!

Posted by Tatonka17 (Member # 36135) on :
Count me in on those beauties. Your veneers are second to none Curt.
Posted by Hermon (Member # 26115) on :
Please count me in. Thanks for your generosity.
Posted by ShrtRnd (Member # 44618) on :
Please count me in also.

Posted by Bob T. (Member # 4027) on :
Curt, Thanks for your generosity. Please put me in again.
Posted by wood carver 2 (Member # 34649) on :
Some of the prettiest wood I've ever seen.
Count me in too.
Thank you!!!
It's hard to stop looking at it!
Posted by Trumpkin the Dwarf (Member # 31043) on :
Thank you for the offer Curt! Please throw my name in the hat.
Posted by The Nocking Point (Member # 26001) on :
I would like to be included.Thanks
Posted by Fletcher (Member # 1125) on :
Please count me in! Thanks!
Posted by Huntrdfk (Member # 938) on :
Those would look great on the bow I just ordered! Count me in Curt!

Posted by TOEJAMMER (Member # 20372) on :
Curt, I'd be grateful if you would add me to the list.
Many thanks.
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
Yes thanks Curt, I am happily in!
Posted by Dannon (Member # 4013) on :
I would be grateful if you'd add me to the list!
Posted by 4runr (Member # 8051) on :
I'd like added too Curt.

Thanks a heap.
Posted by Wapiti Chaser (Member # 2085) on :
I just started building my first bow yesterday under the watchful eye of a talented boyer, please put me in ! Thanks
Posted by Zmonster (Member # 13563) on :
In. Thanks for doing this!
Posted by steadman (Member # 6498) on :
I’m in Curt! Thanks man
Posted by HOGLESS2 (Member # 37446) on :
Count me in. Thanks for the chance
Posted by katman (Member # 9420) on :
In here, thanks
Posted by medic77 (Member # 17083) on :
Those are beautiful. Love to get a bow made out of them
Posted by Trenton G. (Member # 45397) on :
Please put me in. Thanks!
Posted by Big Ed (Member # 2241) on :
Count me in, Thank you for the offering!
Posted by Tim Finley (Member # 13934) on :
I would make myself a nice bow from those they are nice !!!!!
Posted by Blueridge (Member # 24304) on :
I’m in.
Posted by Guss (Member # 8991) on :
Curt, I wasn't looking to build a custom, but if I win these veneers ....I will..!! Thanks for the generosity brother..!!!
Count me in..!!
Posted by wooddamon1 (Member # 26099) on :
I'm in, thanks!
Posted by Big Ed (Member # 2241) on :
Count me in, Thank you for the offering!
Posted by Rough Run (Member # 44566) on :
Please put my name in the hat!
Thank you!
Posted by Tyler C. Moore (Member # 34463) on :
Please count me in for the drawing... thank you. Wonderful offer
Posted by Kopper1013 (Member # 41502) on :
Count me in those are gorgeous
Posted by monterey (Member # 15276) on :
Please include me. Those are captivating!
Posted by Gen273 (Member # 24602) on :
Thanks for the opportunity, I would like to be put in.
Posted by Jasper2 (Member # 23011) on :
Thanks for your generosity Curt, please put me in as well.
Posted by chase perry (Member # 37806) on :
Please include me in the running.

Thank you for the opportunity, Chase
Posted by WVbowhunter (Member # 44078) on :
Woah those are pretty throw my name in the hat
Posted by DesertDude (Member # 4551) on :
Please count me in......TY
Posted by meathead (Member # 5557) on :
Those are beauty’s. Count me in.
Posted by Matt Green (Member # 12548) on :
Please enter me. Thx in advance and yes - very nice wood!!! Matt green
Posted by Graps (Member # 39874) on :
Count me in. Thank you
Posted by Steelhead (Member # 9220) on :
I will play.

Thanks for the chance Curt!
Posted by delongbows (Member # 38193) on :
Please count me in....thanks!!!!
Posted by bucknut (Member # 40674) on :
Count me in. Thanks Curt.
Posted by SteveD (Member # 5233) on :
Beautiful Curt. Please add me. Thank you
Posted by T Folts (Member # 5126) on :
Please add me to the list.
Posted by KAZ (Member # 23991) on :
Stunning Veneers! Thank you for the opportunity, please count me in [jumper]
Posted by BrushWolf (Member # 24340) on :
Gorgeous! Count me in please.
Posted by dixiearcher (Member # 24300) on :
Wow please count me in. Thanks!
Posted by Bow man (Member # 13512) on :
Please include me. Thanks Curt
Posted by SteveL (Member # 587) on :
Add me to the pot...

Posted by DeerSpotter (Member # 10453) on :
Curt They are really nice looking, that's really kind of you.

Please add me in, thanks

Posted by GDPolk (Member # 36712) on :
I would love to be included. Thanks for the chance.
Posted by Ken E. (Member # 1698) on :
Please add my name. They are gorgeous
Posted by joe vt (Member # 253) on :
Very generous Curt. Throw my name in the mix please.
Posted by 1/4 away (Member # 141) on :
Those are beauties, please count me in.
Posted by Bert Frelink (Member # 8123) on :
Please count me in Curt.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted by PhilFloyd (Member # 90) on :
I'm in. Beautiful veneers. Thanks.
Posted by Alexander Traditional (Member # 35858) on :
I'll get in on this,thanks Curt!
Posted by Hopewell Tom (Member # 23301) on :
Please count me in.

Posted by jcprintz (Member # 5264) on :
Please include me also.

Thank you,

Posted by lefty4 (Member # 5571) on :
Thank you and please put me in.
Posted by Gil (Member # 1363) on :
Count me in pls, thanks for the opportunity
Posted by Bvas (Member # 44555) on :
Very generous. Count me in please.
Posted by Dave Worden (Member # 2827) on :
Much too pretty to not ask that my name be included! Thanks.
Posted by NCArrowflinger (Member # 37771) on :
Please count me in as well, those are amazing!
Posted by Woodpuppy (Member # 46065) on :
Please enter me, I bet they’d look fantastic in a Treadway!
Posted by Homebru (Member # 3018) on :
Thanks, Curt. Please count me in
Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :
I’m in!

Thanks for the chance!

Posted by Rando (Member # 4754) on :
I'm "in"...thanks for the opportunity!!
Posted by JamesV (Member # 23743) on :
WOW............ great looking
Do you stock riser wood to match those veneers?

Put me in,

Thanks, James
Posted by Overspined (Member # 12800) on :
Please count me in, wow
Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
Please consider me
Posted by -Zor (Member # 45935) on :
Count me in.
Posted by dhaverstick (Member # 4632) on :
My last visit to your website forced me to have a new bow made with your stuff. I guess I can make room in the closet for yet another one. Put my name in the hat, please.

Posted by turkey522 (Member # 15993) on :
Thanks for the chance.
Posted by monsterbuck (Member # 29438) on :
I'll try
Posted by imbowhunt10 (Member # 9995) on :
Wow! absolutely stunning. Please put me in, and thank you for the opportunity.
Posted by hitman (Member # 17631) on :
Wow that would make a knockout bow. Add my name please and thanks so much. You will make someone happy.
Posted by bulldog18 (Member # 23325) on :
Count me in please and thanks
Posted by Steve Clandinin (Member # 17084) on :
Fantastic looking wood, please count me in.thanks ever so much for the chance.
Posted by 10essee (Member # 46033) on :
Crazy beautiful wood. Count me in. Thanks
Posted by suburbanirma (Member # 9621) on :
I'd like to be included. Thanks!
Posted by Longtoke (Member # 43977) on :
Add me in please, those are beautiful.
Posted by Al Dente (Member # 1051) on :
Please add me to the drawing, they look gorgeous.
Posted by Hummer3T (Member # 34873) on :
Posted by IdahoCurt (Member # 21925) on :
Steelhead won!

Thanks for playing and I'll have another set up real soon
Posted by Steelhead (Member # 9220) on :
Must have been meant to be.Curts a big Steelhead fisherman.The stars alligned.

I have bought a few sets of veneers from Curt over the years.

To have a set on the house is amazing.Now I got to order a bow.I got a few in mind.

Awesome products and great service.
Thanks for the chance!
Posted by imbowhunt10 (Member # 9995) on :
Congratulations Eric, and thanks to Curt for the kind gesture.
Posted by steadman (Member # 6498) on :
Awesome gesture Curt
Posted by ProArcher (Member # 10673) on :
Those are awesome please and thank you
Posted by Dry Creek (Member # 9484) on :
Please count me in.

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