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Posted by stocker56 (Member # 37097) on :

First elk with a trad bow.

Taken with my bear take-down 58lb limbs at my draw
A.D. Trad lite arrows 29 1/4 in.
175 gr. woodsmen. total arrow wt. 520 gr.
Taken in the Kootenays of B.C.

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Posted by Gator1 (Member # 11196) on :
Fantastic, what a beautiful animal.... [archer]
Posted by Longbowlogan (Member # 25677) on :
That's awesome! Looks like a huge bull, congrats!!!!
Posted by bowhawk archer (Member # 2344) on :
Incredable looking bull Craig, congrats!
Posted by arsurveyor (Member # 36518) on :
WOW! Great bull; that would be a graet bull with a rifle....

Posted by limbolt (Member # 15667) on :
You're off to a great start,gonna be hard to beat that one,congrats! [clapper] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by Dave Thaxton (Member # 17257) on :
OH MY GOODNESS...what a beautiful animal...your storytelling is great too...congrats [clapper]
Posted by Ark.Buck (Member # 7441) on :
Great bull,your off to a great start this year!
Posted by canoeman (Member # 21144) on :
Congratulaions, that's awesome! Wow.
Posted by Exit Felix (Member # 34673) on :
Good grief! Amazing! Well done!
Posted by Fletcher (Member # 1125) on :
Congrats on a great bull, Stocker! You're off to a heck of a start. [thumbsup]
Posted by stocker56 (Member # 37097) on :
Thanks guys, much appreciated. [Big Grin]
Posted by pitbull (Member # 18540) on :
Awesome animal! congrats. [Not Worthy]
Posted by djohnson (Member # 22856) on :
Absolutely awsome elk! Congratulations. [clapper]
Posted by Knotter (Member # 18933) on :
WOW!!!!! What a beautiful animal for a first trad harvest. I'm inspired to spend more time going after elk.

Congratulations... and I hope you have more to come.
Posted by sheephunter (Member # 29170) on :
Fantastic bull! Very cool! Congrats!! [clapper]
Posted by Cyclic-Rivers (Member # 21222) on :
Wow! congrats [clapper]
Posted by medic77 (Member # 17083) on :
Oh man that is a toad. Congrats
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
holy moly.!!!
Posted by bansheewins (Member # 23433) on :
What a beast. CONGRATS
Posted by LITTLEBIGMAN (Member # 6518) on :
Holey Toledo!! what a dandy!! congratuaLTIONS
Posted by Greg Clark (Member # 3194) on :
Beautiful Bull! [thumbsup]
Posted by awbowman (Member # 24545) on :
Going to be hard to beat
Posted by mike70 (Member # 10704) on :
Congrats! Great shooting! [clapper]
Posted by ARCHER2 (Member # 11150) on :
You did good brother, congrats!
Posted by Izzy (Member # 10828) on :
Wow!!!! Super animal.
Posted by Hummer3T (Member # 34873) on :
Very nice, congrats.
Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :

Posted by rastaman (Member # 13385) on :
Awesome animal sir!
Posted by huntnmuleys (Member # 11779) on :
hot damn what a bull!
Posted by Gvan (Member # 20228) on :
Boy, that's a bull we all dream about! Congrats!
Posted by KentuckyTJ (Member # 12840) on :
When my daughter is up and gone it is ON is all I can say. Man this fuels my fire.
Posted by stujay (Member # 23799) on :
What a bull for your first...where do you go from here? LOL...Congrats!
Posted by Bogenjager (Member # 37171) on :
OH MY GOODNESS...large animal !!!!

Grüße Thomes [thumbsup]
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Nice Bull and bow I like it..........
Posted by buckeye_hunter (Member # 9866) on :
That is a STUD!
Posted by tradtusker (Member # 8659) on :
huge bull congrats
Posted by stocker56 (Member # 37097) on :
Thank you for the kind comments and support. [goldtooth]
Posted by Anointed Archer (Member # 4286) on :
WOWser what a Bull, excellent job [thumbsup]
Posted by twistedlim (Member # 36976) on :
Don't you know you can't take an elk with a 570 gr arrow :-) ... nice, nice, nice. Anytime you take an elk it is a huge accomplishment. They are the toughest animals on who inhabit the toughest terrain. Well done1
Posted by Ray Hammond (Member # 607) on :
Sweet, Stocker!
Posted by Kris (Member # 12826) on :
Beautiful bull...Congratulaions!

Posted by bone collector 85 (Member # 35579) on :
A huge congrats this is my dream hunt this and a grizzly but for now whitetails are good enough
Posted by briarsdad (Member # 35063) on :
Awesome bull congrats!!!! I can only hope and dream of someday taking an elk with one of my longbows.
Posted by SheltonCreeker (Member # 31787) on :
Wow that is a fantastic animal!
Posted by Basinboy (Member # 19754) on :
Beautiful Bull! Congrats!
Posted by string & fling (Member # 27205) on :
Thats awsome, well done sir!
Posted by kestimator (Member # 19093) on :
Awesome elk!!!
Congrats on taking it with a FB TD!! Very cool!!!
Posted by Bow man (Member # 13512) on :
Posted by graygoat (Member # 37150) on :
Beautiful Bull You're Heart Is Stronger Than Mine Kelvin [/QUOTE] Trust In God the rest could be a whole lot easier
Posted by BrownA5 (Member # 23725) on :
Unbelievable! I would love to do that someday!
Posted by ti-guy (Member # 20125) on :
Posted by Tsalt (Member # 27707) on :
Wow! That is an incredible bull!! Congrats! [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by KellyG (Member # 7924) on :
and what a first trad elk
Posted by Richie (Member # 24911) on :
Impressive [clapper]
Posted by beemann (Member # 17328) on :
Posted by Old Chief (Member # 34354) on :
Congratulations! That is some first bull. I think it might some time before you kill a better one. An awsome bull.
Posted by Buxndiverdux (Member # 35371) on :
Holy Smokes! What a bull! Congrats!
Posted by EcoRover (Member # 28303) on :
Sweet. Roosevelt? Antlers look different from our Rocky Mtn elk.
Posted by eddings220 (Member # 21627) on :
Man that is a very nice bull, congrats!!!
Posted by monsterbuck (Member # 29438) on :
Congrats. That's a good looking Elk. [thumbsup] [clapper] [thumbsup] God bless.
Posted by happy1 (Member # 1249) on :
Congratulations on a very nice bull! [thumbsup]
Posted by Ringneck (Member # 3367) on :
Beautiful animal!! Congrats!
Posted by Pac'em out (Member # 12109) on :
Congratulations, Sir. That is a fine animal.

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