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Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Pen of Beauty
Posted by mike g (Member # 75) on :
So....How do ya burp a fawn.... [Confused]
Posted by countrygirl (Member # 27) on :
That is precious! Dina
Posted by Van/TX (Member # 312) on :
I'm gonna play like I didn't see that come deer huntin' season [saywhat] [tunglaff] [wavey] ....Van
Posted by Weasel (Member # 843) on :
I'd give ANYTHING (well, almost) to have a photo sesson with a couple little fawns like that!!
Posted by Madpigslayer (Member # 139) on :
...sweet as!
Posted by Mike Byrge (Member # 187) on :
Man what a cool video!!! I'm gonna have to do like Van and forget I saw that here in about a month and a half.
Posted by trashwood (Member # 827) on :

Posted by AZStickman (Member # 16) on :
Man if that doesn't put a smile on your face there's something wrong with ya..... Terry
Posted by Doc Nock (Member # 116) on :
I'd offer up the thought that the only ones who'd ever be swayed by such input (video or other good stuff) would be those who are undecided and are willing to be educated before making "informed" choice on issues such as hunting.

I've come to find that those who are narrow-minded about things like hunting tend to also be narrow-minded about the fact that they ARE narrow-minded. [Smile]

It just don't help to try to educumate em... [Smile] They do not seem to wish to be confused by facts...regardless.
Posted by Huntswithsticks (Member # 1687) on :
I'm thinking along the lines of using it for an ad similar to what the PBS does. You know, "I am the PBS ..." except replace the PBS with "A Bowhunter".
I don't know how to do this, or even if Penny would be willing, but maybe somebody else out there does?
Posted by Missus (Member # 527) on :
[thumbsup] [thumbsup] Very Very neat... thats such a cool video. Thanks for sharing.

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