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Posted by RGKulas (Member # 40853) on :
Told my wife on Saturday that for our 28th Anniversary we are going to spend a week in Hawaii. Now Id like to couple that with a little bowhunting. Is there much to hunt at that time of the year? Ive never been to Hawaii before so assume I know nothing and you will be correct.

She is a beach/sun fan while I'm more inclined to spend a day or 2 hunting (dosent matter what I'm hunting so long as I have a bow in my hand)

The trip is 9 months away so no is the time to plan.
Posted by RGKulas (Member # 40853) on :
Is this area of the forum dead????
Posted by Msturm (Member # 41701) on :
Naww. Not dead. We just operate on Hawaiian time. lol.

I am going to link in the regs. This is the most "recently" updated version.

Now for the nitty gritty, what island are you going to be on? What would you like to hunt? Are you a DIY guy or would you like an outfitter? Public only or are you interested in paying for private land hunts?

I have some experience here on Oahu, though this is the island with the least amount of game. I may be able to offer a bit of help for other islands as well.

Things to remember before coming here. you HAVE TO have an original copy of your hunter safety card WITH YOU (from whatever state you got it in) If you don't have the original card they will not issue you an exemption number to get a hunting license. So remember to bring that. If you have not taken hunter ed, do so you have time. You will not be issued a licence without it. Licensing is cheap. I think out of state is like 100 bucks, and offers a bunch of species depending on what island you are on. Feb/March is the end of the winter season and may be pretty rainy depending on the side of the island you are on. Feb/March is also pretty good time for boar hunting due to the wetness as well.

I hope that helps a bit. PM me when you get some details of your trip nailed down and I will provide any info I can.


Posted by RD808 (Member # 36882) on :
If your headed to the big island let me know, I can point you in the right direction.

Posted by RGKulas (Member # 40853) on :
duplicate post.
Posted by RGKulas (Member # 40853) on :
I will be spending a week on Kauai but wonder if its very costly to island hop for a day hunt on another island?

I went to the Hawaii DLNR website last week and used their system to forward them my WI hunters ed certificate and they granted me an exemption.

They replied with this email


You have presented proper and valid documentation, which exempts you from having to successfully complete the State of Hawaii Hunter Education Course prior to obtaining a State of Hawaii hunting license.

The Exemption number for: RONALD KULAS is: EXMxxxxxx.

You may now purchase a State of Hawaii hunting license online at

A copy of the attached document must be presented to the licensing agent if purchasing a State of Hawaii hunting license in-person.

Please keep a copy of this email and document for your records.

If you have any questions, please contact Division of Forestry and Wildlife at 808-587-0166."

So what sort of bowhunting and species can I find on Kauai?
Posted by RGKulas (Member # 40853) on :
What species seasons are open in mid March???
Posted by RD808 (Member # 36882) on :
I believe an inter-island flight to the big island would be about $250. I know the Na Pali coast has some goat hunting and I believe you can get a camping permit and stay a few days deep in the canyons. You would have to check the mammal regulations to see if that unit is open for hunting though.
Posted by RD808 (Member # 36882) on :
March is good for big island hunts as most of the good areas are open. We have feral goats and hybrid sheep areas.
Posted by RGKulas (Member # 40853) on :
We booked our trip to be Feb. 15 thru 21. Will there be hunting seasons open then?
Posted by Msturm (Member # 41701) on :
Yep several areas are open during that time. check the regs in my previous post.

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