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Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Thanks to Tom Mussatto for compressing this clip for easy download.

I'd also like to add that I center punched the shoulder MUCLE...not the shoulder bone. The lungs were behind the shield where I hit and not bone. This shows just how far forward you can shoot a hog and go straight to the vitals boneless....if you got enough bow or the right broadhead to get through the shield.


Here's a pic of the shield and you can plainly see it and all its battle scars from taking jabs from other boar's tusks...



Not all hogs have shields this thick(2 inches), but they are noticeable when they get this big, so this might be good to know before you shoot if you see some saddle bags hanging off of one. Turn your volume up....


This is another hog I shot with Ray Hammond a couple of years ago...

This might be a great opportunity to show some shot placement photos. Ray and I discussed this on the way back, and by showing these pics someone may save themselves some grief. It shows just how forward you can shoot a hog because of the front end bone structure.

Remember, this 300#er only ran 30 yards, and this shot did get both lungs and the heart......Note the forward exit wound and this was from a 60# longbow and a Zwickey Delta 4 blade.


This pic reveals that 'Bride of Horse Tail' was slightly quartering away. It also shows how far forward it exited without hitting any bone. This picture however is deceiving on how low on the body the shot placement was.


This pic shows the true elevation on the body...and makes the shot 'low and tight'.


Here is the exit wound from a Delta 4 blade. You can see how far forward the exit was and no bone was contacted.


Results of the Shot....(Thanks to Ray Hammond for pulling this out of the gut bucket for me, I was too busy trying to get 3 hogs skint and quartered up that day)

Posted by Ray Hammond (Member # 607) on :
nice job, Terry!!! Great shooting, as usual.


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Posted by deadpool (Member # 13164) on :
dang thats nuts, what bw setup did u use to take it terry?
Posted by pseman (Member # 11917) on :
Great info. You always hear about the shoulder armor on hogs but until you see it, it is hard to understand just how thick they are.
Posted by pdk25 (Member # 12864) on :
Thanks Terry,
I didn't know that shield was that hard! I guess I better step it up if I want to get through that on a big hog.
Posted by Bjorn (Member # 6694) on :
Thanks for the video!
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
It was a 70# Thunderstick MOAB - and an Ace Super Express.


Yep, the guy had petrified catcher's mitts as saddle bags.

Here's another Heart Shot - Big Shielded Hog I passed through with a Zwickey 4 Blade head...



This was the entrance....take in mind the boar's front leg is forward...


It exited the off arm pit and passed through here on the way out...


Posted by TradPaul (Member # 15960) on :
Thanks for the tutorial Terry, for people like me with no experience with hogs, it's very valuable info.

Posted by frassettor (Member # 13503) on :
[clapper] [clapper] Well done terry
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
No problem guys....that's what this place is here for.

That Ace is not really correct in image....its a bit longer more spear point shaped. That pic came off their website...I'll try and get a better one.

HOGS: These shot placement pics are based on broadside animals, so take into consideration if the animal is quartering where to aim to cross through the middle of the animals vitals with the greatest margin of error.

Hog vitals are a bit more tricky as they are angled up a bit as they go back...the same double lung shot on a deer could result in a gut shot on a hog.

Low and tight is good...low and back aint...the same shot low and back(yellow circle) would double lung if it was high and back(pink circle) again I aim for the middle right over the elbow for the greatest margin of error on a broadside shot (orange circle).


I quit shooting hogs 'low and tight' after I lost one due to it being 3 inches back. I now aim as I suggested above(orange circle).

Same low and back on the deer would kill it(orange circle)....



Again...Low and tight is good...low and back aint...the same shot low and back(yellow circle) would double lung if it was high and back(orange circle) again I aim for the middle right over the elbow for the greatest margin of error on a broadside shot.

In this pic....the PINK circle gives you the greatest margin of error.


Shield Hardness and Location VIDEO - Click Here


I've seen this posted for years on web sites...

"I like to shoot them quartering away to avoid the shield".

I've tried to explain that this is not the case on a shielded boar....So at Solana I got pics of Michael's boar to add to the shot placements thread sticked at the top, so they can do the talking.

This is a pic of a shielded boar and the location of just how far back the shield goes and that you are not going to avoid the shield by shooting quartering away unless you shoot behind the rib cage, and that is a dicey shot.




Also, if you do shoot quartering away, your are actually increasing the thickness of the shield you have to pass through because you are making the shield thicker by the quartering away angle.

I am not condemning a quartering away shot with this post, I've shot plenty that way. I'm just making folks aware that you are not going to avoid the shield.....unless of course you shoot that little soft pocked in the clip posted on the shot placement thread...and that soft spot can be shot broadside as well.

Posted by rastaman (Member # 13385) on :
Terry...thanks for the video. Hogs (or hawgs as we say below Macon), have been my nemesis til this year. i finally took my first & second so far since January. My problem had been that subconsciously i couldn't make myself shoot that far forward. Until i get a few more under my belt, i'm still not comfortable shooting them unless they have at least a slight quartering angle.
That was awesome!
Posted by BUFF (Member # 6577) on :
good stuff thanks for posting it
Posted by beachbowhunter (Member # 3597) on :
Now that's a shield! Very cool little video Terry.
Posted by Stone Knife (Member # 10014) on :
Do all hogs have a shield that hard?
Posted by bowhunterfrompast (Member # 15591) on :
Great video, thanks for sharing Terry
Posted by badcompany (Member # 16161) on :
Thanks for the video. Nice info.
Posted by Shaun (Member # 2320) on :
Cool vid and pin point shooting as usual Terry.

Its hard to make oneself shoot right above the hog's leg on the body, seems like the bone will be there, but its not. The leg bone elbows forward and then back at the scapula. As Nicki Roth told me in Florida, "Everything behind the head is guts." Shoot right through that above the leg point or to pass between the legs on a quartering away shot. The heart lays right on the bottom of the chest you can't shoot too low.

Stone Knife, only the larger boars have a shield that heavy, but younger ones will have some thickening.
Posted by Boar Hog (Member # 14675) on :
neat video
Posted by Widowbender (Member # 11268) on :
I think I need a bigger bow [bigsmyl]

Cool Video, Terry. Thanks for sharing!!

Posted by madness522 (Member # 10719) on :
Thanks Terry thats good info! I have a hog hunt with Ray next month and am researching everything I can on how to hunt and where to shoot a hog. This was a very instructive video.
Posted by hunt it (Member # 1867) on :
Great hog Terry! That shield really is unbelievable till you see it for yourself. That big hog I shot last night of Sweat had a shield 1/2" thick. The weight of the shield pulled the skin off as we skinned it. Once we had the shields off we layed them out and it was all anyone of us could do to drive a knife through that shield. I wish we would have had more time to let some of the guys shoot at shields with lighter poundage bows. I was using a 75# Morrison with 640gr arrows and only got 10" of penetration at 15 ft.Hit was directly behind shoulder and took out both lungs.
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
The shield on that boar was nearly 2 inches thick where I hit him.

Seen shields before, but this one was VERY visible from over 50 yards way on the hoof.
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Here's a better pic of the ACE...sorry it took me so long....


Posted by texas terror (Member # 12526) on :
ive also seen them with shields that are very defined. im nobody but i always try to get a slight quartering away shot and in the arm pit. i have never wounded one that way with a 45# recurve. like i said i aint no expert it just has made me more successful and kept me off the thick stuff.
Posted by highpoint forge (Member # 14527) on :
Nice penetration. I always aim just behind their "elbow".......
Posted by hawgslayer (Member # 11549) on :

Thanks for sharing. Very informative..........

[clapper] [clapper] [clapper]

Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
TTT for the guy going on his 1st hog hunt.
Posted by WESTBROOK (Member # 8854) on :
Thanks Terry, some great info/evidence. I must have missed this on the first go-round.

Posted by RC (Member # 162) on :
Cool pics and video. Its rare a fella shoots to far forward on a hog.I shoot light poundage bows and aim for the pocket and forward.On small pigs I try to shoot through low shoulder.RC
Posted by bayoulongbowman (Member # 78) on :
Good example for Heavy Broadhead!!!!!!! [Smile]
Posted by Bonebuster (Member # 11593) on :
This is the type of information that can make the difference between success or failure.

Great thread.
Posted by Guru (Member # 616) on :
A couple of the best anatomy pix I've ever seen...



You can really see how low the spine runs thru the shoulder area. Also how low, forward, and small the lungs are.
Posted by bill langer (Member # 16959) on :
WOW Curt, killed my share of hogs, never looked at them like this though! Thanks for the detailed pix!!! Learn something everyday.-Bill
Posted by BlacktailBowhunter (Member # 15933) on :
Thanks for sharing this info. I am hunting with 7th Age the first weekend in May and this has been some great info.

Posted by bowhunterfrompast (Member # 15591) on :
Posted by jer11bravo (Member # 20141) on :
When the economy pics up I plan on doing a hog hunt thank you for the great info.
Posted by michaelschwister (Member # 15446) on :
yep, that is the spot to shoot them
Posted by parick (Member # 18066) on :
nice i cant wait to go hog hunting this summer
Posted by Jerry Wald (Member # 15100) on :
awesome info - now I just need to get somewhere where they have'em.

jer Bear
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
[Not Worthy]
Posted by swamp donkey (Member # 16820) on :
Thanks for posting the vitals.
Posted by s_mcflurry (Member # 17250) on :
Guru, is that black mass in the first picture the lungs or just blood?
Posted by Guru (Member # 616) on :
It's the traumatized front of the near lung....
Posted by Dirtybird (Member # 21130) on :
I hope to make good on some hogs at Rays place in a couple of weeks. This thread has been very helpful and I try to study up on something that I haven't hunted before. Thanks Terry and Curt for being so informative. [thumbsup] [readit]
Posted by aussiebowhunter (Member # 8615) on :
here s a pic of a boar skelton I found a few years back.


and he s a pic of thickness of their fighting pad.


good hunting
Posted by weedwacker (Member # 13196) on :
Great info! I had no idea the plate was that tough!
Posted by Sephen Claypool (Member # 26672) on :
What does everyone think u the magnus stinger for hogs? I had a buddy just get back from texas on a hog/javi hunt. He shot 2 javi's and bent 2 stinger heads. 1 blade and 1 ferrule. Its got me a little worried now. I have a hog hunt scheduled for early may at shilo.
Posted by Animal1 (Member # 34718) on :
Sweet shot!!!
Posted by charles m (Member # 2599) on :
Terry, didn't you pass through another large shielded boar with a 4 blade? Would you please post pics?
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Yeah...O'l BlockHead....let me see what I can dig up.
Posted by GO Rogers (Member # 25710) on :
Thanks Terry, great post...♠
Posted by ishoot4thrills (Member # 18541) on :
Nice work Terry. Appreciate the video tip as well. Someday this info will come in handy when I get to hunt hogs in the future. [pray]

Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
OK....I've added pics to my original post...AND to the 2nd post I made adding another hog for reference. All added photos are on the 1st page.
Posted by charles m (Member # 2599) on :
Posted by JamesKerr (Member # 29492) on :
Terry do you think you can pass through a shielded boar with a r/d longbow pulling 55# with a 620 grain arrow tipped with a 175 grn. VPA terminator?
Posted by JamesKerr (Member # 29492) on :
Sorry for the post on both forums I couldn't find my original post.
Posted by Tajue17 (Member # 1894) on :
not sure if this has been mentiuoned yet but Terry I know your a Fan of the single bevel Abowyers,,, just for info purposes how are the single bevel heads hitting that plate and will they spread the material and make it through?

when I went to Rays one fo the first things he taught me was the correct place to hit a boar and why,, later on I noticed he was a big fan of Grizzlys and I should of asked him this same question where I know he's got alot of boars.
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Dang James, sorry for the late response.....yes, I would think you could if your head was SHARP and the animal was still at impact....but certainly enough to kill them for sure....look at Izzy's hogs on the Solana thread. Look at the shielded hog he killed(not passed through) with a 47# bow and a 650 grain arrow.

Tajue17....I'm a fan of the Aboyers because of the way they are built not for the single bevel. I've only killed one hog with a single bevel, and it was an Abowyer Large BoneBuster. It was a sow so no shield was involved....was a nich hog though....bout 150#s.

All of the shields I've passed through have been with 4 blades and couple with WWs But the biggest were passed through with 4 blade Zwickeys.
Posted by JDunlap (Member # 28003) on :
I just hit a big sow yesterday and thought it was a perfect shot from about 20 yards, tracked her for 2 hours and finally lost the blood trail. After inspecting my arrow that was broken, I realized that I only got about 9 inches of penetration. I was using a 200 grain stos, 2213 arrow weight of 550 grains, out of a 55 pound recurve that shoots hard. I couldn't believe it. Very disappointed. My broadhead was sharp but not razor sharp. I can get them to cut hair but not "pop" hair like I want. I don't know if that was the problem, but regardless, I will be trying 3 blades to see if I can sharpen them easier or I will be investing in a KME.
Posted by bowhuntingrn (Member # 35544) on :
Great info! Hope to put it to use soon, we've got plenty of 'em around (Lake Texoma area in North Texas) I've just gotta get out and find a few.
Posted by OffTheKnuckle (Member # 35865) on :
Just skinned a small 100 lb hog a friend gave me to feed out. I attempted to brain tan the hide but that's a diff story.
I was amazed at how dense the shield was on that little pig.
Posted by 187BOWHUNTER (Member # 36015) on :
nice hog, thx for posting the pics and vid
Posted by Lungbustr1 (Member # 19213) on :
Terry, that's too sweet man. Way to keep it all together in the fog of war! Score one for the good guys!
Posted by monsterchelli (Member # 35982) on :

I Know this has been said before But thank you for posting this information, it has helped me.
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Posted by RecurveRookie (Member # 36558) on :
Thanks Terry, nice pics. I will keep that in mind this fall. Good Hunting!
Posted by PTLMG (Member # 36243) on :
Thats some good info partner. thnx
Posted by PTLMG (Member # 36243) on :
Man, this is an awesome educational post. Awesome job with the visuals and the explanation. Thank you.
Posted by wudstix (Member # 10406) on :
Good pics as I get ready for GRXH 2013, 15-17 Feb at Granger WMA. Bring no food, we eat what we kill and/or catch.
Posted by Golden (Member # 38281) on :
Grate info.thx!
Posted by Brett Wilmore (Member # 24691) on :
MAP and I are headed to Matador WMA TX this weekend for 5-day hunt session, great info--thanks!
Posted by Stompie (Member # 38830) on :
Just for interest sake any of you guys planning a trip to africa practice the shots as indicated by Terry as a safe shot all african animals needs to be shot in the triangle made by the front leg and nothing further back(only kudu is an excemption)
Thanx Terry well documented and explained!!!!
Posted by Pete (Member # 1145) on :
I've done two shots on big HOGS quarter behind shield arrow came out other side between shoulder and head. Three steps and they dropped! I really try for that shot!Very impressive! The photos you show Terry are the same ones I have taking on hunts and pass out to guys who have yet to kill a Hog,they can really see where to place that arrow. Glad to see those pics again, your getting me itching to go get bacon.Pete
Posted by crittergetter (Member # 40336) on :
I am sitting in my stand with my hickory self bow I made this summer just wishing 1 of those dang hogs would come by. Its just a matter of time! this is my first year hunting with traditional equipment since I was a kid! Just curious if any 1 knows when and if Mohawk bows will be accepting orders again? Really love his work and would love 1 of his bows!
Posted by brut (Member # 29696) on :
Great shooting, looks like he liked to fight
Posted by Chops (Member # 40976) on :
What an education I got from this thread! I hope to hunt hogs in the future. I will remember to check back here once I can group my shots in that space.
Posted by The Huntress (Member # 28197) on :
Wow, thank you for this post! I'm dreaming of getting a hog and have learned a lot that will help!!
Posted by jerry hill (Member # 22997) on :
Good pictures and good advice for others to follow. The shield of a wild boar is something else.I shot one years ago in Louisiana, and you couldn't stick an ice pick through the shield. Shot placement as explained here is the best example I have seen posted.only other choice is to brain one, only when it is a half to, kill or get cut up. Choice you may have to make.JERRY HILL...
Posted by jerry hill (Member # 22997) on :
I have hunted all types of game over the years.the hunting of hogs has always been my favorite. It offers all the challenges and dangers that one could hope for. They desire great respect and an archer should hunt them with the up most respect. It be wise for an archer who is going for the first time to read and study them well. Knowing their behaviours will prepare one for one of the GREATEST adv adventures to be had. Never ever take anything for granted when hunting wild hogs. If one let's their guard down for one second, is When you may find yourself in trouble. Always when making a shot, renock another arrow quickly, because a downed boar may not be quite dead yet.JERRY HILL....
Posted by Lady Frost Dragon (Member # 43292) on :
Wow is all I can say. Very cool thread. The pictures were very informative. Not to mention the massive hog. [Smile]
Posted by gtsticker (Member # 26942) on :
great info about to go hog hunting so it is timely for me
Posted by m8hunter (Member # 42528) on :
Is 50 lb draw enough for hog hunting? I'm just getting into traditional archery. I live in Texas, so once I get my accuracy to an ethical level I would love to go get some hogs!

I'm practicing with a #45 pound bow, but I have a 50# Super Kodiak that I plan on hunting with.
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Yes, it sure is. Make sure you got great arrow flight and sharp heads.
Posted by m8hunter (Member # 42528) on :
Thanks Terry! Pretty much what I figured but I wanted to double check.
Posted by WESTBROOK (Member # 8854) on :
This has been an invaluable thread!

This shot was on a little 100# boar. Shooting down hill and a slight 1/4 away. Got the top and back of the lungs. Arrow went all the way through and was hanging by the fletch. He only went about 40 yd.



Spruce arrow with 175g Grizzly Instinct 3 bld, about 625g.

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