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Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
i keep getting asked for requests to this article so it might as well be a sticky topic here at the powwow ...

Traditional Archery for Bowhunters
Posted by elkhunter-27 (Member # 44229) on :
Thanks for posting this. I used a recurve 40+ years ago and then got into compounds. This year I decided to get back to traditional, it's been a long learning curve and I'm sure this article will help immensely. Thanks, again!
Posted by GECybulski (Member # 44374) on :
A very good article. Thank you.
Posted by Drywood (Member # 44203) on :
Elkhunter-27 after 30 years with compounds ,I had a rotater cuff operation and rehab 4 years ago . I went to recurves ,in lighter weights but it took me years to hit my target. Like you say it is a long learning curve but you will win in the end
Posted by markbrit (Member # 40668) on :
Good read!
Posted by Deno (Member # 44244) on :
Great article
Posted by CarefreeMike (Member # 44428) on :
Newbie here,

This site was recommended to me on a Fred Eichler's facebook page. I have shot a compound bow most of my life but just got a new longbow for Christmas. I have never shot a longbow before and want to learn how to shoot it 'the right way' and not form any rookie bad habits. I live in Phoenix AZ on the north end of town.

My set up is a little flexible but for now I was planning on using my longbow(55# 68" PSE Sequoia) with Beman ICS Hunters with 100 gr points. They have vanes on them right now but I was going to get some feathers put on them and then go practice at the range. What do y'all think?
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
hi mike and welcome to trad gang.

there probably will be a HUGE holding weight and length diff'rence 'tween yer compound and a 55# @ 28" longbow that's 68" long. what may seem easy to do in a comfy situation could be a struggle during a cold time at a brushy/tree hunt venue. that may well be yer first hurdle.

you might wanna peruse the article this thread is about - Traditional Archery for Bowhunters
Posted by CarefreeMike (Member # 44428) on :
thanks rob

I know that it is gonna take some conditioning to get my arm and shoulder to be able to pull 55# bow but I think I am up to the challange. I read the article you posted in the first email that I received from Trad Gang and I love that advice. I love archery and bowhunting but I don't get the opportunity to hunt very often but I do shoot a lot(archery & firearm). I am not extremely concerned with my ability to bowhunt with the longbow but I would like to be an excellent instinctive archer.
Posted by beaunaro (Member # 19888) on :
I am certainly not an expert traditional archer, but what you are thinking is is a long learning curve to become proficient.

I think we all struggle at times,but if the most pure fun of archery is what you desire, then trad shooting is where it's at.

Each archer has "his or her" own techniques that work for them, but the most important thing is to be consistent...same anchor point,same draw regimen,same grip,same hold or sight picture of the target, same release, etc.

There are many good books and videos on the subject, but what really helped me was to get a coach or instructor.

Rick Welch, Rod Jenkins, Byron Ferguson, Arnie name a few.

If you consult them first, you wont have as many bad habits to unlearn.

A few days with one of these guys at a clinic or individual instruction works wonders and is not expensive in the big scheme of things.


Welcome and Good Shooting
Posted by Corey713 (Member # 44486) on :
Hello everyone, Im pretty new to the traditional archery thing. I have shot compound for about 15 years now, but the fun just isn't there anymore. On top of that there is just to much to rely on with compounds, and there just isn't that connection with the bow. So after lots of shopping and talking with different people at archery shops i go to. I was pointed in the direction of Jim Belcher and Sky archery. Jim and his wife are awesome, Great people great shop and amazing bows. Since i have purchased a trophy long bow 30#@28" 66" and a Thunder recurve 55#@28" 56". I was wondering if anyone could help me to decide on what arrows to shoot. I have been playing around with some old aluminum's that I threw some feathers on. I like the larger diameter but they are just plain old heavy. was thinking cedar but i know nothing about cedar arrows. Anything would be a help.

Thank you all
Posted by achigan (Member # 39387) on :
Hey Corey! I'd give one of the sponsors a call. Big Jim's Bow Company has taken good care of me, as has 3 Rivers. Lost Nation Archery is good as well. j
Posted by OkieBowHunter11 (Member # 44714) on :
Lots of great info here also a newbie so it was much appreciated I will be getting into a lighter bow tomorrow can't wait to see what it's about.
Posted by Tedd (Member # 1692) on :
Very good. Our state game news should have a column like that. I think a lot of bowhunters might use trad equipment if they could just get a start.
Posted by pabow1967 (Member # 44934) on :
My first post here on tradgang!! Great article..I have made the switch to traditional after 30 years shooting compounds and I'm very excited. Just got a Samick Journey 40# and cant wait to pick it up and get shooting.
Thanks again for allowing me in and thanks for a great article
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
welcome to all! [wavey]
Posted by William L McCauley (Member # 44949) on :
Thought I'd say hello. My first post, I've been shooting a Bear Grizzly 60# for a lot of years and have shot nothing but traditional bows. The 60# wears me down pretty quick now so I've decided to build a bow. Found the build along for the pyramid bow and will attempt it. Should be fun.
Posted by Grittybow (Member # 45132) on :
newbie here glad i was referred to this site, seem like a bunch of awesome people with a ton of respect for traditional archery.

Great article!

Posted by Captain*Kirk (Member # 45005) on :
Originally posted by Grittybow:
newbie here glad i was referred to this site, seem like a bunch of awesome people with a ton of respect for traditional archery.

Great article!


Welcome! I'm not far from you. Any questions, feel free to PM me any time.
Posted by Pete (Member # 1145) on :
I'm left eye dominate, but have been shooting right hand for 51 years. As long as you blink the left eye, this gives the right eye A chance to take over....if you shoot enough and stick with it, it works.
Posted by frank4570 (Member # 36659) on :
Is there a forum for arrow making? If there is I can't find it and I don't want to post stuff in the wrong forum.
Maybe video instructional?
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
Originally posted by frank4570:
Is there a forum for arrow making? If there is I can't find it and I don't want to post stuff in the wrong forum.
Maybe video instructional?

guess that somehow you missed seeing the "how to - resources" forum. [Wink];f=2
Posted by frank4570 (Member # 36659) on :
Ah, it was under archives. I sometimes need a push in the right direction. That should keep me busy for a while. Thanks.
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
Originally posted by frank4570:
Ah, it was under archives. I sometimes need a push in the right direction. That should keep me busy for a while. Thanks.

glad to help out! [campfire]

please don't hesitate to seek help, ask questions, share your crafting on the powwow forum or elsewhere. also, pm or email directly to me if need be! enjoy! [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by BramosCombat (Member # 45825) on :

I'm new to the forum, although I have been reading a lot of posts prior to joining up. Impressed with the amount of information and experience here. I look forward to picking your brains and learning all I can. I was a compound shooter, picked up my first long bow and fell in love with it. Now, I don't find myself going back anytime soon.

Posted by Meflyfisherman (Member # 46090) on :
Hello all,

New to this site and to "hunting" with a traditional bow. I have been hunting with compounds for 30+ years but shooting recurves off and on since I was six. I picked up a 69" Bear Tamerlane and had so much fun shooting it that I decided this year to forsake the compound and get into using traditional gear.

I just bought a Bear Grizzly a couple weeks ago and im shooting really well with it. 50# but Im only pulling 27" so im around 48#. I checked a spine chart and tried my Beman ICS hunters with a 125gr tip and it seems to be shooting well (quiet too) with such a light arrow. My question is, what would you all recommend for a good build for a hunting arrow (and same for practice).

My thoughts are GT traditional classic (cut to 28") with 5" shield cut feathers and a 150gr Magnus Stinger broadhead. This alone will put me at ~ 10gr per lb of pull. Would you recommend brass inserts for the broadhead end of the arrow and in what weight? I have had good results with a myriad of wheel bow arrows in the FOC area but not sure how important it is in traditional hunting arrows. Also, many blogs recommend a 500 spine arrow for this weight but with a heavier tip and the generous center cut on the grizzly, im thinking a can keep with a 400 spine, heavier arrow. Do you all agree.

Thanks for any suggestions, Im wicked stoked about this years season and want the best penetrating arrow I can deliver!
Posted by dyoungvero (Member # 46119) on :
Hi Rob,

Thanks for the article. Last fall, while in New Mexico, I was at a craft show and saw a fellow who was building beautiful custom bows. I hadn't shot a bow for 50 years, since I was 16. I talked with him a bit and then visited his shop/range where I was able to shot one of his long bows. Half an hour later, I left with a 70 inch, #42/28 ordered. It was delivered in time for Christmas. (Since my draw is just short of 30 inches, seems I am drawing 46-48 pounds.) Got connected with a great group of folks who run the local indoor range here in Vero Beach, FL. Started with their 20# recurves twice a week. Have now worked up to being able to shoot a 70-80 arrows from my bow in my normal hour range time. Goal is to be able to consistently put six arrow string into a 5 inch circle at 20 yards.

Although I had not planned on hunting, the range owner has several hundred acres west of town and hogs are a problem, tearing up pastures and the 3D range he has there. He needs to cull about 20-25 a year. When the cameras show they have started moving in the daytime, we'll start hunting them.

At the age of 66, I can't tell you how exciting it is to get back into a great sport.

Thanks for the site and I hope to be able to post some photos sometime in the future.

Don Young
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
welcome to trad gang, don! [wavey]

sounds like you got a good bow, how's that holding weight treating ya? work into it, don't overdo!

feral hogs have been at epidemic proportions in the USA for many years. i read one gov't agency report that stated if 70% of the ferals were killed off in a year, they'd be back to epidemic numbers a year later.

Posted by Sam McMichael (Member # 17671) on :
Great article! When I was a youngster, many different writers pointed out some of the same things you have mentioned here, but your article brings these common sense principles together into a concise and simple composition that provides a solid base of information to build upon.
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
thank you, sam.

making sure to put in all the stuff that applies to trad archery/bowhunting can be too much for a newbie to contemplate and grasp. if ya try to simplify, make it concise and leave stuff out, that might make for easier reading but doesn't allow for the big picture. i hope what i've done makes for easy reading and contains all the right stuff required for success.

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