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Posted by gvdocholiday (Member # 14784) on :
Huge shout out to my family for helping me track this deer last night, over 400 yards through some pretty gnarly terrain.
All that effort was not in vain, as this morning, only 50' from last blood and on the opposite side of the channel that hindered our search last night, my first buck taken with traditional archery tackle was found.
This deer has catapulted itself to the top of my list of harvests, and I'm glad you all were there to share in the tracking.
I have trail cam pics of this buck, 1.64miles away from where I shot him back on October 15th. Just goes to show you, how deer will travel.
This is also the first buck I've drawn down on, with any weapon, since November 10th, 2010. I've taken dozens of does but never had the opportunity at a buck until last afternoon. I'm still giddy as all get out, especially considering this was a new spot. I drive by this spot daily, and Wednesday I decided to give a quick little scout, and Sunday afternoon the wind was perfect. I'm glad I waited. Would have liked a better shot, but, meat is still in great shape and will be spending many-o-days in my crockpot and on my Weber.
Northern Michigan, public land. St Joe River Longbow Woodsman 150

Posted by Two Tracks (Member # 19120) on :
Nice Buck.
Posted by A.S. (Member # 9316) on :
Posted by frank bullitt (Member # 17387) on :
Cool! Fine looking buck!
Posted by achigan (Member # 39387) on :
[thumbsup] well done!
Posted by achigan (Member # 39387) on :
[thumbsup] well done!
Posted by Joeabowhunter (Member # 35320) on :
Posted by Cyclic-Rivers (Member # 21222) on :
Congratulations! Way to hang in there during the difficult tracking job.
Posted by gvdocholiday (Member # 14784) on :
Originally posted by Cyclic-Rivers:
Congratulations! Way to hang in there during the difficult tracking job.

This was my first venture into this area this year. Did a quick scout and sit.

Found out the reason the channel was so deep because of an impressive beaver dam.

I was able to cross the dam easily only 100yds from last blood the previous night. My deer was laying half in the water on the opposite bank directly across from last blood.

The saturated river bottom, shoulder high grass, shadows from flashlights, it was a tough track.
Posted by fnshtr (Member # 18653) on :
Way to get it done! The first is the toughest, it provides the confidence needed for the next XXX that you will take.

[clapper] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by rastaman (Member # 13385) on :
Way to go sir!
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
Nice deer and a well told story.
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
Nice deer and a well told story.
Posted by Stumpkiller (Member # 976) on :
That's a great entry.

Hopefully the first of many!

Congratulations. Nothing like the surge of thankfulness and relief that wells up at that first sight of white (or antler) up ahead after following a trail.

Posted by Kopper1013 (Member # 41502) on :
Posted by mec lineman (Member # 29030) on :
Great job
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Posted by Warden609 (Member # 9279) on :
[thumbsup] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by drewsbow (Member # 3040) on :
Posted by Cwilder (Member # 36482) on :
Congrats brother!
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Outstanding , Congrats sir...

Posted by ESP (Member # 23117) on :
Congratulations. Well done
Posted by wooddamon1 (Member # 26099) on :
[thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by Elkchaser (Member # 3860) on :
Very nice!! [thumbsup]
Posted by Bow man (Member # 13512) on :
Congratulations Bryan.
Posted by bucknut (Member # 40674) on :
Good deal. Congrats on the first Trad Buck!
Posted by TIM B (Member # 34411) on :
Gotta love finding new spots
Tim B
Posted by ron w (Member # 14741) on :
[clapper] [clapper]
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
[jumper] [jumper] [jumper] [jumper] [jumper] [jumper]
Posted by dbd870 (Member # 39974) on :
Way to go! [thumbsup]
Posted by Big Ed (Member # 2241) on :
Very nice!
Posted by Duker (Member # 25532) on :
AWESOMEEEE [thumbsup]
Posted by John Malone (Member # 46247) on :
Congratulations. The only thing is now you're hooked for life, don't worry you learn to live with it.
Posted by BlacktailBowhunter (Member # 15933) on :
Very nice. Congrats
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
Great job bro!
Posted by anexaminedlife (Member # 35704) on :
Nice job and nice looking buck!
Posted by sheepdogreno (Member # 42390) on :
Congratulations and awesome job stickin with the track
Posted by The Nocking Point (Member # 26001) on :
Now you have the hardest one behind you.
Posted by Captain*Kirk (Member # 45005) on :
Nice work! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by KyStickbow (Member # 23941) on :
Posted by Doug Treat (Member # 2365) on :
Posted by doubleo (Member # 12581) on :
Nice buck! Congrats!
Posted by MIPredator (Member # 37213) on :
Nice work Doc!! Hoping to drop my first MI whitetail with trad gear this year. I should head north sometime and meet up with you. We're about the same age and I don't know anyone around me shooting a trad bow.
Posted by NIGEL01 (Member # 22184) on :
Very Nice
Posted by warden415 (Member # 2240) on :
Posted by vintage-bears (Member # 29551) on :
Posted by Three Arrows (Member # 14577) on :
Congratulations on a nice buck!
Posted by T-Bowhunter (Member # 35398) on :
Posted by tradgreenhorn (Member # 8974) on :
Congratulations , Very nice Buck
Posted by drewsbow (Member # 3040) on :
Posted by Ray Lyon (Member # 35) on :
Congratulations on a fine Northern MI buck!! Way to stick with the recovery
Posted by tradgreenhorn (Member # 8974) on :
Congratulations , Very nice Buck
Posted by hunterdau2 (Member # 23303) on :
Congrats, still looking to get my first.
Posted by chase perry (Member # 37806) on :
That’s terrific! A fine buck, and hunt, you’ll remember for a lifetime. Also a very cool photograph. Your grandchildren will be looking at that one day thinking you were pretty awesome. [coffee]

Best regards, Chase
Posted by rastaman (Member # 13385) on :
Good job on tracking! Nice deer!
Posted by dirtguy (Member # 17624) on :
Posted by joe vt (Member # 253) on :
Super nice [Smile]
Posted by ScottinPA (Member # 2935) on :
Posted by twitchstick (Member # 19043) on :
Posted by Sam McMichael (Member # 17671) on :
Congratulations! It looks like a good job scouting as well as tracking. You, sir, are a trad bowhunter for sure.

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