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Posted by BigP (Member # 44383) on :
Does anyone hunt with a Stormy Kromer wool hat? What do you think?
Posted by wooddamon1 (Member # 26099) on :
I sometimes do, but I usually have it on backwards to shoot. Great hat for cold in general.
Posted by K.S.TRAPPER (Member # 6950) on :
I always do, have two of them and wear them all winter long not just hunting. Never have to turn mine around to shoot and I shoot longbows, never been a problem.

Hands down the most comfortable hat I've ever worn and several friends and family have gone to them after trying mine. I could post bunches of picks but since PB is holding them hostage I can't right now. Sorry!

Posted by Holm-Made (Member # 1997) on :
They are very comfortable and I have two. I don’t wear them much because they are too warm most of the year and in cold weather they don’t keep the ears warm.
Posted by Steve Jr (Member # 13169) on :
I have a couple they keep your head warm. I also have a classic Bowman hat that is very similar. I wear them to church and just every day stuff this time of year.This summer I bought a coups cap from Two Tracks it is AWESOME and goes hunting with me , definitely keeps the ears warm. Plenty of options out there.
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
Absolutely love mine.
Posted by The Nocking Point (Member # 26001) on :
Best winter cap out there
Posted by centaur (Member # 14053) on :
Yep, worn that style for years.
Posted by kadbow (Member # 7420) on :
I have one with the short brim that works in cool temps, the classic bowmen hat is much warmer for cold temps in a similar style.
Posted by Stickbow Sniper (Member # 45336) on :
Yes. They look best with trad wool shirt or jacket as opposed to Realtree/Mossy Oak type camo. They are good for cool weather, not warm or cold weather. I turn mine backwards before shooting but that will depend on your personal style and anchor point.
Posted by Bear_hunter45 (Member # 39514) on :
If you buy a Stormy Kromer I would suggest you get the rancher model. It has bigger ear flaps and will keep your ears a lot warmer. I’ve been out moving wood to my boiler this morning. It’s 7 degrees with a 5 mph wind and my head and ears are warm as can be.
Posted by limbshaker (Member # 34690) on :
I have a few. The waxed canvas one is nice when it's damp out. The wool ones breathe better and are more comfortable. I can't shoot with them on though.


I have two of the brimless ones and LOVE em. Fit good, low profile, and just warm enough without making your head sweat. It gets my pick for bowhunting
Posted by -Zor (Member # 45935) on :
Yes. But even with the short brim I have to turn it a bit sideways to clear the string.
Posted by Vesty (Member # 4615) on :
Nothing better in my opinion. I have two of the short brim models they used to sell. Why they stopped offering this option I'll never know, but a few complaints sent their way may get their attention.
Posted by Wapiti Chaser (Member # 2085) on :
I have sent in suggestions to bring back the short brim several times ... I did just pick up a pair of Stormy Kromer Grey wool pants for $20 at an antique store that are just like new . Love there stuff and I think the short brim would sell .
Posted by Covey (Member # 14989) on :
I’ve had one for couple years now. You wear one enough, they just kinda form to your head. Awesome, warm hats! I do need to turn mine around to shoot, but that’s not a problem.
Posted by BUCK-EYE (Member # 7358) on :
i bought one a few years ago from the factory in Ironwood. We where on our annual hunt in the U P and made the trip west. I love the it, I wear it for hunting and around the house in the winter. i have to turn it backwards when shooting.
Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
I've been wearing Stormy Kromers for years, in fact at one time I sold them in my shop. I've got a big noggin and Kromers go as big as an 8 size.... Great cap

Posted by JusAGuy (Member # 46204) on :
Ron are you sportin' a new wooly design there?

I've not seen that one on your site...(or Fred's either for that matter).
Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
Ron are you sportin' a new wooly design there?
I'm wearing the new Asbell wool bibs and zippered jacket. The jacket also has a hood. The gray wool matches the gray in my Stormy Kromer.

Teresa hasn't got that picture on her website because she said she hasn't got the jacket ready to go yet.
Posted by BAK (Member # 1272) on :
I love the hats, just not for shooting as I always hit the bill with the string. Wish they made an archers version, thought they did at one time.
Posted by Overspined (Member # 12800) on :
If you think you like the Kromer try a Two Tracks Coups cap. I’d never go back. Soft brim, amazing pure soft virgin wool that controls moisture and can battle the elements.
Posted by antler chaser (Member # 7767) on :
really cool hats wear mine a lot,I have no problem shooting,they make a rancher warmer and with longer ear flaps I believe? and check out there warranty.
Posted by doubleo (Member # 12581) on :
I have a couple of Kromer hats. Shot a buck the first time in a new stand wearing one of my Kromers.You can guess what I named the stand! Nice warm hats that look pretty cool! [thumbsup]
Posted by MIBIGHNTR (Member # 36993) on :
I also love my Two Tracks wool coups cap!!

Posted by BAK (Member # 1272) on :
Two Tracks !!! Who can afford $75 for a hat? Probably the same folks who buy Yeti coolers I guess.
Posted by Burnsie (Member # 150) on :
I prefer the Coups Cap

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