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Posted by Friend (Member # 15967) on :
Whether a new introductory for 2018, or a new bow for the individual or a used bow which is new to the individual inherently possesses gratifying anticipation.

The many gifted bowyers seem to always inspire us with their ingenuity, craftsmanship, art work and raising the bar in fulfilling our needs, wants and desires.

Hope many find their new joys in 2018 and share your prized acquisition.
Posted by hybridbow hunter (Member # 22270) on :
Well it came as santa's gift, so not yet 2018 but for a few days
Timberghost BlackPearl 62" 55#

Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
Those limbs are full of curl! How do they shoot and are they quiet? Nice photo by the way.
Posted by The Nocking Point (Member # 26001) on :
Beautiful stick,think I will stay with my Wild Horse Creek,fits me better than any I have ever owned.
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
I did notice on Bears web site, a new 50s style 64" offering. It will be interesting to hear feedback on it.
Posted by drewsbow (Member # 3040) on :
I will be getting my BigJim mountain monarch in 2018 , can't wait
Posted by modr (Member # 22145) on :
New Schafer Silvertip,one piece ,black and white ebony,60",48@28 coming this week.
Posted by Big Ed (Member # 2241) on :
Stalker ILF Recurve Highly figured Walnut/ Phenolic Handle with Crazy figured Walnut Limbs!
Can’t wait being built now, so hope to have it by months end.
Happy New Years !!
Posted by ESP (Member # 23117) on :
Dryad epic ilf with a s longbow limbs. Should be in my hands sometime in February. All black bow. Black onyx riser and black glass. First custom bow in seven years.
Posted by ESP (Member # 23117) on :
Acs longbow limbs
Posted by Cyclic-Rivers (Member # 21222) on :
I haven't shot some of my bows for so long, they will be like new again by the time they are pulled out. Its great!
Posted by Friend (Member # 15967) on :
hybridbow hunter...A TimberGhost SS has accompanied me on 74 hunts, thus far, this deer season...The TimberGhost bas personally proven to be a wonderful and most reliable hunting companion.
Posted by limbshaker (Member # 34690) on :
I picked up a used RER XR in bocote and black phenolic. 60" 49#@28".

Intended to replace my 42# 62" XR but somehow I doubt that will work out lol...

Love these bows.
Posted by hybridbow hunter (Member # 22270) on :
The new design shoots good and is really fast. I chronoed it pound for pound 2 fps faster than my faster bow the Black Douglas HEX6.5 from Border. Vertical and torsional stability is great and allow tight groups. The thing is on that bow limb timing is really perfect with NO post shot buzz nor hand shock. "Dead " after release.for this one
I struggled a little to get it hunting quiet as I draw past 31" but at 7.25" brace height with sticktammer and 2 pairs of wool silencers it is now good enough.
Posted by Roadsnakes (Member # 45738) on :
Originally posted by Cyclic-Rivers:
I haven't shot some of my bows for so long, they will be like new again by the time they are pulled out. Its great!

Because I shoot only outside, and all of my bows are 50 years old, it`s just been too cold to shoot outdoors.

- 20-25 Below Zero this morning. At those temperatures, they`d might snap like a Christmas Candy Cane!

I`m afraid I`m with you.

When it finally warms up enough for me to shoot, it`ll be like shooting a new bow!
Posted by Medicare Bhtr (Member # 36646) on :
Awaiting a Bear Limted Edition TD #82. Plan on hunting spring turkeys with it.
Posted by Friend (Member # 15967) on :
Have a highly desired Big Jim Mountain Monarch on order...G10 riser with Black and White Ebony limb veneers.
Posted by 10essee (Member # 46033) on :
Still couple months away but I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my new Centaur Glass. Coco/Juniper 50#@28".
Posted by trad_bowhunter1965 (Member # 6938) on :
should be getting my Yellowstone Halfbreed any day.
Posted by babs (Member # 17376) on :
I got a 3pc 64" 45lb at 28" stewart longbow coming this week with masconar ebony riser and yew/ bamboo limbs.
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
If I were to pull the plug right now and order a new custom it too would be the Mountain Monarch! Seems Jim knew what it took to stir our community.
Posted by danshao (Member # 41127) on :
Will probably get a new set of 50# medium ilf limbs this year for pigs, maybe..

I also might choose to sell a couple of bows that I no longer use or can’t use... had a couple bad decisions in 2017 in bow trade and purchase. With the money I can go for one of the archery clinics or the iron mind online course. I’d rather shoot better with all my bows than acquiring a new bow that I end up not like because I can’t shoot it good enough.
Posted by wood carver 2 (Member # 34649) on :
I'll be getting a Big Jim Thunderchild as a late Christmas gift. I can't wait!
Posted by MnFn (Member # 15341) on :
I cant afford to buy anymore bows without selling some. So, a couple of sales are funding a really nice Liberty Elite Contender from Chase.

AND a new Tall Tines ???

Two bows from two of my favorite bowyers.
Posted by Nole (Member # 21300) on :
I am on Big Jim's list for a Mountain Monarch since last December, should get the call any day now. Cannot wait!
Posted by BRITTMAN (Member # 7431) on :
I'll be getting a new 7 Lakes Long Night in a few weeks . 66 inch Long all bamboo limbs , Bacote riser with Bacote overlays
Posted by 10essee (Member # 46033) on :
I have a 66" Long Night myself. It has flat cut Cherry limbs with the instrument grade curly maple riser and riser overlay with Buffalo horn tips. Mike makes a very nice bow. Mine is 51@29 and slings them with authority.
Posted by ThePushArchery (Member # 14520) on :
South's new ILF all micarta riser with orange G10 accents throughout. Gave him creative jurisdiction for the spliced limb veneers. In process now, can't wait. I've been shooting his prototype ILF bow for the last week or so and loving it.

I also have a Dingo on order that will be a matching sister to my new ILF.

New Bow Day is the best..!

Happy 2018!
Posted by TradBrewSC (Member # 37182) on :
There is a lot on my wish list, but am most likely going to settle on a new set of stickflinger limbs for know..
Posted by 9 Shocks (Member # 36782) on :
Kohannah Fury Extreme!

Being built right now.

51@28 and 58"s long

I'm excited!
Posted by ShrtRnd (Member # 44618) on :
I have LB Limbs inbound from South for my Coyote FXT, I may order a dedicated riser for those limbs or go all out and treat myself a year early to a Dingo Schleyer Supreme for my 50th.

I'd really like to add Robertson Mystical in the #50-#60 @28" range to my collection this year if I can find one. All I seem to find are #65-#70'ers [banghead]
Posted by JohnV (Member # 2493) on :
So many little time!
Posted by Blackstick (Member # 8777) on :
Still waiting for my 2017 Bear Limited Edition "B" handle Take Down.
Posted by JR Williams (Member # 23168) on :
I just recently received my BigJim Mountain Monarch. So for this year I am looking to get a CD Archery WF19 riser first.

Then a 7 Lakes Sawed Off recurve when they become available again. That was a bow I missed out on the first time around, but I won’t make that mistake again!
Posted by Joeabowhunter (Member # 35320) on :
Thanks to a good deal on a Satori riser from Hermon I'll be giving an ILF setup a try. Ordered ******** 2.0 limbs today.
Posted by PECO (Member # 46906) on :
I got this 50's style recurve from Dale Arner before Christmas. My shoulder went out and I have been rehabing it since before I received the bow. I can not shoot it yet, so it will be a 2018 bow for me!  -
Posted by PECO (Member # 46906) on :
Posted by PECO (Member # 46906) on :

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