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Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Well here it is please let me know what you think....

Please keep in mind I use cheap cameras , cheap gear , and am trying to keep it simple. Hunts and gear and projects that anyone could do. Anyway let me know what you think , I have enough footage to do another 20 vids. Hope you enjoy it...

Posted by Buckeye1977 (Member # 44686) on :
That was awesome Sam! Great shooting and can't wait to see some more!
Posted by huntingarcher (Member # 29483) on :
Good stuff Sam! [thumbsup]
Posted by Car54 (Member # 27028) on :
I enjoyed the vid Sam. And a big congrats on the success.
I will be heading to Mason for my last hunt this weekend. Hope I can kill something also.
Congrats again.
Posted by JNewton (Member # 46760) on :
Good work on the huntin', and the vid! [thumbsup] Did you ever find your broadhead?

Is your KLR a 650 thumper? What was the bike at the beginning of the vid? [Confused]
Posted by dragonheart (Member # 1953) on :
Cool Video! Great hunting and shootin there. Way to go on the video production, looks like some challenge doing that alone.
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Good luck in Mason , I’m going to Kerrville for a hog or exotic this weekend...

Yes I bought a used 2015 KLR 650 Thumper and have it rigged out for some adventure hunting and fishing trips..

The bike in my intro is a barn find Old Suzuki 750 I did a full build on , it’s the bike in the last pic on the intro with the green tank...

Yes it’s not easy running the cameras by myself , my action cam is a $60 knock-off ( works great though ) my other cams are cheap $150 ones from box stores but get the job done. My editing software was $100 , takes me and my son about 4hours for a 20min vid.

My YouTube channel ( KLR Woodsman ) is about DIY projects and Trad bowhunting , fishing , being self reliant , adventure trips with bow and arrow . Stuff anyone can do and afford ...

I really hope everyone enjoys it...

Posted by lunatic11 (Member # 20394) on :
Enjoyed it Sam. Good job [Smile]
Posted by fnshtr (Member # 18653) on :
Great job. Thanks for the gear info, I was going to ask.
Good hunting!
Posted by TIM B (Member # 34411) on :
"Oh crap"......
hahah that was great - wished I was there
I'll be looking for more
Kinda makes me wanna get a camera now.....
Tim B
Posted by DannyBows (Member # 11762) on :
Well done!
Posted by Dogboy900 (Member # 16858) on :
I like that you show a few misses in there along with the success.
Good job putting it together I have done a little video editing and it is much harder than it might seem before you jump into it.

What limbs do you have on that ILF bow?
Posted by Longbow1953 (Member # 12111) on :
[thumbsup] [archer2]
Posted by arrow30 (Member # 22657) on :
Posted by Longbowwally (Member # 130) on :
Enjoyed the video Sam!
Posted by A Lex (Member # 43896) on :
Excellent Sam,
Really enjoyed it.
Thanks for sharing, that was really neat.
What a great weekend's hunting.
Posted by KAZ (Member # 23991) on :
Well done Sam, just plain fun to watch... You did a great job [thumbsup]

Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Thanks everyone...

I did find my broadhead...

Posted by Steve Jr (Member # 13169) on :
That was a lot of fun watching [thumbsup] thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to see more !
Posted by Duncan (Member # 29444) on :
Cool Video Sam, like your duck set up. Makes me want to give it a try.
Posted by Shooter Dan (Member # 35204) on :
Great video and great shooting Sam. I really enjoyed it. Keep them coming.
Posted by Shooter Dan (Member # 35204) on :
Great video and great shooting Sam. I really enjoyed it. Keep them coming.
Posted by Cory Mattson (Member # 192) on :
Loved it - great video
Posted by BlacktailBowhunter (Member # 15933) on :
I enjoyed watching it
Posted by Basinboy (Member # 19754) on :
Good stuff! Thanks for sharing
Posted by Kopper1013 (Member # 41502) on :
I enjoyed it, keep it up and good shooting. Also I like that you put a couple misses in there (your human)
Posted by Bill Turner (Member # 2264) on :
Good job on the video. Ducks with traditional archery equipment is a novelty for sure. Hope you had a duck hunting permit and Federal stamp. If not, someone might be calling on you after viewing this video. Have a great 2018.
Posted by kennyb (Member # 23355) on :
Very good Sam! I think you did a great job! Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by wooddamon1 (Member # 26099) on :
Good job, Sam. Congrats on the doe and duck. Keep the vids coming!
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
No worries I’m all legal...

Very human with the misses matter of fact I got a great miss on Video just an hour ago on a beautiful bobcat. But in all fairness I pretty sure I took some hair off him...

Posted by Cyclic-Rivers (Member # 21222) on :
Good stuff Sam!
Posted by Donald Blair (Member # 40578) on :
Great video, all you need is a kilt to match the tunes!
Posted by PICKNGRIN (Member # 7957) on :
[clapper] Thanks for sharing! You had me wondering if that little kayak was going to tip!
Posted by twitchstick (Member # 19043) on :
[thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by Horne Shooter (Member # 7907) on :
Great are always welcome on my place.
PS> you are one lethal dude!! I think you've 12 ringed every animal you shot this year.

Also, for anyone wanting to know what a good friend is. I made a bad hit on a nice axis buck on Thanksgiving day this year. I called Sam to tell him and he drove and hour and a half (on Thanksgiving day!) to help me find him. We got him (with no blood to follow). I would have NEVER found him without Sam's woodsmanship and tracking skills.
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Thanks for the kind words , this last year has been great I was fortunate enough to make some good shots an a few. As for the help with the axis buck that’s just normal routine I’m always just a call away.....

Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Oh yea that kayak is my little 8 footer that I use in small creeks ( I have 5 kayaks ) the ones better suited for this are at another place. So far I haven’t rolled that little one yet it is actually pretty solid little yak....

Posted by kestimator (Member # 19093) on :
Originally posted by Donald Blair:
Great video, all you need is a kilt to match the tunes!

Let's not dare him Donald. I'm not thinking we need that at the lease [saywhat]
Posted by ron w (Member # 14741) on :
[thumbsup] neat, gotta be hard to do all by yourself.
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Well I might look good in a kilt.....

Posted by bear mike (Member # 41530) on :
Posted by Horne Shooter (Member # 7907) on :
I know that you have some additional "duck footage" from your latest hunt...let's see it!!
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Working on the youtube vid from my first hunt on my KLR650 from back in Oct right now. I did get more duck action from your place last week and will be a good Vid. Will post the link for this new vid very soon.....

Posted by LONGSTYKES (Member # 25518) on :
Good video, thanks for the share.
Posted by DesertDude (Member # 4551) on :
Great video, I sure miss Texas (Doss/Fredericksburg...
Posted by actionjackson22 (Member # 39474) on :
That is a cool video and I've been trying to do some filming myself and know how tough it can be so good for you being successful at it.

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