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Posted by YosemiteSam (Member # 45388) on :
I tried removing the screw-in adapter to some zwickey broadheads last week & they wouldn't budge. I had done it before with one set by just heating the head over the stove until the insert loosened. Pretty simple but it wasn't working this time around. These are all factory installed adapters but two different sets (one single & the other double bevels). I even tried heating the insert itself & then pulling it out with pliers but that didn't work either. Any ideas how to get those things out?
Posted by ChuckC (Member # 1813) on :
Some epoxies take high heat. They don't melt as much as burn up. Alum or steel insert ? Alum will melt too so you need to watch it. I heat the insert, or, if you have a 100 grain brass arrow insert, screw that on and heat that till the epoxy melts or burns up. I would not heat the broadhead. But....i may not know better.
Posted by YosemiteSam (Member # 45388) on :
It's an aluminum screw-in adapter.

Some of these heads are pretty darned sharp so I hesitate to yank too hard on them. Maybe I'll fix it in my bench vise & run a blow torch on the adapter for a few seconds & see if that loosens things up more than the kitchen stove.
Posted by katman (Member # 9420) on :
Vise, torch and pliers has worked for me but that adhesive is strongly bound and takes some force to break the bond.
Posted by Bencattin (Member # 5137) on :
I ran into the same problem. Now i order the heads and adaptors separetly.
Posted by Longtoke (Member # 43977) on :
I put mine in a jar of venigar, gets rid of rust and will break down the epoxy.
Posted by YosemiteSam (Member # 45388) on :
Torch worked. Thanks for the ideas.

Now it looks like I have some clean up to do on the inside. Any suggestions on how to get the ferrule cleaned out without overheating the head? Or should I just hit it with a flame, let things burn out and not worry about the metal?
Posted by DesertDude (Member # 4551) on :
Sam I use a .45 cal brass bore brush
Posted by YosemiteSam (Member # 45388) on :
I have some old 30-cal brushes I can use. Thanks for the idea.
Posted by trad_bowhunter1965 (Member # 6938) on :
Put the heat to them all up and down and on both sides DON'T get them red hot I have used a Bic lighter many times and I use Epoxy.
Posted by Gerald Denley (Member # 42698) on :
An alcohol lamp is your friend in situations like enough to burn epoxy but should not affect the head.
Posted by Bill Turner (Member # 2264) on :
Gotta love the alcohol lamp. Follow up with brass bore brush and acetone and you should be good to go. [thumbsup]

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