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Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
As Supreme Leader and Captain of F.R.O.G (Frog Relocation Operation Group) I've posted over the past year and recently I'm in need of new Recruits!


My band of men although elite, Best of the Best!

Is small [Roll Eyes]

i'm in need of fresh young blood.

As the team ages (not me) it has become apparent that they just don't have the same veal and vigor as before, you know, the same get up and go.

In fact its hard to get them to move much less march in the extreme conditions we regularly traverse.

Especially Sniper he very rarely reports for drills and cannot be counted on for specialized missions!

And our Logistic specialist Warren is mostly AWOL and in peril of Court Marshall.

So you see i'm in dire need of men and women of courage, skill, and true grit [saywhat]

So I hereby impose a Selective Service opportunity for young men and women to earn their way unto the F.R.O.G Team and earn their very own Official F.R.O.G Uniforms!


Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
The rules of engagement to qualify for Selective Service (no freebie with F.R.O.G!) and have the opportunity and honor of being selected as a F.R.O.G Recruit is tough. Not for the timid!

And are as follows:

Between now and July 4th, 2018 young men and women age 16 and under:

Post a picture of themselves with an expired Vietfrog (bullfrog). And their traditional tactical arms of choice (Longbow or Recurve).

Please include your name, age, shirt size, and a short sentence of why you feel you could make the team.


"I seen a picture of Scout and i'm much better in scouting and locating Veitfrogs!"

Or Perhaps "I will report on time and be counted on to perform my duties unlike Warren or Sniper. Plus I'm a much better shot!"

I think you get the picture [readit]

I and the team will place the eligible plebs trying out for F.R.O.G in a pool (hat, coffee can, etc...) and randomly select two (2) names to join the team and receive their Official F.R.O.G shirt!

So get going Dads, Moms, Grandpa, Granny, or whoever is a responsible Mentor and get them perspective Recruits on the water and after them frogs!
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
In addition please assist the Supreme in his mission of generosity by keeping this at the top, thanks!
Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
We just don’t have many frogs here in Nevada and even fewer the size of the one in the picture. If i could find one and shoot it, i should ne an easy for inclusion in this enviable organization
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
With a name like "Skip" some would get the idea that your a Navy swap instead of a Marine [goldtooth]

And besides Skip base on your bio I get the ideal your probably in the same age bracket as the old men i'm retiring, they just don't know it yet, lol.
Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
I am vintage. My youth in KY saw me busting those big boys. My grandson catches those little guys as he can for summer observation in the aquarium
Miss gigging under a carbide light. Now bust bunnies with longbow. Season ended on 28 Feb

My Dad was a navy pilot and brother was a bubblehead. I elected the other side of the seaservices
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :

I'm retired USAF and have to work with a cadre of Retired Marines (don't say Ex, lol) and appreciate your service although a Marine [knothead]

If you make it to the Gulf Coast look me up, if we can't hunt them we can at least eat some.

Lets get this to the Top for some young Recruits!
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
I’d like that. Thanks for the offer. Air Force treated me well, sling seats in a C130 were most restful
Posted by 23feetupandhappy (Member # 18774) on :
My boys are in, now we need to get the frost out of the ground!

Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
Good Ben, get them killer going!
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
TTT before the Frog season opens.
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
Posted by Doc Nock (Member # 116) on :
I'll give ya a bump but be a bit of a drive from here!
Posted by johnnyk71 (Member # 5765) on :
great idea! haven't been here much lately, but i can attest to the fact that the Supreme Leader runs a well-oiled operation that produces (tasty) results!
Posted by Mikewarren33 (Member # 42210) on :

If I am the "Warren" you refer to, I don't believe I was ever invited to join F.R.O.G. As a result, I formed my own coalition against frogs (no name yet). My team and I have taken well over 40 frogs to date (twice as many bud lights). We hunt shirtless, no matter the weather conditions, so I have no interest in the shirts you offer.

Please send me the logistics shirt, I will wear it as a do-rag.

Mike Warren
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :

Seeing your a student (less than a F.R.O.G Recruit candidate) I'll take it easy on the dressing down I normally give my men for such blatant insubordination!

Now the Warren that I speak of is a most feared member of F.R.O.G, but he is also in need of re-training on the basics of setting your watch and being responsible to report on duty.

And as stated earlier Only Men and Women in good standing of the law and who are able to pass the stringent physical requirements qualify to earn the right to wear the F.R.O.G shirt.

So in your case you will have to earn your colors as well as the next recruit, but I fear you are already pass the prime age that i'm looking for.

And a mere 40 Vietfrogs wouldn't dent the vast multitude that have fell to the mighty F.R.O.G men!
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
Johnny "Deadeye",

Seeing you were the original F.R.O.G Recruit, although it still is in question whether you actually pass the qualification test?

I do have one F.R.O.G Recruit shirt made up, but it is a large and built for a real man.

If I remember right the one night we tested you...ahmm you appeared to have been caring some extra doughnut around your waist.

But if you think you could oil down and get in the shirt its's the least the Supreme can do as a consolation prize [saywhat]
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
Sent ya a PM Johnny! And Supreme's new Tacoma seats 4 comfortably and you dont even have to take off the muddy boots [bigsmyl]
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
Supreme, if I might inject Sir, Mikey did mention 40 frogs while consuming a sum of 13 and one third six packs. Seeing as how us non drinkers couldn't even find our way to our honey hole after a couple beers a piece you might want to rethink your mere 40 comment above. [Confused]
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :

You are the main reason this Selective Service recruitment is in full force.

Due to your lack of navigational skills we may have been dislocated, but never lost. At least I wasn't, just played along to aid you in regaining confidence in your scouting abilities as weak as they may appear.
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
Posted by South MS Bowhunter (Member # 16239) on :
Back up for the recruits!
Posted by Pascagoula Archer (Member # 36490) on :
The thing is though when I do show up I produce !!! Lol

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