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Posted by KodaChuck (Member # 43142) on :
The SA Parliament voted this week to confiscate all farmland from whites without compensation and return ownership to blacks. Hunting concessions are likely viewed as farmland. This transition will not go down easily. If you have a trip planned, following this issue and the political situation could be very important.
Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
Contacted a friend from there on this issue. Seems a firebrand is pushing this, but it has a way to go. Good advice=follow the situation as the results are unpredictable
Posted by KodaChuck (Member # 43142) on :
Yes...this is a real deal....I looked over at a African hunting forum this evening and the PHs ....everyone has a concern. I don't get the impression that there is a lot of hunting going on in socialist regimes. Sad to see RSA go in this direction.
Posted by Greg Szalewski (Member # 14564) on :
They certainly have problems over there but I don't think that I would alter any of my plans to go there over the next couple years because of it. There is some really good discussion on it here:

The US dollar is valued very much there so I would bet that there will be considerable effort to keep those coming.
Posted by Jerry Russell (Member # 2613) on :
You would certainly think that South Africa would learn from Zimbabwe. If this occurs the country will fall into economic ruin within 5-7 years.
Namibia is hands down a much better hunting location without this threat looming. Much wilder lands and fantastic people.
Posted by jonsimoneau (Member # 1224) on :
I’ve hunted South Africa twice and Namibia once. While South Africa has a wider variety of species I too prefer Namibia at this point. Way less people. Much wilder and beautiful. I’d retire there if it were feasible.
Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :
I have yet to go to Namibia, but it might just be next on the list, depending on how all this pans out in SA!

Posted by Tony Sanders (Member # 2164) on :
Here is some latest news concerning South Africa Hunting.
Posted by acolobowhunter (Member # 14760) on :
I have been watching this as well. I am going to Namibia in Aug and it should not affect my hunt, however this could cause some unrest in SA. Many hunters have to fly into SA for connecting flights to other countries. Hope it doesn't create problems for the hunters passing through SA.

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