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Posted by ThePushArchery (Member # 14520) on :
Hey everyone!

Check out Episode 59 of The Push Podcast.

In celebration of the end of a hard work week we are dropping Episode 59 of The Push Podcast at 2:00pm EST today. This week we wrangled in Barry Wensel to tell the tale of his 2017 buck harvest. Not unlike the mailman, Barry always delivers.

The tail-end of the episode is riddled with Barry's answers to your listener submitted questions- so be sure and listen to see if your question was picked.

NOW THE IMPORTANT PART...... Barry has a new DVD out called "The Crooked Hat Chronicles." It's available on the Brothers of the Bow website. We think this 2-dvd set is one of the most historically badass pieces of traditional archery content on the planet. Seriously, freaking order it, you'll love it. Have a great weekend Push Family!

Find the podcast on iTunes, Podbean or Stitcher! Or you can listen in on our website:


Get Primal
Posted by jcar315 (Member # 19642) on :
Posted by pete p (Member # 2843) on :
Icon right there...
Posted by Homey88 (Member # 40473) on :
Can’t wait to here this! The Wensels are legends!
Posted by mec lineman (Member # 29030) on :
If you listen to Barry, you can tell he is having a blast talking to you guys. The utmost respect for the brothers!
Posted by TwistedHollow (Member # 47125) on :
Great episode, thoroughly enjoyed it!
Posted by ThePushArchery (Member # 14520) on :
Thanks everyone. Barry is a joy to have on the show!
Posted by Guru (Member # 616) on :
Best ever episode! I could listen to uncle B and Gene all day, every day!!

They are true traditional archery treasures!!
Posted by marsh chicken (Member # 4352) on :
Barry hit it out of the Park as usual. I'm excited to hear he has other projects coming along. He should put all of his video's in a complete package to offer. I bet he would it would surpass all others in sales.
Posted by Homey88 (Member # 40473) on :
What a great podcast! Listened to it the other night! Great job!
Posted by Herdbull (Member # 4488) on :
This was a good podcast. Barry tells great stories and is very entertaining. One tip for "ground hunters"is to "get off the ground even a few feet so you have daylight under you." Check out podcast for more details. Nice job Barry, Mike
Posted by Greg Szalewski (Member # 14564) on :
Lot's of good information and very entertaining. I had to laugh at the Paul Schaffer story.
Thanks for taking the time Barry.
Posted by Jim Keller (Member # 20476) on :
I just listened to this one today. I could listen to Barry all day. Thanks Matt and Tim for doing these. Jim
Posted by Ron Roehrick (Member # 2662) on :
I really like all things Wensel those brothers are the real deal. Barry is a hoot and always friendly and always entertains. I have the new DVD really enjoyed it.
Posted by ThePushArchery (Member # 14520) on :
Thanks guys!! March is a great month for the show!! A lot of great guests lined up!!
Posted by ScottinPA (Member # 2935) on :
Just finishing episode 21 with Barry and enjoying it. Will fastforward to this one before going back I think. Good job guys.
Posted by ThePushArchery (Member # 14520) on :
Scott, you will not want to skip ahead just yet!!

If you're going to skip around go:

Episode 21 - Barry
Episode 23 - Gene
Episode 27 - Ron Laclair

Gene fires shots at Barry in Episode 23, and we bring Barry back on for the intro to Episode 27 to defend himself... Its classic!!!

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