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Posted by Dan bree (Member # 39902) on :
Ok guys reviews on both . Both great bows . Quietness ect
Posted by Gator1 (Member # 11196) on :
I’ll be following this one.
Posted by TradBrewSC (Member # 37182) on :
I would like to hear about these as well.

These are two that I have been interested in that haven't had the pleasure go playing with yet.
Posted by CDR (Member # 15445) on :
I am the fortunate owner of 2 Silvertips. 60"52#,and a 58"54#. Both are excellent bows. Craftsmanship is awesome, super quiet (bow hush), smooth and that medium checkered grip is a PERFECT fit for me. The physical weight of the bow is light, but with a quiver/arrows strapped on the overall weight is perfect. They fire FMJ 400's with authority. I did install mini limb savers on the 60"and they helped a ton. I shoot them both with an elvated bear weather-rest.
I have owned some high end bows, and I have always gone back to the 1 piece Tip, sad to say I sold my take-down Silvertip [scared]
Like with a lot of bowyers on this forum, Dave and Beth have always been great to deal with!
Hope this helps!
Posted by nineworlds9 (Member # 37028) on :
I much prefer the standard grip on the Tip vs the Tail, but both are superb bows. Ordering custom would allow input on the grip.
Posted by Steelhead (Member # 9220) on :
I have had two 64 inch Blacktail one piece recurves and one 60 inch Schafer 1 PC.Kinda tuff to compare the 2 different lengths.

I think its a wash on most things really when it comes overall performance.Quietness,handshock,smoothness,stabilityspeed etc.

Price points will be similar and crafstmanship will be steller either way.Customer service is 1st rate.

If you want a longer bow and have a longer draw the Blacktail has the longer lengths to accomidate you.The 64 inchers I had shot extremely well for me.I swapped out the stock string with SBD strings.I preffered my one piece Blacktails over the 3 Piece.I never had the newer Sitka model though with the shorter riser.

The grips are different.I had the medium grip on the Blacktails.No problem for me and I dont think they were as squared off as much as the 3 PC bows I had on the back of riser.The ergonomics were nice and well thought out.

The Schafer grip is hard to beat with the way the hand melts into it.It slides in so nice and feels so good.You have option of the checkered grip on the Schafer which is superbly done and I would recommend.Stippling is done on the Blacktail by request.I like the checkered grip by Schafer more for function and artistry.

Some of the options or features are different.Schafer offers horn overlays and snakeskins.Blacktail has spliced veneers and has unique striped tip overlays and belly overlays at the tips.All cosmetic but interesting.

I think its one of those apples or oranges things.Some may prefer one.Some the other.
Posted by jsweka (Member # 21094) on :
Dan - Are you actually thinking about a recurve?
Posted by Dan bree (Member # 39902) on :
Yep . Slipping to the dark Side .. maybe.
Posted by Woodpuppy (Member # 46065) on :
Do it!

I’ve never held a silvertip, so I can’t compare. However I have two t/d Blacktail recurves, and when I recover a bit from the new Treadway, plan to order the new Blacktail t/d longbow. On my recurves, I have the high wrist grip. After shooting my Treadway’s and a 1960 Bear Kodiak Special I’m very seriously thinking about sending my newer Blacktail in for a grip reduction.

The two Blacktails are different; my first one is almost 15 years old, and was made by Norm in Oregon. The newer bow riser (had a new handle made for my extra set of lighter limbs) is only about a year and a half old, and was made in the new shop in Indiana. It feels bulkier to me than my original, though I have not gone over it with a micrometer. I think the grip reduction would be good, I would just like to feel and shoot a medium grip before making a permanent decision like that!
Posted by Arcobsessed (Member # 39523) on :
I love my Silvertip. Finish is excellent. Draw is silky smooth and the grip is as repeatable as possible.The checkering option is something I would recommend to all shooters. It just helps so much to quickly stabilize the bow. I've been shooting it for a full year now and have no issues whatsoever to bring forth. The bow holds better for me than my other recurve, an excellent Black Widow PCH which I've shot for several years. I have not shot the Blacktail but have held them in my hand at Etar. Just didn't feel as good in the hand as my Tip. Sure are lookers though. I think, in the end, that it's a personal thing. Good luck in your decision.
Posted by grouseshooter002 (Member # 15974) on :
I have owned both. I sold the tail and still have the tip.

Posted by kat (Member # 8939) on :
Close to a toss up for me. If price, and WAIT time were the same, I would lean to the silvertip. Both are great bows. I shoot a 66" in the Blacktail which is a plus for me. Silvertip has a 64" max. length. On the other hand you can't beat the checkering on the Silvertip, which is not offered on the Blacktail.
Both have great fit and finish, and fantastic customer service.
Posted by Jack Hoyt 75 (Member # 38563) on :
There are faster bows and more affordable bows out there but the quality of these 2 are top shelf. The Silvertip is a more massive riser and a wider limb I believe. Both great grips, hard to beat a Silvertip low grip with some checkering. If I ordered another I would get the shorter riser Silvertip.
Posted by Dan bree (Member # 39902) on :
Thanks guys .great responses . Any pics ?
Posted by Woodpuppy (Member # 46065) on :
Here’s one of my takedowns moments after unwrapping:

Posted by Dan bree (Member # 39902) on :
Thanks guys .great responses . Any pics ?
Posted by Bldtrailer (Member # 23304) on :
 -  - close ups of Blacktail grips and silvertip  -
Posted by medic77 (Member # 17083) on :
I have had both at one point in time. I have 2 1pc Silvertips hanging on the wall now that I shoot everyday. I traded for a Blacktail and almost immediately flipped it. It was a beautiful bow but the grip just flat didn't work.

If I had to describe the difference between the two, I would call the Blacktail a much "fuller"grip. It was wider, throat was bigger and seemed like a way bigger palm swell. Now this could just be that particular bow I tried.

That grip is scaring me off from ordering a 3 piece longbow from Blacktail. I love the looks of that bow, and know that the grip is completely different, but I just can't get past the way the other felt.
Posted by Woodpuppy (Member # 46065) on :
Medic77, call Blacktail to discuss grip. I plan to when I order that 3-pc longbow. I also plan to send my newer td recurve riser in for a grip reduction. My older recurve has a slimmer grip.
Posted by medic77 (Member # 17083) on :
I may just have to do that. There are very few bows that I have felt the need to order a new one. I've had a Centaur and a Black Widow made. They are both gone now. That Blacktail longbow speaks to me and I have no idea why.
Posted by GDPolk (Member # 36712) on :
I'd try to find a used one to shoot for a bit before buying a new one. Having owned both briefly I can say the craftsmanship of both were outstanding and in the same league. However, I didn't like the grip on either bow that I had. It wasn't "wrong" but it just didn't work well for me.
Posted by kat (Member # 8939) on :
Don't let the grip on the Blacktail scare you off. Every Blacktail I have owned has a modified grip. They have nailed it for me every time.
Posted by Woodpuppy (Member # 46065) on :
Ken, care to elaborate?
Posted by GWild (Member # 47073) on :

What types of wood is your bow? very beautiful.
Posted by Woodpuppy (Member # 46065) on :
Originally posted by GWild:

What types of wood is your bow? very beautiful.

GWild, it’s cocobolo and myrtle. The limbs are also myrtle with the tips footed in cocobolo. Boo cores.

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