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Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :

Use your current Trad Gang public screen name, or your Trad Gang registration email address, as your login name.

Use your current Trad Gang password.

You will be required to reenter your login and password as a security measure.


Here's a YouTube video of a first time test site login ...

lastly, for folks still having test site access issues, click on "Forgot your password?" and create a new one.


if anyone is still have access issues to the test site, and are using a real computer (desktop, laptop), and would like my personal remote assistance and access into your machine, please first send me an email requesting assistance to make sure i'm available or to set up a test appointment date/time, then go to this website address ...

... scroll down that page, select the operating system for your computer (windows, mac, linux), download and install the free teamviewer program.

for microsoft windows operating systems machines, select "Basic Installation" and "Personal Use".

running the teamviewer program, you will see this window ...


... leave that window up, do not close it.

send an email to me that contains your trad gang member number and the two sets of numbers in the teamviewer window - "YOUR ID" and "PASSWORD".

this will allow me access into your computer so that i can login to the trad gang test site, or see the exact reason why i can't gain access.

during this process you will see me controlling your machine, moving your cursor, and typing in access codes.

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