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Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
At 3pm on SUNDAY, March 18th, the conversion/migration will begin.

The conversion will take at least a full 7 days.

This current Trad Gang will still be online during the cutover process - HOWEVER, during the conversion process, all NEW threads and posts will be lost and will not transition over to the new forum.

The test site will still be up and running for you to check out and make sure you can logon ...
Posted by Tony Van Dort (Member # 137) on :
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
In other words on that date until we convert please do not post a great hunting story with pics during that time because they will not transfer over to the new platform.

Many thanks we are on our way!!!
Posted by Gator1 (Member # 11196) on :
[clapper] [clapper] [Not Worthy] [Not Worthy]
Posted by Chad Orde (Member # 21806) on :
Posted by Cory Mattson (Member # 192) on :
Excellent Thanks !
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
with the coming new site, the chief concern for all will be that first login, getting into the system.

the next concern is a member's use of a bookmarked page they have saved in their browser, from the old site. some folks will first login to the new site and attempt to use a bookmarked trad gang page, other's might not even know that trad gang has moved and will use that bookmarked page. this is where things will get a bit interesting, because those old addresses are gone, dead, kaput. SO, i'll be instituting a control panel redirect. any and all of their bookmarked pages where at least part of their bookmarked URL address contains "" or "" will be sent to "" (where "xxxxx" is the new sub-directory of the new trad gang forum). they will need to create new bookmarks for the pages they wish to immediately enter, just as they did with the old trad gang.
Posted by Doc Nock (Member # 116) on :
Whew... all that and a bag of chips! [Smile]

Y'know my penchant for such cyber stuff... but it'll be interesting to say the least!

Hope the migration goes well for all those up the eye bulbs in this move! [Embarrassed]
Posted by Pierre Lucas (Member # 7908) on :
Lotta work and time...greatly appreciated.

God bless,
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
getting closer to 3pm this coming sunday, march 18th!

please remember that any topics or posts after the above date and time will not move over to the new forum. so if you've got a hunt thread or anything you wish to move over, please do so before and not after. if you do post a topic (or post) after 3pm march 18th, and you want it be archived at the new trad gang, your topic (or post) will need to be added all over again in the new site.

thank you for your time and patience.

[Not Worthy] [campfire]
Posted by Rob DiStefano (Member # 99) on :
Please remember that all NEW topics or posts that you create after 3pm today, Sunday, March 18th, will not move over to the new forum.

Posted by Mudd (Member # 184) on :
I'm ready! Bring it!!!!

Thank you Rob!

God bless,Mudd

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