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Posted by TradBrewSC (Member # 37182) on :
For all you guys that are serious Surewood shooters:

Are you guys buying the premium or hunter grade shafts? And do you notice a big difference between the two.

I am getting back into arrow building and would love to see your work as well!
Posted by pavan (Member # 21538) on :
Premium, I let them do all of the cutting and tapering.
Posted by Orion (Member # 2759) on :
Arrows are the most important component in the archery set up. That's not the place to cut costs. All Surewoods shafts are good, but the premiums are the best.
Posted by JR Williams (Member # 23168) on :
Always get the premiums. The difference in price isn’t much, and as said, arrows ain’t where you wanna cut corners.
Posted by Steve Clandinin (Member # 17084) on :
I’ve used both I only bought one set of hunters now it’s all premiums tighter,finer and straighter grain they are great won’t be disappointed.
Posted by Zwickey-Fever (Member # 44896) on :
Surewood premium shafts here. Its just my preference.
Posted by meathead (Member # 5557) on :
I have bought a lot of both. The premiums are as good of a wood shaft as you will find. The hunters will make a nice arrow as well but you may have to spend a little more time with initial straightening before they are ready to finish.
Posted by TradBrewSC (Member # 37182) on :
Thanks everyone. it sounds as though the Premiums will be the way to go.

I would love to see some of you alls builds though!!

Lets see some Surewood pictures!
Posted by Hud (Member # 9639) on :
Hunters would be great for stump shooting, small game and birds. Rocky terrain, or where arrows are easily lost. Shot some and see how they group before you give up on them.
Posted by longbowray (Member # 2212) on :
I buy them by them 100's so its a mix . I've love them best shaft since acme shafts
Posted by hitman (Member # 17631) on :
I have bought the hunters by the hundred and have minimal straightening. I also use the premiums, best arrow shafts I have ever had. I am going to try some western larch as soon as the supplier gets some more in stock.
Posted by rraming (Member # 19822) on :
I buy the 100's
Posted by pavan (Member # 21538) on :
The 100 bundle could justify getting a power taper tool.
Posted by wooddamon1 (Member # 26099) on :
I may have had to straighten 2 shafts out of 3-4 dozen Hunters, and that was just slightly. That said, the premiums are the cat's pajamas.
Posted by frassettor (Member # 13503) on :
Premiums for me
Posted by Tedd (Member # 1692) on :
I have had both. Equal in straightness. Just a little more grain in the hunters. Both are great. For practice get the hunters.
I bust a lot up so I need a lot of arrows!
The premiums are in the quiver for hunting.

Posted by TradBrewSC (Member # 37182) on :
great info guys, thank you!

keep it coming!
Posted by michaelschwister (Member # 15446) on :
Always get premium and get option #2, rear tapered. They are as good as any carbon, without the disadvantages
Posted by flyguysc (Member # 19773) on :
[IMG]  - [/IMG] Premiums #2. Best shafts that I have found, always straight and consistently so. Great people and they are happy to help you in your selection if you need it.

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