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Posted by Ari_Bonn (Member # 45608) on :
Has anyone shot one of these can tell me their opinion? Or even just what you have heard?
Posted by TradBrewSC (Member # 37182) on :
Very nice bow. My hunting buddy owns two of them.

Fit and finish is flawless, very smooth draw, quiet, and pretty quick. I think they are one of the best looking 3 piece longbows out there.

If you are used to locator grips however, there is not much of one. More of a standard longbow grip.
Posted by Steelhead (Member # 9220) on :
Not sure if Ari is talking about the 3PC or 1 PC?

I had the 1 and 2 piece Heartstopper in 60" and 62".Very nice all around bow.No complaints.Very beautiful as the name implies.
Posted by Ari_Bonn (Member # 45608) on :
Possibly a 2pc
Posted by Steelhead (Member # 9220) on :
The 2 PC is very nice.Its a unique piece of engineering Ari.I was impressed with it when I got mine.Its since been replicated by a few other bowyers.I think its strong and easily assembled.Only drawback and its very minor is it requires an allen wrench to tighten the bolts and you can see the bolt.But its small and diminutive.The fit was tight and nearly seamless.It sandwiches together with a series of holes and posts.Everything is very precise with tight tolerances.
Posted by Ari_Bonn (Member # 45608) on :
hmm trying to get away from tools to assemble a bow. Got my brand new checkmate 3pc longbow which i would never let go but a tooless 2pc longbow you be great too.
Posted by Steelhead (Member # 9220) on :
Sure its nice.No tools or bolts is more convenient.Nothing to loose or carry around.

A steller system outside of that minor drawback.It may cost more than the Bowbolt,locket/socket or brass/steel sleeve designs possibly?Not sure though?

You would have to go to another bowyer if the tool was a deal breaker.Thier are other superb 2 PC longbows available that are tool less.

I love the 2 PC longbows and recurves.Something you might like and need at times up thier in British Columbia.

Shoot Straight
Posted by nineworlds9 (Member # 37028) on :
Now you're looking at hybrids eh? That opens up a whole new slough of options. Thunderhorns are top shelf. Take a look at the Toelke Whips while you're at it.
Posted by Carcajou (Member # 1206) on :
Thunderhorns are fantastic bows. Made by Duane Jessop, a true, Master bowyer. Very innovative designs. Craftsmanship beyond compare. I just received a new custom 1 PC Heartstopper a few weeks ago, made to my exact specifications. absolutely no regrets, try one, you wont be disappointed.
Posted by Walt Francis (Member # 1901) on :
Duane Jessop is one of the really good guys.....and he makes a hell of a bow too....among other things. If you are into fast hybred bows he was at the forefront of their design in the late 80's early 90's. I do not believe anybody has improved in his and Selways design for a short Deflex/reflex longbow (he was an owned/partner in Selway at one time).
Posted by Gator1 (Member # 11196) on :
Never had the privilege of shooting but have heard nothing short of a top shelf craftsman that knows bow design.
Posted by mcgroundstalker (Member # 10420) on :
Had one in my hand at a trad shoot swap meet once... Guy standing next to me said "Can I take a look at that, buddy?" So, I hand it to him...Then he said, "I'll take it!"

You can bet I'll never make that mistake again...

... mike ... [archer2] ...

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