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Posted by BUCKY (Member # 3936) on :
Anybody use ground blind netting or the leafy material for a whitetail ground blind?
Posted by nek4me (Member # 44724) on :
This past season I began using woman's camo printed scarves for camo netting. It looks like a polyester and has to be the lighest weight material in a camo print so weighs almost nothing and takes up very little space. Though it appears almost sheer you can't see through it from the printed side. The ones I have are about 30x72". I sewed cord across the ends to use as tie offs. Also made a mask and limb covers with it. My wife came home from wally world with one she picked up for $1 and asked if I could use it for something. Went back and got another three - all they had. Just got a PacSeat so will be using it more in the future.
Posted by Rough Run (Member # 44566) on :
I use leafy material I bought at Wal-mart for $10. Used it last year for the first time, along with some cheap replacement, shock cord, tent poles from the auction site for another $7, and made a very useful, and effective, portable ground blind. I was within 12 yards of bucks 5 times - but missed the only shot I took!

Thought I had a great idea, until about 2 weeks ago I saw something very similar in a catalog that came to the house! But, mine is significantly larger, and less than half the cost. I haven't learned how to post pictures, but PM your email address and I'll be happy to send photos so you can see how small and large it is.
Posted by MYoung (Member # 8258) on :
I use camo netting I brought back from Desert Storm! Great stuff and obviously quite durable as I have been using it since I brought it back in 1991. I have a bunch of it. Camo netting, pride in my military service and Desert Storm Disease are about all I brought back from that part of the world. I still have all three! Ha!
Posted by Sam McMichael (Member # 17671) on :
I generally use camo burlap with stakes cut in the woods. Cheap, easy, and works just fine.
Posted by Friend (Member # 15967) on :
Rebar. Replaced public tennis nets are most durable. CAMO with what you like. I was able to acquire six replaced tennis nets for free from the city two years ago.

Used camo burlap and found that i ended up rewrapping four times to make it thru the deer season. Procured a roll of better grade camo with black back two seasons ago. I wrapped four blinds and they have been out in the elements the whole time. This will be the 3rd season and still takes some effort to like a hole it. The payback was incurred in one season as compared to the use of burlap.
Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
Use holiday garland and artificial Christmas trees. They make dandy blinds and offer wildlife hiding and nesting places. Blend them in with natural stuff. Last a few years
Posted by Roadkill (Member # 2828) on :
Use holiday garland and artificial Christmas trees. They make dandy blinds and offer wildlife hiding and nesting places. Blend them in with natural stuff. Last a few years
Posted by Zradix (Member # 17930) on :
Bought some of those deals that have fabric between a few poles.
Bought the type that have adjustable height poles.
Took a doe from one at 12 yds.
Posted by OkKeith (Member # 10984) on :
I have several blind methods if I am going to build a blind.

Super quick blind I use either burlap (heavy) or camo netting (light). I have lengths of paracord with the core stripped out to tie it off or stake it down.

I also have a rig that I bought like Zradix describes. It has six or eight two piece rods that are in sewn pockets in the cloth. The cloth section is twelve or so feet long. I must have bought mine on sale because I didn't pay as much for it as it is advertised in this link.

If I am deer hunting I put it in a C around me with the opening to the front (lower in front, higher in back), putting it the tallest right behind my head. If I am sitting against a tree I reverse the C and make it just above knee height right in front. Its very light, packs up small and is quick/easy/quiet to set-up or take down in the dark. For turkey hunting I set it just above knee level in front all the way around with the highest behind my head.

For a more permanent blind that will stay in the woods I drag in two sections of cattle panel and wire them in a circle (I leave space for a door somewhere along the circle and have precut shooting windows). Wrap first with cheap black plastic sheeting and then with plain brown burlap. I have used the same burlap for a couple of years. Its shaggy and ratty but the older it gets the better it blends in. Don't cut squares for the windows, cut Xs from corner to corner. Fold in the triangles and duct tape them in place.

I hunt several of my cattle panel blinds every year. They are pretty easy to move and set up. I haven't figured out a GOOD way to put a roof on them. Everything I have tried ends up caved in with rain or snow or flaps in the wind so I just go roofless.

I am on the lookout for an old fiberglass satellite dish in the seven foot range. THAT would make a good roof.

Posted by Schmidty3 (Member # 23018) on :
I like carrying a shemagh. it works equally as well to cut the cold as a scarf and as a backdrop for a impromptu blind to break your silhouette.
Posted by JNewton (Member # 46760) on :
Thanks for creating this thread! [thumbsup] It certainly helps my personal "Ground Hunting philosophy". During late Aug./Sept., the woods here tend to be pretty dry and noisy. It seems to work better if the animals come to you, rather than trying to jump shoot deer. I think my light, cheap, quiet little rotating stool and a netting blind will make a nice, simple, portable hunting setup. One that I probably can't fall far enough to hurt myself too badly. If I do manage to fall and hurt myself, I probably deserve it, hee hee..... [knothead]

For what it's worth, right now, the same blind OkKeith linked to at Bass Pro Shop (for $39.95, I think?) is on sale at Cabela's for $19.95 + shipping.
Posted by OkKeith (Member # 10984) on :

That's about what I paid for mine. Its hard to beat in the turkey woods! Fast up, fast down. I always have a short stool or a chigger chair. Depending on the shot I may have to roll forward to my knees to shoot, but that's better than sitting flat on the ground.

I hate just sitting flat, backside on the ground!


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