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Posted by Slickhead (Member # 30291) on :
not many people talk about them.
Thinking about trying them .
Posted by MnFn (Member # 15341) on :
Just guessing the trend seems to be to heavier heads, hence not as much talk about them.
Posted by acedoc (Member # 42204) on :
I have used them for regular shooting , no game. They are 145 grains with the regular aluminium screw in adaptor. You can weight them by dropping molten lead in the adapter or using a steel adapter with heavier inserts.
They fly well out of my bows and stand up well to abuse . I had the tip curl on one when I missed the target and hit a rock. They are strong enough to stick in a concrete wall although the adapter popped out.
They sharpen up real nice and hold an edge
The negatives are - out of box they need lot of tlc.
If using a kme system some will just not lay flat and hence you get a "patchy" edge.
Some adapters are not glued on well enough and rotate when you use a broadhead wrench.
You will also have to tanto the tip to prevent tip curl.

That said they have the deepest penetration in my foam and burlap targets. I have wensels, Simmons, stinger and eskilites. There is no comparison as far as penetration goes.
Posted by The Nocking Point (Member # 26001) on :
We sell a lot of them,for 5/16 woods and a lot of screw ins for carbons.
Posted by cacciatore (Member # 17855) on :
For me the Zwickey are the easiest broadhead to sharpen, I like to use the Tru-Angle system with them very fast and excellent work. You can make them at any weight with all the adapters that are available nowaday. I am currently using much heavier broadheads because I hunt mostly wild boar and they are built like tanks.
Posted by DeerSpotter (Member # 10453) on :
I switched to Zwickey Eskilite 5/16 135 gr. At least that's what the package says, I haven't put them on a scale yet. But I plan on using a 50 gr. Insert. I'm using Axis arrows on a 56" 38# @ 28 at my drawing comes out to 41#

The other broadhead I use is Stingers, I use those for years. If I go back to those I would take the bleeders out. More penetration. That's why I use Axis. arrows I used those for over 15 years.

Carl <------------<<<<
Posted by Possum Head (Member # 23948) on :
As good as any though a tad narrower. I use steel adapter in front of 100 gr brass
Posted by Orion (Member # 2759) on :
I killed a turkey with a two-blade Eskalite a few years ago, but tend to use larger heads now for turkey, like the 4-blade Delta or a 3-blade Woodsman or Snuffer.

Regardless, the Eskalite is an excellent head. The glue-ons are 110-115 grains.

I use Tru-angle hones to sharpen the straight edge Delta heads, but I've never been able to make it work as well for the convex Eskalite and Eskimo blades. For those I use a file, and they sharpen very quickly and easily for me.
Posted by SuperK (Member # 12809) on :
I have used them on and off for many years with great results. The Eskilite 2 edge is only 1/16 of an inch narrower than the Eskimo (same width as a Bear Razorhead without the bleeder blade) but with a 5/16 ferrel. They sharpen up just as easy as an Eskimo, hold an edge just as good as an Eskimo and will cleanly take any animal that an Eskimo will take. If you are looking for a good, reliable, time tested broadhead at around 145 grains for your aluminum or carbon arrows, the Eskilite screw-in will fill the bill. [thumbsup]
Posted by Rough Run (Member # 44566) on :
A Rada sharpener works well for the convex head, I found. I have used the screw-ins, and glue-ons with different weight adapters, depending on my set-up.
Posted by DarrinG (Member # 37659) on :
Originally posted by Rough Run:
A Rada sharpener works well for the convex head, I found. I have used the screw-ins, and glue-ons with different weight adapters, depending on my set-up.

I realize we're talking about Eskilites, but I also use a Rada wheelie on my Delta's and wow...super easy to get really sharp. A little bit of stropping after and scary-sharp.
Posted by acedoc (Member # 42204) on :
A lansky knife system also works, as does a file and combination stone. It depends on your skill level and willingness to experiment.
Posted by Red Beastmaster (Member # 820) on :
I used them on 1816 aluminums from my longbow to kill a deer and a hog.

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