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Posted by Joe2Crow (Member # 3332) on :
Hi Gang, I'm thinking I would like to have the weight reduced on one of my Gamemaster Jets. I hate to alter one of Jack's bows but it's hard to find one in the 50# range to buy or trade and I would really like to have one in a comfortable weight (for me) to shoot more. Anyone else have this done? How did it turn out? Any recommendations on someone that does good, safe work in this area? Thanks in advance, Jeff
Posted by Hud (Member # 9639) on :
Bow Hospital. It would depend on the glass, glass thickness and in most cases take no more than 5# of the weight.
Posted by Joe2Crow (Member # 3332) on :
I would be very happy with 5#. I know that Rich Lopez did some work on Jack's bows when he passed away so I thought I might try to reach him as well.
Posted by Dan bree (Member # 39902) on :
I just got a jet . Beautiful but it's alittle heavy also . 62 @28 .but the way jack weighed them it's 65@ 28. . I'm just working into the weight as I would hate to alter the bow. Not a three d bow .but great for hunting
Posted by Bill Turner (Member # 2264) on :
I would speak with Rich Lopez before having anyone else do the work. If he cannot do it, he will be able to point you in the right direction. I've had bows reduced in the past and have always been happy with the results, but I prefer to sent them back to the original bowyer. Gotta love those "Gamemaster Jets".
Posted by Joe2Crow (Member # 3332) on :
Bill, thanks for the message. And, yes, I do love those gamemaster jets. I exchanged messages with Rich Lopez but he said he isn't doing weight reductions any more because they're too labor intensive. He also recommended I didn't do it on a Jet because the value would drop in half. That may be true but the heavier Jets are hard to move anyway because most guys my age or older are having trouble pulling them and most younger guys dont want them because they're 66" long and take dacron strings. ILF rigs are much more popular with them. I'll keep looking until I find someone I trust that can take 5 pounds off and do a good job. Unless someone offers me a trade on a lighter one (unlikely). Take care, Jeff
Posted by Kelly (Member # 1777) on :
Two problems with weight reduction of Jack Howard bows. He used urac/tear strip glass which is prone to slivering if any edge sanding is done in the wrong direction. Secondly, Jack built each bow precisely to the archers draw length and desired weight by use of his master lam and different size glass, plus he shined both the glass and maple lams.

Each and every bow he built the limb shape is identical because he pre shaped both lams and glass before glue up. Then used a pattern make to shape limbs. So there is very little extra limb area to work on for weight reduction and the surface area of glass can not be sanded thinner.

The only way to reduce weight on his bows is to trap the limbs with belly being narrower than back.

There are quite a few lower 50’s poundage Jets out there so don’t stop looking. Oh and remember every Gamemaster Jet is 3# heavier than what Jack marked them. Jack deducted the mass weight of the bow before scaling it.
Posted by Walt Francis (Member # 1901) on :

Thanks for the insight, it answers some questions that were lingering in the one of the back recesses of my mind.

Personally, I would not have anybody try to alter one of Jack's bows
Posted by Joe2Crow (Member # 3332) on :
Kelly, thanks for the detailed info on the Jets. I received an article concerning Jack's building process on another site by another knowledgeable fellow wanting to help explain why it's probably not a good idea to tinker with a Jet. i get it and really don't want to anyway. I was just trying to figure out how to get more enjoyment out of these wonderful bows for years to come and not get stuck with them as wallhangers. I'm encouraged by your comment that there are a lot of lower 50's poundage Jets out there but their owners must be holding onto them pretty tightly because I seldom see them up for sale. I did manage to get a Gamemaster (non Jet) marked 50#s (scales 52#) and it is a pure joy to shoot. Thanks again for the great info. Take care, Jeff
Posted by Tyler C. Moore (Member # 34463) on :
I have a friend with a #50 Jet he would like to find. Agood gome for ... it is is excellent condition. Send me a pm
Posted by Joe2Crow (Member # 3332) on :
Thanks Tyler, I am interested and will send my contact info in a pm. thanks again

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