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Posted by Biathlonman (Member # 13332) on :
It's a bucket list thing for me to hunt moose for my 40th birthday in 2020, but I'm starting to think I'm running out of time to find a good, traditional friendly outfitter. Can anyone recoomend someone they've used and would use again?
Posted by Jeff D. Holchin (Member # 17147) on :
Wish I had known that you want to hunt moose soon. I have been on a few moose hunts and can give you some ideas. PM on the way!
Posted by Orion (Member # 2759) on :
Get in touch with Yote Robertson at Robertson Stykbows. Don't know if there's anyone still doing the Moose John trip in Alaska, but Yote was doing some guiding on it.

That was Jay Massey's offering before he died. Ernie Holland took it over after Jay died and ran it for several years. Pretty sure Yote did some guiding for Ernie. Ernie crashed his plane and perhaps stopped doing the business. Don't know all the details.

Did that hunt twice, 10 years apart. A helluva hunt if it's still available. Good luck.
Posted by knobby (Member # 2008) on :
Alberta Wilderness Guide Service. Dave is an experienced stickbow shooter, himself.
Posted by Fattony77 (Member # 37643) on :
Get a hold of Terry from the Nocking Point. He did a trad hunt for moose in Newfoundland (he also did an article for Trad Archer's World for that hunt). From what I understand, Newfoundland is an underrated place for both moose & black bear. I know that's not much help, but it's all I know. Good luck to ya, & let us know how it goes!
Posted by Kingstaken (Member # 10937) on :
I would call Slipp Brothers in New Brunswick Canada.
Did a bear hunt with them a few yrs ago and as I'm walking out to the logging road awaiting my ride back there's 3 moose just on the other side.
Posted by The Night Stalker (Member # 4966) on :
You should of ask me during the pbs hog hunt. I want to go back.

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