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Posted by Schmidty3 (Member # 23018) on :
has anyone ever spliced wild goose to wild turkey feathers?

I think that would be a cool looking feather. Goose in front, turkey in back. Deer wouldn't see it coming and you would see it going!

Should be pretty dang water proof too!

The question is...could you get the quills to match up ok?

Are there any other concerns?
Posted by tecum-tha (Member # 5759) on :
I don't think you will see much of that arrow in flight. Primary goose with secondary turkey. It will depend on width of the feather and the quill angle.
Posted by Bowguy67 (Member # 45078) on :
I wonder if they’d marry properly? For some reason I’m thinking no but I’ve never tried it
Posted by Orion (Member # 2759) on :
Haven't tried it, but the goose feather vanes and barbules are much narrower than turkey Don't think they would mesh very well.

Both are dark feathers. You wouldn't see them very well going away from you.
Posted by Bldtrailer (Member # 23304) on :
I splice my turkey feathers/fletchings just as easy as store bought feathers. peel the quil from the vain and then take the peeled colored feather and glue to main feather quil(you'll get some glue on your fingers) be careful if using super glue . let dry then chop or glue to shaft and burn like mine.
Never tried goose feathers
Posted by M60gunner (Member # 6337) on :
I have not tried it simply because the Goose feathers are softer than Turkey and smaller quill. If I did I would put the softer feather to the rear of splice. Would be an interesting experiment for someone who has access to both.
Posted by Kingstaken (Member # 10937) on :
Splicing should not be an issue. I start by chopping the feathers the same size.
If I have a shorter type feather type I put it in the clamp where I wanted it in it's final location on the shaft.
I simply put a pencil mark(s) on my clamp and cut each feather with an exacto knife.
If I have a shorter type feather type I put it in the clamp where I wanted it in it's final location on the shaft.
Then put the two or three splices back in the clamp and glue to shaft.
But I wonder how the two different feather constancies will handle?

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