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Posted by Gvan (Member # 20228) on :
Several years ago I switched to a longbow from a compound bow. It was a rough first year but once it started to click, it's been the most enjoyable hunting years since I started hunting. Special thanks to Chuck (Two Tracks) for helping me in this journey. The goal the last couple years is to videotape these hunts so I can share the enjoyment of traditional hunting with others. Last year I had a great hunt and managed to get it all on camera while self taping ( I wasn't sure that it would ever come together like that again.

Well, the other day I found a buck that just read the script... almost perfectly. I had seen a bunch of activity throughout the evening and had a nice 8pt in to about 30yds but just wouldn't come out into the open or come closer. I was grunting at him lightly to see if I couldn't coax another 10yds out of him to get a shot when this buck came into the picture. When the larger racked buck saw him come into the woods, he turned and immediately started walking away. I was looking for something a little bigger as I taped this buck coming in but as he got closer, I noticed that he was much larger bodied than the one I was hoping to get a shot at.

With the good footage I was getting, I thought that I'd better try to shoot him. I grabbed the bow when he was at about 20yds and he stopped at about 18yds perfectly. I took the shot and was very surprised when I hit him high and dropped him. I put another one in him quickly. Come to find out, he really dropped quite aways. It made me feel a little better about my first shot.

After walking up on him, I saw that he was huge for our area. In our group of 15+ bowhunters in Shiawassee area, we've never weighed a buck that hit the 200lb mark field dressed. This one was right on that mark! My biggest bodied Michigan deer.

Here's the video-



Posted by akdd (Member # 15418) on :
Congrats looks like a brute
Posted by Bullfrog 1 (Member # 10432) on :
Great deer and Vid!! Bill
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Congrats sir...

Posted by Yohon (Member # 128) on :
Good job!!! [thumbsup]
Posted by BrushWolf (Member # 24340) on :
Nice one. Congrats !
Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :
Awesome buck!


Posted by ymountainman (Member # 26006) on :
That second shot was perfect congrats.
Posted by Cyclic-Rivers (Member # 21222) on :
Great Footage and Buck. Congrats!
Posted by pred80 (Member # 17800) on :
Great job and awesome job on the video footage!
Posted by Joeabowhunter (Member # 35320) on :
Great video. Congrats. Nov 7 was a hot day around here too.
Posted by Longbowwally (Member # 130) on :
Nice buck and enjoyed the video…..
Posted by huntercole (Member # 23780) on :
Congrats on the nice buck! Awesome video too!
Posted by djohnson (Member # 22856) on :

Posted by LIBowhunter (Member # 35406) on :
Congrats!! nice video..enjoyed it!
Posted by Nattybumppo (Member # 35027) on :
Enjoyed the video. Congrats on a truly nice buck.
Posted by KentuckyTJ (Member # 12840) on :
Nice buck congrats Brother
Posted by kleine (Member # 22357) on :
Great buck, congrats!
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
Great deer!
Posted by Izzy (Member # 10828) on :
Congrats on a fine beast!
Posted by Big Ed (Member # 2241) on :
Very nice, congrats!
Posted by bowhawk archer (Member # 2344) on :
Very nice indeed, congrats!
Posted by Michael Arnette (Member # 18012) on :
Incredible video!
Posted by Basinboy (Member # 19754) on :
Your first shot was spot on man, he just ducked. Great follow up shot as well. Congrats and thanks for sharing with us
Posted by MIPredator (Member # 37213) on :
Great job Gabe. Enjoyed watching the hunt on MI Out of doors. I have a question: Where are you getting your supplies for trad bow hunting here in MI? I was using Blackdog Outfitters in Rockford but they shut down. Thanks for any info.
Posted by KyStickbow (Member # 23941) on :
Posted by RedRidge (Member # 39216) on :
Great Video, congrats on the harvest.
Posted by Sirius Black (Member # 34894) on :
Posted by Paul Cousineau (Member # 42730) on :
Great buck!
Posted by curlis (Member # 9765) on :
Great video! What a hunt.
Posted by longbow guy (Member # 20720) on :
Great video Gvan,Great buck also [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by Chad4372 (Member # 45532) on :
Great buck. Ive seen some of your other vids and they helped me get motivated for the transition to traditional archery.


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