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Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :
The first weekend of January was a great one for me, and I hope a precursor of how the whole year is gonna go!!!

Friday afternoon started with a nice whitetail doe.


Saturday afternoon netted another nice whitetail doe, and I was then out of whitetail tags for this season.


Sunday morning I was lucky to have some axis deer come in, and shot this nice doe:


Then Sunday afternoon I again saw axis, and got another doe.


I have not got to hunt any since this hunt because I have been working on remodeling my new-to-me house. I have a javelina/pig hunt coming up in a couple weeks, and I hope it goes as well as this hunt did!!!

Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :
Oops, double post!

Posted by Buckeye1977 (Member # 44686) on :
Another good start for you! Keep up the good work! [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by SAM E. STEPHENS (Member # 23228) on :
Nice shooting.....

Posted by Warden609 (Member # 9279) on :
[thumbsup] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by BrushWolf (Member # 24340) on :
Congrats. Definitely a great start to the year.
Posted by mj seratt (Member # 10008) on :
Congratulations, Bisch. I hope to make some more javelina hints in the future.

Posted by Fritz (Member # 2879) on :
Dang bro! You need another freezer after that kind of start! Congrats!!!
Posted by Basinboy (Member # 19754) on :
Somebody is on a roll! Congrats to ya!
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
Posted by Jayrod (Member # 17800) on :
Congrats Bisch!! Way to start it off I know there will be plenty more
Posted by K Thompson (Member # 46002) on :
Posted by daveycrockett (Member # 6663) on :
[thumbsup] [Not Worthy] I feel sorry for the pigs and javies that don't have a clue whats coming!!
Posted by KAZ (Member # 23991) on :
Way to go Bisch!
Posted by Big Ed (Member # 2241) on :
Well done sir!!
Posted by Friend (Member # 15967) on :
A year's bounty of successful harvests in a matter of a few days.

Excellent work!!!
Posted by bowhawk archer (Member # 2344) on :
Man that's an awesome start to the year.
Posted by arrow30 (Member # 22657) on :
that's a lot of meat....congratts! [thumbsup]

do you keep the hides from the axis deer?

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