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Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
I'm shooting 55lbs with 340 FMJs with Zwickey Deltas. If I put a steel insert in the BHs I get around 650. With an aluminium insert they are about 610. I see little difference in POI. the 650s fly around 165 FPS. Kudu will be the largest animal that I will likely take. Thoughts?
Posted by jrstegner (Member # 17641) on :
Either will be fine. Shoot whatever you are most confident in.
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
Yeah, 50 grains isn't going to make a whole lot of difference. I see very little difference in performance.
Posted by hybridbow hunter (Member # 22270) on :
Putting a steel insert in the broadhead instead of a weak aluminium one is a good thing regardless to arrow weight.
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
Good point.... see what I did there? [biglaugh]
Posted by Bisch (Member # 17432) on :
I have killed a bunch of stuff over there. My biggest animal was a 54" kudu, but I have also killed waterbuck, gemsbuck, red hartebeest, and nyala. All with a 50#@my29" draw bow and 550ish grain arrows. I also shoot FMJ's, but I use the brass HIT inserts. You will have no issues killing critters with either setup if you are well tuned and put them in the right place. I would say shoot the one that you shoot best, and have the most confidence in.

Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
Thank you Bisch. Really looking forward to this trip. The research and preparation are half of the fun!
Posted by Soonerlongbow (Member # 36638) on :
How's the trip planning and prep going?
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
So far so good. Arrow and broadhead selection made. Shooting often. Saving $. Its a waiting game. Flights booked, just have to wait.... UGH!

Taking a cool action came for documenting the wildlife. Its like a gopro but not the fish eye long distance point of view. I can activate it with my phone and I have a battery pack that will run it for hours in standby mode.

Planning on packing very light on the clothes. Going to take some stuff to give away like candy, coloring books, ..etc.
Posted by Johan van Niekerk (Member # 10332) on :
Where in Africa will you be hunting?
Posted by Johan van Niekerk (Member # 10332) on :
Just to elaborate a bit on the thread above. I've lived and hunted in South Africa most of my life [Smile] You can take almost anything here with your setup except for "Big Game" like buffalo, etc. This of course is provided your shot placement is good. Do spend a bit of time learning where the vitals are in the animals you plan to hunt. Its not quite the same as whitetail [Smile]

The biggest issue here is not penetration power, but rather string jumping. Many of our animals have incredible reflexes and will move in the split second between them hearing the bowstring and the arrow arriving. For warthog or impala this often results in a complete miss or even a wound. So I would focus on making that bow of your as quiet as possible.
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
I will be in Limpopo province with Limcroma safaris. I want to wrap my string with yarn where it contacts the limbs. That has helped a lot on my other bows. I will also set a personal limit on how far I shoot.
Posted by Exit Felix (Member # 34673) on :
I shoot a 51@28 Big Jim Buffalo with 550 grain arrows and 1.5" Solid broadheads and had complete pass throughs on an impala, a warthog, and a kudu bull last July in the Limpopo province. I agree with Johan...vitals are typically further forward and reflexes are sharper than North American game. Your setup will do great. I've hunted in South Africa four's amazing, you'll love it. I'm off to Zambia in July.
Posted by mj seratt (Member # 10008) on :
I would highly recommend that you get a copy of "The Perfect Shot-Africa." They can be found for a very reasonable cost, and are very enlightening about African game anatomy.

Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
I have all of my arrow/BH combinations mated up, spin tested and test fired. Now they are getting the KME treatment and put aside for packing. It's getting closer! August 18th departure.
Posted by TDHunter (Member # 5671) on :
PM me your mailing address and I'll mail you the video above "the perfect shot Africa" Think I still have it laying around the house.
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
WOW! OK! What awesome folks there are here at Tradgang.
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
The vids were great!
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
30 days and counting! 95% packed.
Posted by Michael Arnette (Member # 18012) on :
Best of luck!! Hoping you post some pictures so we can live vicariously through you!
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
Thank you all, I sure will post some pics when I get back!
Posted by Jerry Russell (Member # 2613) on :
I hope it all goes well for you. Africa is THE most amazing adventure a bowhunter will ever experience. Simply overwhelming the first time around.
Posted by razorsharptokill (Member # 7144) on :
Thank you Jerry. I am so ready to get going!

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