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Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :
What a trip! I took five animals, all with two different sinew backed osage bows that I call my Deer Slayer model. Both bows were 60 lbs @ 26'' and performed perfectly with Grizzly 185 heads and 100 grain woodyweights up front on Wilderness Custom Arrows. One warthog was taken with one of my hickory shafts that I had passed through a feral hog in Texas with. It did the same thing on the warthog but took a nice bend going through.
I hunted with Sofala Safaries and will do it again! They are truly trying to make this a go to destination for traditional and primitive archers. All the blinds are set up for 11 to 15 yard shots with blinds made so that you can stand to shoot.
This kudu was taken with a complete pass through heart shot going 80 yards.
Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :

Found my gemsbok after an 80 yard trail and the grizzly centering a rib going in and taking out both lungs and touching the other side of the ribs before stopping.
Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :
Fastest little animals in Africa! The impala is quite a trophy with a longbow, the outfitter said he has had trouble with them jumping the string on guys. I really tried to get as quite as I could without totally giving up speed. The arrow and head set up was 850 grains out of 60 lb bows making for some great penetration and quietness. This one dropped in his tracks when the Grizzly head shattered the shoulder going in.
Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :


Also known for their toughness and string jumping ability. These two warthogs were icing on the cake. I could go back and just hunt hogs, they are smart and tough!
Posted by Longbow1953 (Member # 12111) on :
[thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by maxwell (Member # 7005) on :
Thanks for sharing great pics. Congratulations.
Posted by Jason Hansen (Member # 19254) on :
Congratulations Mike on a successful trip and many beautiful animals! [clapper]
Posted by amazonjim (Member # 19589) on :
Very nice congratulations
Posted by Sant-Ravenhill (Member # 9042) on :
Posted by Flatshooter (Member # 10184) on :
Hey Mike, great pics! Looks like you had a blast. I will be hunting Alberta for moose in Oct. but I've been long looking to Africa as a must do hunt. Can you tell me something about your hunt. How long were you there and what was the cost of the hunt? Animal options? What animals were included in your "package". Thought some of the guys here would be interested in your response. Thanks, Michael
Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :
6 Days hunting package was 2400.00 Warthog and Impala Ram included. I took the Gemsbok and Kudu on trophy fees. This was a great trip and I will go back as soon as I can.
Posted by 2wfstlhunting (Member # 3120) on :
Very interesting and attractive quiver. Can you tell us something about it?
Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :
Originally posted by 2wfstlhunting:
Very interesting and attractive quiver. Can you tell us something about it?

Tim Roberts at Farr West Leather in Montana made that for me. It was the first time I used it and it is a great quiver. He calls it the Absorkee Quiver.

I usually carry my Plains Style quiver but didn't want to take all the turkey beards and spurs off of it for the African trip.

The Absorkee quiver is very well made and I would say that I doubt that you could tare one up in a lifetime.
Posted by Sirius Black (Member # 34894) on :

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