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Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :
Here's a video of my hunt back in August at Sofala. Looking to get up a group for 2019.
Posted by Soonerlongbow (Member # 36638) on :
That oryx is beautiful! Watching that kudu drop from the shot from that elevated blind was incredibly impressive!
Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :
That shot on the Kudu was a complete pass through, the guide couldn't believe it either.
Posted by mj seratt (Member # 10008) on :
Nicely done, Mike! Really enjoyed your video.

Posted by Dogboy900 (Member # 16858) on :
Only just watched this. Awesome video and awesome experience. Some great shooting there!

Thanks very much for sharing.

Do you mind sharing the specs on your bow and arrows?
Possibly that info is elsewhere in this forum so I will have a look for it but if I can't find anything it would be good to know.

(Edit: Found the specs makes your accomplishment even more impressive!)
Posted by jvs9932 (Member # 46382) on :
Great job, Mike. What an adventure! And beautiful shot placements!
Posted by acolobowhunter (Member # 14760) on :
Great job. I will be going to Namibia Africa in Aug to bowhunt with my recurve and I am wondering who I could get to process my video. My wife will be filming and taking photos of the hunt and we would like to get them processed with maybe some African music in the background. Any suggestions where we might get this done???

Thanks you any help you can provide.
Posted by varmint101 (Member # 7911) on :
Nice video!
Posted by Mike Yancey (Member # 4892) on :
My outfitter did all the video and editing so I don't know where to send you on that Gene.
Posted by kennyb (Member # 23355) on :
Great hunting video Mike! I especially enjoyed the close hunting shots! Way to go! Thanks.

Posted by acolobowhunter (Member # 14760) on :
Good video, I still need to find someone to help me with my videos and photos all spliced into a nice program when I return from my hunt in Aug. 2018

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